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How to Create good quality Hub Page

Updated on October 6, 2013

All about Hub pages

A Hub Page can be created by anyone who is more interested in sharing information through Internet and earn. No big deal is hidden behind it.

All you need to do is to go to and get started. The layout over there is pretty straight forward for you to understand and you can easily create a good Hub page. Spend a week time to publish your first hub. Explore more so that you will get a very good idea about hubbing and you can publish a wonderful hub, which is gonna get you additional income.

How to create a high quality HubPages

Creating a high quality hub is more important in order to achieve more views…and a good rating..and thus you can earn more.. :)

Points to be remembered while developing a high quality hub:

  • Post only original contents to get a good hub score. If you have copied the contents from somewhere else your hub score won’t do good and your hub will go under violations list.
  • Minimum 1150 words should be present in a hub. To make your hub more evergreen you can still go for 1250+ words. :)
  • Add images next to each topic where ever necessary to attract the reader.. Strictly no sexual contents. Make sure the images are of high resolution images. Google and find the images relevant to your contents. Save the images in your desktop and atlast add it in your hub whereever needed. Make it attractive... :) Of course, it inspires the readers.
  • Do not add watermarked or pixelated images to your HubPages. This will put your HubPage in violation list.
  • Add minimum 2-3 videos to illustrate your contents. The videos should exactly match the topic that is under your discussion. Go to YouTube and spend some time to find the relevant content and upload it.
  • If your contents are related to some other resources, include that links in your hub. This can be achieved using the link capsule.
  • Tags can be used to describe your topic. Recently like RSS feed Hub Pages have even phased out Tag concept too.Click here for more details.
  • Write your content in bullets, so that it is easy for the readers to go through it. It should give a pleasing look to the readers. Once you have done with your hub page, you yourself have a glimpse at it to check if your hub holds a pleasing look…then publish it.. You will rock.. :)
  • You can place the links of your other hubpages, if you have any, to promote them. But never overdo. ;)

Earn money through HubPages

Hubbers can earn money by writing High quality HubPages. For earning money the hubs should draw more traffic. Hubpages is a revenue earning site in which 60% of the earnings goes to hubbers and 40% of the earnings goes to Hubpage revenue.

Below is the list of programs to earn money through Hubpages:

  • Google Adsense program
  • Hubpages Ad programs
  • Ebay Programs
  • Ebay affiliate program
  • Amazon affiliate program

Google Adsense program:

How to earn money through Google Adsense:

Once you got Google Adsense approval, you can earn money through Adsense program. Adsense is a revenue sharing program. Relevant to the content of your site, Google places ads to your site and you will get paid if someone clicks on the ads in your site. Amount paid is not fully given to you, in that, 68% will be given to you, remaining 32% goes to Google.

It is impossible for anyone to tell that how much the advertisers pay for each add click. It changes with every ad. Even Google will not let you know how much you are getting paid for each ad. So do not worry about this, increase traffic to your site and create a web page with good quality and relevant content. Based on the amount of traffic too you will get paid and that amount too is not know. It is hidden within Google.

Adsense is a wonderful program to earn revenue, but you can't become rich immediately. Slow and steady wins the race..!

Good luck...!

Hubpages Ad program

How to earn money through Hubpages Ad program:

Hubpages Ad program gives you an optimised mix of premium ads from multiple partners that will run alongside with Google Adsense program on your site.

The difference between Google Adsense Ad program and Hubpages Ad program can be easily understood. When your hub impression scores around 40% then your hubs are already under Hubpages ad program. The difference is instead of using 3 Adsense ad units and 2 link units, it displays 3 Adsense ad units and 4 full sized ad units from Hubpages ad programs.

Ebay programs

How to earn money through ebay programs:

Ebay program is another way of earning money through your site with ebay capsules. Sign up for this program under Earnings section. Note: you can opt for any earnings program only after getting approved with Google Adsense.

In this Ebay program if people perform any transaction in ebay through your hubs you will get paid. Ebay tracks the transaction done on ebay by referrals through your hubpages. Based on the amount of clicks you will get awarded.

Ebay Affiliate program

How to earn money through Ebay Affiliate program:

Ebay Affiliate program helps to increase rapidly your revenue earned in Hubpages. Add your Ebay capsule on top of your hub to get the attention from the hubbers, as shown here on my right side (first picture). Putting in this way grab the chances of users to click on your capsules.

Instead if you place ebay capsules down and if readers just read only half of your contents, then there is a possibility that you wont get the needed click. Do not stress much on ebay earnings. Whenever your capsule get a click you will get money.

Amazon Affiliate program

How to earn money through Amazon Affiliate program:

Amazon Affiliate program is another way to rapidly increase your revenue by adding the Amazon capsules in your Hubpages.

Add your Amazon capsule on top of your hub to get the attention from the viewers. Putting in this way grabs the chance of the viewers looking in to it and you can earn money. Same what I said for Ebay earnings, do not stress much on Amazon earnings. Whenever your capsule get a click you will get money.

Final Tip before bidding a goodbye

Monitor your work whenever you have time. If your hub has been unpublished or not featured, then sit back and check out the reason why your hub has been unpublished or not featured. Correct your mistakes and try not to repeat same mistake again.

Donot stress yourself while writing the hub. Relax and enjoy what you are doing. Nothing turns out beautiful if you are in a hurry.

Choose the topic which inspires large group of audience. If you feel reading your hub is interesting and knowledgeable then write on that topic. If you yourself not much interested in that topic, then even I don't like to read it. So inspire your audience.

Have a great day. All the very best for writing a wonderful hub. Enjoy hubbing. :)

Author: Ambiga Jeyaratnaraja


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