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How to do a Successful Hubbing-Some Tips for Freshers

Updated on February 2, 2018
Freshers have a mind to learn and absorb things like an innocent child.
Freshers have a mind to learn and absorb things like an innocent child. | Source

Hi, friends and the wannabe writers! It is 13 months passed since I joined HubPages. This is my 51st hub. I am quite happy with my journey here so far. it was recently that I got an accolade for having written 50 hubs. I am happy. Now. I wish to share some tips to help the freshers in HP platform to improve their scoring and traffic.

I am too glad on the fact that during the last couple of weeks I got some accolades for various achievements. In fact, these kinds of accolades are what makes me (and you too) to stay on here. It enhances our spirit. It develops our confidence. And It inspires to write and achieve more. By now I have got 9 accolades. Out of the few accolades I recently received, the most prestigious one was Level IV Commenter. Apart from the display on the profile page, I also received an email from HP. It was amazing to note, as they have informed, that only 1% of the hubbers are awarded this particular accolade. It made me so cheerful to see that I belong to that just 1% prestigious minority community!

But it also made me aware of the significance or value of the hubbers, who are awarded Commenter V to Commenter VIII Level. How great they are! I don't know if I can reach the top level of VIII one day. I hope I can go maximum up to VI or VII level and that too only if I spend my enthusiasm plus energy completely here with online writings.

My Second Year of Hubbing

This is my 2nd year of hubbing. So far I have got a viewership of 34,000. I wish to make it to the prestigious score of 100,000 hits before my 2nd anniversary, which comes on the 3rd week of March 2014. I know this is a tough target and requires some great labor on my part, given the fact that I am weak in promotional techniques or what we call SEO.


When it comes to my Followers, I know it is still not impressive since I still stand below 100. I hope to make it 100 soon. That too one of my priorities to be achieved by the 2nd anniversary. But one thing to note is that I can't do much with followers since it is the choice of other people to decide whether to follow me or not. It is beyond my control. Still, I can do one thing to make it grow. Write more and write well. If the quality of our hub is fine, people will naturally follow us. So I need to stick on with one policy- write quality hubs. Above all, what matters finally is the quality and not quantity. Readers will follow us if our writings are inviting. Quality hubs will surely enhance our traffic.

Number of Hubs

Regarding the number of hubs, I don't like to write more than 60 per year. My idea is to write one hub every week, that will turn it to a yearly total of 52. Last year I wrote 45 hubs. This year I wish to make my total hubs to 100. This means I need to write 55 hubs this year. OK, no problem. I am confident of meeting that target. I have noticed a thing here that some hubbers insisting on writing more hubs. They advise writing hubs every two days. Some even suggest writing daily! Sure, for revenue potentiality, it may be fine. But I don't subscribe to that view. The fact is that if you write daily or on alternate days, you are too engaged. It will surely affect your quality. It may even damage your patient writing. Why do I say so? Simple, to write quality hubs, we need time, research, study and above all very hard work. Lacking all these factors may spoil the charm of your write-ups. Going on with a tight schedule will collapse things. Also please note writing unimpressive hubs is sure to make a negative impact. So dear my fellow hubbers, you always stand with quality, not quantity. Don't worry about your earnings. 50 hubs per year itself is a decent and achievable target. At the same time, it would fetch you good revenue too.

If you go with the above pace, your total hubs on the 2nd anniversary would be 100. And trust me, I have observed that most of the engaged hubbers are of the opinion that there is a good flow of revenue if you reach a range of 80-100 hubs in total. They have said it that their flow of revenue enhanced by the time they reached that landmark. So be confident. I will let you know what my case once I reach that stage. I guess it may take about 5 months from now. But note one thing, the above observation is not for the great hubbers, who can do any wonders as far as writing is concerned.

Writing and reading- a good exercise to your brain
Writing and reading- a good exercise to your brain | Source

How to earn

To improve your revenue flow, you may depend on eBay and Amazon. Place 2 or 3 of their ads under or in between your hubs in tune with the topic of your writing. I am also of the view that you need not go so mad with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. There are plenty of books on the market to learn these tricks. Just apply some tips in a moderate way and that is enough too. HP takes their own self-job for promotional activities so that you get a decent share of traffic flow to your hubs. You just write one hub a week and present it in a beautiful way with figures and facts with maximum 4 ads, 2 each of eBay and Amazon. Don't forget to edit occasionally with fresh data as it may help to invite more visitors to your hubs. Try to add some good photos, preferably from your own collection, and convincing videos as well.

How to find topics

Well, a good question. The problem is with finding a good answer. I may share my findings. Even if we are talented writers, at times we feel a kind of block. Our fluency of writing gets stuck somewhere else. People call it writer's block. It is normal and nothing much to worry about. The obstacles may soon disappear and we move smoothly with our writings. Even great writers have faced the same problem and recovered soon.

To find stuff for writing, we need to develop a habit called 'observation'. If you observe your surroundings with an open eye and mind, you are bound to find something extra to help you write. Your walk to the office or home or club, whatever it may be, if you have a mind, you will encounter a subject during these journeys. The same encounter can also happen during your reading time. Usually, It happens more while you read. A large number of interesting topics appear in print journals. It may enthuse you. Just think you can pass on the same enthusiasm to others as well just by writing and conveying the same to them. I find most of my stuff during my reading. But to find more, you need to read more. After all, reading helps you greatly and keeps you updated.

How to write

You've got a rough sketch. What you do now? The first thing to take care is not to copy-paste the text you have. Just grasp the matter in detail. Add your own imagination. Add color to your thought process. Calculate further and research more. You can develop the matter to a big level. Start with the rough idea you have. Use your own style, your own language. Use simple style. Avoid incomprehensible words and sentences. Simple language is fine and appreciable. To highlight your points, you can show some statistics and graphs. Some good photos would add more charm to your text. Use your own photos or what taken from a free image web site.

Travel is a good avenue to ignite your writing talent. Visit good tourist spots. Carry a fine camera and notebook. Take snaps and note down noteworthy things. These snaps and notes may help you to write a good hub later. Since people all over the world are so fond of traveling, you can expect a neat flow of traffic to your hubs, provided you have illustrated the description beautifully and clearly.

To demonstrate how a single trip to an exotic spot can be used for writing several hubs, I have my own experience. Recently I had visited Goa, the major tourist destination in India. I made four hubs out of this single trip and each one differs in style and flavor. Imagination is the King or key point. Think differently and write differently. For your reference, I place below the links of my hubs on Goa tour just to give you a sample to substantiate my point.

Similarly, you too can write multiple hubs based on a single trip to any tourist place or pilgrimage center. Just give it a try. Bear in mind that travelogues are one of the most sought-after branches among the readers' world. So use this favorable opportunity to your fullest advantage.

Then, it is time to sign off. I still have a few more points to convey. But let it be next time. Sure, I will share all the secrets I know. I know well that HP is a platform to share and learn more and more. Hope this hub is useful to you. I do hope it will at least help the newcomers. Please let me know how you felt it. Please leave your comments in the comment column so that I can update with more tips in the near future.

Wish you all a successful hubbing!

© 2013 Sunil Kumar Kunnoth


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