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How to get faster Google Adsense approval?

Updated on March 4, 2012

Faster Google Adsense approval, how to get?

It is every blogger's dream about getting the Google Adsense approval in the fastest way, for example, within few hours of applying. Many still have doubts in their mind as to whether such faster approval is possible. I wish to assure you that such faster approval of Google Adsense program is possible provided you follow certain tips.

The first and foremost thing is that you should be very much clear about your ambition of getting your Google Adsense application approved by the Google Team. For this purpose, you have to strictly adhere to the policies putforth by Google Team for Adsense approval. If you are residing from the countries like India or China, you have to be doubly careful while applying and adhering to the Google Adsense Policies governing the Adsense approval.

Secondly, you should not try to copy of juggle any content and try to post it in your blog or website in the guise of making more content to your website. Google Team governing the Adsense approval strictly and mercilessly discourages duplication of content or copy posting of contents anywhere in the web. So try to desist from presenting duplicate contents in your website or blog.

Mostly try to write your own contents on any topic but while presenting the technical topics, you may have to rely on specific information which are already there in the web during such scenario, make it a point to present the content in your own presentation as far as possible. This will impress the Google Adsense Team as far as the quality of contents presented by you in the web.

Always try to apply in your own name and try to put the original credentials about address etc. in your Google Adsense application. As far as your e-mail id is concerned, it is better if somehow it is related with your name or credentials. For example, in my attempt to get the Google Adsense approval, I have tried with the e-mail id which represented my name along with my year of birth and I could easily get approval for Adsense from Google. So make it a point to present original picture to the Google Team.

You might have read "slow and steady wins the race", it may be true in case of Google Adsense. Do not head start with more blogs or websites in your name and later struggle to put in healthy contents in it. Also please do not try to purchase content from web and put it in your site, because there is a danger that the same content would have already been sold to some other and thus your content becoming a duplicate entry spoiling your Adsense approval prospects.

Patience is an important virtue. We might have heard stories about Google Adsense approval within hours of submission of Adsense application to the Google Team. However, it is not true in each and every case and it can't be. Google Team is also managed by humans like us, before approving your Google Adsense application, they too need to check various credentials submitted by you. Google has a very strict policy with regard to Adsense approval that almost no fake application is approved by them. Google Adsense Team is a meticulous team that enforces the laid down policies before and after Adsense approval.

If you really do not have any blog or website, you can also use the services of other websites who are affiliated with Google Adsense API program. Google Adsense API Program allows any individual who is enrolled in their affiliated website, to apply for Adsense subject to the conditions for the same. Many of my friends have used the services of such websites to get Adsense approved. You can also continuously contribute in such websites, without having a one for you and earn from Adsense too.

At last, I have to come to the confusing factor in the Google Adsense approval. I have seen that Google Adsense approval is pretty much easier when you apply for it through certain websites and still you have to wait for long, if you go by others. This is the only aspect, I can't under about Google Adsense Team.

Hope I have shared a few important tips with you about getting Google Adsense approval faster.


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    • hmihajlo profile image

      Hrvoje 4 years ago from Croatia

      Very good review. Thanks!

    • profile image

      yogesh ramrakhani 5 years ago

      Google ad-sense approval in few hours ........ fully approved account .... Rs.1000/-only

      if interested please tell me

      pay me after approval..!!!

    • alwaysuno profile image

      alwaysuno 5 years ago from Chennai, India.

      Thank you ratnabharati. Hope this information gets you really faster Adsense approve from Google. My best wishes.

    • profile image

      ratnabharati 6 years ago

      Nice..........thanks for the information sir...