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How to improve traffic to your blog

Updated on April 21, 2012
how to increase traffic to your site?
how to increase traffic to your site?

Most of us are writing content in blogs and websites to advertise in it and earn some revenue. For getting some considerable revenue from our websites we will need considerable amount of traffic in your site. If you are looking for different ways to increase traffic to your site, you are at the correct place. Read on,

Writing good and unique content

Always this is the first point that you need to consider when you are writing online contents. Make sure that your content is good and interesting to at lease some group of people. It will be good if you write contents such that readers will bookmark you for future reading. Surely for that your content needs to be very good. All on a sudden you cannot start writing quality contents. It can be achieved only through consistent hard work.

Another one point that you need to consider about your content is that your content should be unique. That is it must not be copied from any other site. Today most of the search engines and other websites have mechanisms to check whether your content is copied or not. If once your pages are found as copied by search engines like Google, your content will be neglected by search engines. By doing so you are stopping a major source of traffic to your site. Main source of traffic is search engines like google only. Most of us know the web addresses of 5 or 6 websites only by heart. All other required sites are found through search engines only . So always try to write your own content.

Increase back links

Back links are links coming to your pages. It is difficult to get other sites linking to your pages otherwise your content needs to be very good. Other one thing that you can do is write articles linking to your site or share links to your friends. This can be done in many ways.

These sites help in building backlinks to your site. Also shetoldme, redgage etc publishes advertisements in the pages written by you and gives the income to you itself. So this is a double way to increase your income.

Refer some ways to get back links to your site

Exchanging links with sites having related topics will also be beneficial. But please do not link to junk pages to get back links. Also if your's is a blog, try to increase internal traffic by being active in community activities.

Also you can get some links to your site by posting the address of your blog as part of comments in other sites. But there is a limit for this case and it will be considered as spam if you over do it.

Be search engine friendly.

Whatever best content you may have, the best method to get traffic to your site is through search engines. Nobody is going to remember your web address and directly type it in the address bar to reach your site except you. So try to be search engine friendly. Follow good SEO tips and try to get indexed by google in higher positions, so that you can attract maximum traffic from search engines.

Use your social world to get more traffic

This can be done in two ways. You can tell to your friends about your articles that you feel useful for them also. Surely they will promote it. Also you can share it using social networking sites like Facebook, tweeter etc. Modern trend of internet world is tending to social networks than to search engines. Now most of the people is spending more time in social network sites like Facebook than searching for some required content through search engines. Considering this now social networking sites are providing search engines inside themselves.

Analyze your traffic

There are many things to learn from your site visitors. Main source to learn about your articles is thorough the feedback that you get from your readers. Also you can analyze your traffic using services like Google analytics and find out main source of your traffic and write content according to their taste. Also you can study main traffic giving pages that are linking to your site. Later while trying to promote your site more you can concentrate more on resources related to such successful ones.

There is a lot more ways to improve traffic that are not described here. Suggest them as your feedback.


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    • profile image

      dalip 6 years ago

      hey thanks

    • profile image

      infocera 6 years ago

      good write more thing to add is keep updating blogs with quality and related content so that people visits again and again. also it helps to get better ranking in search engines.