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How to increase your Hubpages traffic and earnings without writing new hubs - 10 Quick and Easy ways.

Updated on September 13, 2012

As a member of Hubpages, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others. I also enjoy the money that I make with Hubpages and like many other Hubbers would like to increase it.

As a new member, I always thought that in order to increase my traffic and my earnings on Hubpages, I would have to write more and more Hubs.

However, as time has gone on, I have found that that isn't the case and I have discovered several other quick and easy ways that enable me to help more people, increase traffic to my existing hubs and increase my earnings. You may already know about some of them, and probably have several of your own, which I would love to hear about in the comments section below, but for now, here are my Top 10 Quick and Easy Tips:

Tip No. 1 - Make it easier for people to find your Hubs by regularly changing and refining the titles of your hubs.

Millions of people around the world are searching for information on an infinate variety of subjects. If you have knowledge about a topic, are passionate about it and think other people will find it useful, simply write it and share it with the world via Hubpages.

Then just leave it alone for a few months to let it get established online. If what you have written about is of value to others, they will find it.

When I want to write a hub, I just write it and then go back to it a few months later to see what kind of reaction it has been getting. For this I use the Stats facility on Hubpages. (More about that in a minute). I often find that there is one or two phrases (long tail keywords) that the majority of people are typing in that are leading them to my hubs.

I then tweak the titles slightly to incorporate these most popular phrases. If this is what the majority of your readers are looking for, then give them what they want. Change your title to reflect their problem and show that you have the solution. Make it easier for them to find you.

As an example, I recently reviewed and made small changes to two hubs on tying scarves.

The hubs original titles were:

Different ways to tie and wear an oblong / rectangular scarf

Different ways to tie and wear a square silk scarf

From my point of view, I thought that I was providing easily accessible information on how to tie and wear their scarves in different ways.

However, on reviewing these hubs, I discovered that people did value these hubs and were reading them but the main search phrases that people were using were "How to tie......."

So, I changed the titles of the hubs to refelct what people were tying into the search engines to the following:

How to tie and wear an oblong / rectangular scarf

How to tie and wear a square silk scarf

As you can see, the changes were very small and only took me a couple of minutes.

However, a few days after making these changes, these hubs started to receive double the usual amount of traffic and my earnings also increased.

The reason that they are now receiving more traffic and earning me more money is because I changed the titles to include the most popular phrases (long tail keywords) that people were tying in that most closely reflected what they were looking for. I was giving people what they wanted.

Hubpages can help you refine your titles in two ways:

  1. It has a TitleTuner which recommends words to add to your title. (See Hubpages Learning Centre for more information)
  2. Hub Stats - shows you the key phrases (long tail keywords) that are leading people to your hub. You can find out what these are by opening up a hub as if you are going to edit it, then going to the Stats box. It will list the most popular phrases that people are typing in that are leading them to your hub.

How long did the research and changes take me? A couple of minutes per hub and I doubled my traffic and earnings. It would have taken me a couple of hours to write a new hub and achieve the same results. A few simple changes have made it easier for even more people to find my hubs and increase my earnings - a win for them and a win for me.

Tip No. 2 - Update your Tags list

If you have used the above technique of changing your titles, you will know which phrases (long tail keywords) people are searching for.

You now need to update the tags for your Hub making sure that you add these phrases to your tag list.

(For new members - Tags let the search engines such as Google and Yahoo know what your Hubpages article is all about. For full details, see Hubpages Learning Centre for more on Tags. Briefly, when you have published a hub, go into edit, look at the right hand side and you will see a box marked Tags. Click on it and it will allow you to add new phrases onto your tag list.)

Tip No. 3 - Review and Update the content of your Hub

Now that you know which phrases (long tail keywords) people are searching for, review your hub and incorporate these phrases into the body of your Hub. Give people what they are looking for. Try to make it sound natural and flowing with the rest of the hub.

Tip No. 4 - Add a photo to your Hub

People are not only searching for information on the internet, they are also looking for images.

Recently, I saw a surge in traffic on one of my hubs:

Minimalist Wardrobe for Women - Learn the secrets of how French women create a chic and minimalist wardrobe.

The hub contained a few photos I had taken whilst on holiday in Paris.

I decided to investigate (using the Hubpages stats function) and found the increase in traffic was coming from "Pinterest", a website I had never heard of before.

Pinterest is a website which allows its users to use and share images to create their own visual storyboards. (As an example, you can use it to create a storyboard of pictures if you are planning to decorate a room.)

Basically, someone had read the above hub and liked one of the photos on the hub. She then included this picture onto one of her Pinterest inspirational story boards that she was creating around the theme of "Minimalist Wardrobe".

That image was then shared and viewed with other Pinterest users. The photo had an automatic link to my hub and many Pinterest users clicked on my photo and were taken to my Hub - hence the surge in traffic.

That photo is now permanently on Pinterest and will continue to help bring in traffic to my hubs.

Click here to take a look at my hub and see the kind of photographs that I took whilst in Paris and added to my Hub.

I would definately recommend getting your cameras out and taking some photos or using ones that you already have.

People are looking for images as well as information and not only will photos help make your hubs look more interesting, as you can see they can also help you earn more money.

It isn't hard to add photos to your Hubs. You can find out how at the Hubpages Learning Centre.

Tip No. 5 - Encourage others to join Hubpages.

Did you know that if you encourage someone else to join Hubpages you receive 10% of their earnings?

So far, I have encouraged 10 new people to join Hubpages, of which one has started to write Hubs and I am receiving 10% of their earnings.

It is easy to do and if you use my technique, you can do it too:

  • At the end of each of my hubs, I have a small section promoting the benefits of joining Hubpages. To see what I write, click here and scroll down to the bottom of this hub, which I have used as an example.
  • It provides a link to a page with more detailed information about Hubpages and how someone can join.
  • Where I have typed "Join Here", I have provided a link which enables them to join Hubpages and also embedded my own referal tracker code.

Each Hubpages member has their own referal tracker code. This lets Hubpages know that a new member has joined via you and to pay you 10% of the new members earnings.

For more information on the Hubpages Referal Tracker Code, visit the Hubpages Learning Centre.

So, encourage others to join Hubpages and increase your earnings.

Tip No. 6 - Add a list of your other Hubs at the end of your article

At the end of each Hubpages article, I include a list of my other articles that I think may also be of interest to the reader. Again, I am giving them more of what I think they are looking for.

At the top of the list are Hubs related to the article that the person is reading. I write a lot of fashion based hubs, so list all those.

Then, for a bit of fun and spice, I also list my most popular Hubs. Although they are unrelated, I already know that lots of other people find them interesting and useful and there is a chance that the reader may too.

It is easy to add a list of hubs and create links to them.

  1. Open up one of your hubs to edit it.
  2. At the bottom of the hub, create a new text capsule
  3. Into this capsule, type a list of all your hubs.
  4. Take the first hub title in the list and bold the title.
  5. Go to the right hand side of the edit icons and find the linked chains. It will say insert/edit link.
  6. Click on it and in the search box, type the title of the hub, or a few keywords from it.
  7. Press search and it will list your hubs below in blue
  8. Click on the title and it has automatically created a link.
  9. To check this, the title in your list should now be in blue text.

So, use lists to give more of what people are looking for.

Tip No. 7 - Add Links to other Hubs

Within the main content of your hub, you may wish to provide a link to one or more of your other hubs.

You may do this for a variety of reasons such as:

  • The linked hub is related by subject and you think your reader may find it useful.
  • The linked hub contains more indepth information.

By adding in links throughout the content of your hub, you are providing useful information to people, increasing traffic to your hubs and increasing your earnings.

The text of the link doesn't even have to be the title of the hub you are directing them to. It can be as simple as click here.

Tip No. 8 - Use Social Networking sites

You can promote your Hubs on social networking sites such as Facebook. If you have written a hub that you think your friends and family would enjoy, add a link in the status update box.

If you have written a hub on a professional work-based subject, you could add a link to the hub on sites such as Linkedin.

Tip No. 9 - Help your fellow Hubbers

In the long run I believe we all benefit by helping each other out. So, how can you help?

  • Answer Hubbers questions, if you don't know the answer, point them to the Hubpages Learning Centre.
  • Help fellow Hubbers write great Hubs that people want to read, maybe add comments at the end of hubs with ideas on how to improve their article.
  • Help fellow hubbers learn other ways to increase traffic and earn with Hubpages, by writing articles such as this one.

By helping fellow Hubbers, there are many ways in which we will all benefit both in the short and long term:

  • The more good quality hubs that are written the more credible Hubpages and we as writers become.
  • The world is changing and there is no longer such as thing as a job for life. I believe many people will have portfolio careers, making money in a variety of ways, of which Hubpages may be one. I know it is for both myself and many other Hubbers. Therefore it is important that sites such as Hubpages remain successful.
  • Hubpages may provide people with the courage and inspiration to eventually set up their own businesses, some even web-based.

Tip No. 10 - Over to you..........

For Tip No. 10, I thought I would leave it open to readers of this hub to contribute their own ideas. If you have discovered any other ways to increase Hub traffic and earnings without writing more hubs, please leave your idea for Tip No. 10 in the comments box below.

I am sure everyone on Hubpages would love to hear about them.

Thank you.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for yr tips. I do add links to my other hubs, share medias, add photos but i haven't change my hub titles.

    • rontlog profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from England

      Hi ufk,

      glad you found this hub useful. I love your idea of adding polls. A few of my hubs have polls, which many readers take part in. I will take a look at the rest of my hubs and see if any would benefit from polls. Thanks for the tip.

    • ufk profile image

      Andy Fraser 

      5 years ago from Maidstone England

      Great advice...and I already have an idea for 10 of my tweak the titles (off to do just that now) Constant activity on a hub is a great way to increase traffic. I found this out accidentally one day. I was bored...and thought...I'll add a few polls to my hubs. A day later I had red triangles lit up over most of my I will often add things now...the odd photo or piece of info. I have yet to start earning...but I'm hoping it will come soon

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      I am a newbie, so I don't have any additional tips to add. But, I really appreciate you recapping what has helped for you. At this point, I know that I still have to add quite a few more hubs, but the title tuning and hub stats was quite helpful! I really enjoyed this hub and wish you continued success.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      These are great ideas. I'll try to do some whenever I can.

    • lhale profile image


      6 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you for this information! The idea about changing titles is great. I really don't get much traffic, so I need all the help I can get. Can't really add to your list, but will keep checking back to see more.


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