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How to make your day with awesome Hubpages Tips

Updated on February 3, 2013
Free public domain images
Free public domain images | Source

It's a long time search (really!)

Digging into the HubPages Soil (!),I discovered invaluable treasures hidden or not.

All these treasure are real diamonds and pearls on a different type of creative thinking.

Funny or not,when we search in every single hub to read,comprehend or even be inspired with the seeds of intellectualism,currently we spend time on this short or long search.


Alchemy Lesson 1: Convert your time into gold

In the Alchemy of Transformation, the source of all creations is the Molten Sea,the Sea of emotions.

Swimming or diving within this soul pool we get the most precious principles to create fabulous artworks including a Hub-artwork.

Walking within we find our true talented self and re-gain mostly inspired structures and patterns to build a new project,a new text,painting,music etc.


Alchemy Lesson 2:Use Creative Visualization

I am always emphasizing the need to use our imagination in every aspect of our life,including writing of a single hub on HubPages.

Pure Imagination.So simple.

Personally I use an old and wise mind app.It's called Creative Visualization.

In a few words, think what you want to create or get (inspiration?),visualize the whole event.Think that you are greatly inspired or you create the best hub on present time.

Then detach yourself from the outcome.

On time which I call it Divine Synchronicity,new ideas,advices and inspiration arrive as a fulfillment of our visualization.

Creative Visualization

Alchemy Lesson 3: Use lots of images

Use lots of images related to the topic. Imagery sustains a well written article,and reinforce it.

Looking into my hubs: "Life journey that carries Hopes-My fantasy and adventure novel" and "My Guardian Angel Messages" someone might see a lot of attractive images .

Imagery has the power to attract more views and create a magical environment to a reader.

Above all, images can be a source for recruiting more ideas.

Do you use images on your hubs?

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  • lsamson profile image


    5 years ago

    Boundarybathrooms, that was a really terrific hub, they were some great tips portrayed in a very different and interesting manner. I voted up, interesting and useful and are now following :)

  • rasta1 profile image

    Marvin Parke 

    5 years ago from Jamaica

    Very interesting way of expressing ideas. I love your pictures too.

  • moonlake profile image


    5 years ago from America

    I agree images are important I think many hubbers don't think are. Welcome to HubPages hope you enjoy being here. Voted up on your hub and shared.

  • academylight profile imageAUTHOR

    Katerina Kostaki 

    5 years ago from Athens-Greece

    Boundarybathrooms thanks for your inspiring comment!

  • boundarybathrooms profile image

    Thomas Mulrooney 

    5 years ago from Colne, Lancashire, UK

    Thanks, you can never have enough Hubpages tips! I think I need to use more images, or rather tweak the layout of these images more as sometimes it can look a bit of a mess.

  • academylight profile imageAUTHOR

    Katerina Kostaki 

    5 years ago from Athens-Greece

    Thank you Mary for your lovely comment .I appreciate a lot the use of images in every creation .

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 

    5 years ago from Florida

    I enjoyed reading this. You are SO right with your advice. I try to use lots of images on my Hubs; preferably my own.

    Voted UP, and will share.


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