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My Hubpages start-Part 1

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Katerina Kostaki is a Greek visionary author, poet, healer and speaker.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT Network.

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Why choose Hubpages?

How a discourage makes you a winner?

I need to be honest.

HubPages was not my first encounter with pages that compensate your writing process.

Actually, I joined Hubpages long after I did with Squidoo.

I've been a member of Squidoo,a Squidoo lensmaster since February 2012.

I joined Hubpages a few days ago,on 23/01/2013.Not so bad.

The truth is that I decided to join Hubpages, because Squidoo decided to lock my 2 lenses (total number:36) without evidence.

After a few days of waiting for a rational response that never arrived in my mail box,I made up my mind and looked for a more supportive network.

Fortunately many forums on internet give helpful info on how- to and where-to look for alternatives on the creative writing and freelancing area.

Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light

"Cosmic Light" is a spiritual book of poetry, written and published primarily in Greek language in Athens ~ Greece (October 2008) and re-published in English language on 2010.

Its original title in Greek language is " Συμπαντικό Φως"/Sympantiko Fos (Latin).

It's a hymn to Unconditional Love and Compassion, a legend for Eros and Soulmates, a new perspective of our cosmic origin and evolutionary path to Light that underlines humans' willing to reconnect with Cosmic Consciousness, a commitment with Destiny and Higher Good according to a Divine Plan.

"Poetry is a vivid spiritual gate. However the magical sense that a reader derives from the poetic travelogue could be described but only an intellectual, Divine River of Dreams, Light and Unconditional Love"."~ Katerina Kostaki, Visionary author, poet, healer.


Give a try on net freelance article writing

I 've been a visionary and spiritual author,poetess and freelancer since 2007.I also love creating videos.

Usually I write about spirituality,spiritual and Cosmic Poetry,Love,Global Awakening,fantasy novels, stories and mysteries as well.

I write from my heart and that's so relieving.

However hard I work ,never looked for earnings and increasing money income.

In addition, my spiritual work was almost a commitment to Higher Good.

Writing for helping people is a very hard thing to do in this physical reality especially when no ones supports you and listens to your interesting viewpoints.

Wondering and Learning on HubPages

An example of my wondering and learning process is "How am I going to write for issues that I have no idea" or "Should I write about products when I used in writing on spirituality?".

But when I look into my biography and my heart I see that I am also a mentor.

Years ago I had no idea of writing,poetry, cosmic laws, internet connections, and e-marketing.

I learned all this stuff myself.

No books,no marketing experts,no advisers.

Inner Voices Within: Messages from my Guardian Angel
Inner Voices Within: Messages from my Guardian Angel

I am a heroine lost into the ethereal deserts of our planet. Time unfolds as well as my emotions do while opening up the paths and gates for Soul to traverse. I was lost into the labyrinthine paths looking for clear skies. Darkness chases me through the labyrinths. I made a long trip to the Galactic Center. Healing and revival. Light is so truthful. It’s Light from within. Inner Voices Within is our Guide our Guardian Angel, our Higher Self.


Do you find Hubpages tips helpful?

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Hubpages Tips

What I mostly like on Hubpages are the tips posted on the right side.

They appear simultaneously on the writing process and miraculously emphasize your story-telling.

Somehow it's been detected and acknowledged by Hubpages how important is to support the author with useful and really interesting viewpoints when run out of ideas.

Those tips appear like a slideshow (Have you noticed that?), and usually appear 1 to 14 tips.

For a newbie on Hubpages like me it seems as a pure energy stream and a learning center upon each hub.

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Learning and Creating Hubs

Creating hubs is another story-telling.

Everything has to do with teach-ability and how much learning you add into your life.

Means that someone should go through the learning process to catch the slightest idea of what a hub looks like.

Personally I 've looked into the various articles on the Learning Center of Hubpages,watched many videos,read the FAQ, read many hubs and still feel as a new -born on this writing area.

Seriously that could be a great motive ;if you feel that you know less, it's because you have this enormous hunger to learn more.

So here is the right place to Learn!

A brand new start on Hubpages

Having this enormous urge to learn and create is like having a rescue boat in a ruff stream.

This urge or impel to get more information and create new things gave me the strength to write and discover new Paths in the physical reality including internet connection.

A Greek proverb states: The start is the Half of All.

So let's make a brand new start on Hubpages!

© 2013 Katerina Kostaki

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  • DubstepMaker profile image

    Paul Jenkins 4 years ago from Earth

    Never get discouraged from what others have to say, always use it to fuel your resolve and reach success to matter what!

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 4 years ago from Central Virginia

    Welcome to the Hubpages community. You are going to enjoy your journey here. The key is to read other hubs, leave encouraging comments, and develop relationships with other hub writers. Do that, and you will never be disappointed here. I wish you the very best.