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How to reach 50000 page views in 60 days Chapter 5

Updated on September 8, 2008

Don’t just wish me luck. Read and share my hubs.

Dear Readers,

Another eight days have passed since I wrote Chapter 4 of this series. This past week saw me again working overtime for emergency admissions and problems. When I was not working, I found myself falling asleep in the sofa, in the armchair, and last but not the least, on the toilet seat. So any inactivity in my secret life as a writer can be, and must be excused. I found myself not writing at all from Monday through to Friday. Came Saturday evening, I went into the phone booth (in fact, my bathroom) and emerged wearing my super-writer’s outfit (which you can easily guess right, consists of nothing more, or less, than my pajamas). Before I started writing, I turned to my hubpages account and checked what had been going on. To my surprise, I found that my most viewed hub Are You Sure It's Not A Scheme, a short story, had been overtaken by another hub on writing sites on the internet The Best Reference On Writing Sites That Pay For Your Articles. I examined the traffic source and found that the traffic had come from Google. Out of curiosity, I googled for “writing sites that pay for your articles.” The outcome? I was astonished to find my hub returning at the top of 4.7 million results. To perfect the mood of the occasion, I searched for the same phrase at Yahoo and found my hub appearing as the third result of millions. Repeating the exercise at msn live search, my hub returned again as the first result out of millions. I was feeling warm all over and wrote the hub My Hub Was The First Of 4730000 Google Results. I have suddenly become a (self-professed) expert in the subject. Look out for my 500 page book on the subject to be out this coming Christmas (if only I could find the time). In whatever’s left of the weekend, I fulfilled my promise and wrote to tell my readers which car I bought in Honda Stream RSZ vs Honda Odyssey Part 2 and wrote the ending to the interactive story I started two weeks ago, in Hubpages' First Interactive Short Story Part 2. As I haven’t published anything on medical and health in a while, and that my next health column in a local newspaper was almost due, I finished off the frenzy writing weekend with a hub on colonoscopy The What, Why and How of A Colonoscopy.

The above was what I did and the following is how I have been doing:

Number of hubs: 72

Accumulated page views: 3455

Number of days since write-a-thon started: 35

Number of days left to go to reach a page view of 50,000: 24

You can easily see that I am seriously behind schedule. If the US government could take over Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, I guess anything can happen. Twenty four days might just be enough with the help of a little miracle.

Don’t just wish me luck. Read and share my hubs.

Happy reading and writing,



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    • profile image

      Chan Kwan Hop 9 years ago

      Dear Benson

      Recalling to your love story " Thirty-First of August " I am longing to see your swimmer picture.

      Secondly, I might share your tactful shified attention on handling the purchasing of a new car. Nevertheless, as for my wife, I have had to use a Rolex instead of a LV

    • ajcor profile image

      ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      You really are a committed writer and I hope you achieve what you set out to do!

      only 24 more sleeps!

    • profile image

      teresaleung 9 years ago

      Dear Dr Yeung

      I look for your new hubs everyday. You are SUPER YEUNG! and you can do all these with a smile in your face!