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How to use marketing platforms to speed up search engine placement

Updated on February 17, 2014
Times have changed. We now have a professional designer and an artist designer.
Times have changed. We now have a professional designer and an artist designer. | Source

Marketing platforms like IBOtoolbox and salesspider will have you ranked faster by keywords

We as a corporation found out long ago that marketing platforms and certain places we place ads, make forum posts or write blogs, feed to search engines quickly. We have been found by keywords on Google from our ads, forum posts and blogs within 48 hours of posting.

We now hold the number one and three position on page one for our keywords. Sales spider, a marketing platform and ad board, has done this for us with forum posts more than once, so have IBOtoolbox for blogs and another ad board we use for ads. They rank fast and fall fast so posting to them has to be done often.

Added benefits

On IBOtoolbox you can actually put the links to your hubs in your social profile. The social profile has only one ad, which can be used as a way to bring new writers to hub pages. We use a URL shorten-er provided by IBOtoolbox This allows us to know the number of people who have clicked through from the link. When people share your hub you also build reputation and it helps hubs be ranked higher faster by search engines. There are many days when now more views come from search engines than readers from hub pages.

On sales spider there is no link shorten-er. Social sharing as far as we know doesn't exist, there no way to track to find out. It is strictly a way to have a forum post picked up by search engines which leads to your hub.

Rank by highly searched low competition keywords that lead to your article

This has worked for feeding people to hubs and articles we have written. It has to be admitted that the hubs we feed to are business oriented. The keywords we use for this are highly searched and have low competition. You still have to understand SEO and keywords to make marketing platforms work. We found it is a great reason to learn keyword optimization if you don’t already know. Each of these platforms also give a quality backlink. Both IBOtoolbox and sales spider are highly ranked by Alexis and search engines and still rising.

Keyword to a smaller niche

Most of the business articles we write have so much competition, tests show 5,000,000 plus results, that we didn’t feel we could compete for SEO with those keywords. Putting a link to the hub in a forum post or an onsite blog in IBOtool box using other keywords let us feed readers to those hubs.

In business you need to add value and if we find a hub that adds value we are inclined to use them. We are sure others who use the platforms will feel the same. We have never made a hub pages search where we didn’t find something of value to someone.

Using these platforms people are finding you by searching keywords

One of the great things about using these types of marketing platform is that readers are already interested in what you are offering. They will click through if you have peaked their interest. They will also stay and read an article.

Since your blog or forum post is found on a search engine it is nothing like a traffic exchange or safelist. When people find you on places like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines they are already interested in what you are offering. They have searched keywords to find you. Internet marketers have been using these marketing platforms since they have been made available.

The average internet businessperson is not a writer. From a writing stand point ad copy is the first thing they concentrate on learning. Right below that on their list is writing emails that will interest their prospective customers. For most writing blogs is at the very bottom of the list.

Just like in any other area of life excellent writing is learned. The best way to learn is by seeing good examples. Seeing articles on proper use of grammar and punctuation would help. These are currently not available on either site.

IBOtoolbox can bring Immediate readers if others see value in your blog

In IBOtoolbox there is a place they call the wall. This is where you go when you enter the site. Every blog written and business opportunities being offered go to this wall. From it members share with their social networks the things the feel are worth sharing. The name they use for the blogs now is press releases.

This sharing is not mandatory. If you choose not to share anything you can pretty much guess others are not going to share your press releases or posts. The platform sends wall posts to twitter, shortened versions blogs to networked blogs, and to their publish point which is a modified wordpress blog. This sharing determines how many visitors you are going to get within a short period of time. We have as a corporation have had 100 visitors in an hour from our associates and the platform sharing a press release we have published.

Nothing like this exists in sales spider. There you post to a forum. Those forum posts are sent to search engines for submission. Your placement and choice of keywords determine how fast and how high your information will be placed on a search engine.

From both, doing keyword searches we have found something we had published two days before. Generally on page one or two of Google. According to most of the college professors page I and page 4 are the best places to be. College students are told that most of what they need for assignments will be found on page 4.

In internet businesses we are trained to look back 50 pages. This is because many site owners may have great products but understand very little about proper search engine optimization. This is the same for many article writers. There are good articles out there which can't be found on page 1. This because the writer has not yet learned to choose the right keywords. This doesn't mean what they have written doesn't have value.

The downside

A down side is it does take time. You need to spend time on “the IBOtoolbox wall” so people get to know you. Writers will currently never get all the stars available No one has asked if this will be changed for writers. We earn stars for posting to the wall, making positive comments on others blogs, and writing blogs.

The rule of thumb is if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Everything said in the comment box as well as wall posts are blasted all over the internet. Because of this if you want to keep your reputation intact it is better to keep quiet if you can't say something positive.

There is an in house email system where we have done positive, negative, positive emails. Positive changes have occurred using this method. This is a slight variation on what internet college students do. They are taught to make a positive comment then two negatives before another positive.These in house emails are where we answer questions about how to improve search engine optimization, and any other questions we are asked.

We get quite a few questions because we have experts on board who know and use search engine marketing (SEM) and other less expensive yet effective paid sources. Search engine optimization (SEO) is done on a daily basis by staff for websites and articles, Social media marketing (SMM) on twitter, five facebook fan pages for ourselves, as well as others, and LinkedIn currently for others only.

There are stars are for referring and advertising. You get one star for completing your profile. We as a corporation do what we can to keep all our stars. These are seen on most of the IBO short URL's we use, For hubs we will use the short links until we run out. At the moment we are getting close to 50 of the short URL’s. More time than we would like is spent writing ad copy to get people to those URL’s.

Wall post limitations

Wall posts on IBOtoolbox are not as limited as twitter. Two hundred and fifty characters are allowed. For those who don't know twitters limit is 140. There is a downside to using more which is what you post to the wall will either be cut to tweet or sent someplace else like facebook, StumbledUpon, or quite a few other options.

Many members don't bother to post things they have to cut to tweet. You can actually see with a short delay if your wall post has been tweeted. It shows only tweets so you have to trust if you are shared elsewhere.

Quite often we post hubs and blogs to our facebook fan pages, we have three. Others have facebook groups where you can post hubs and blogs for additional links. Social sharing also happens in these groups.

On IBO there is a 2500 character limit for blogs. They can be shorter but not longer. While talking to others they are stating articles of around 250 words are being picked up and ranked by search engines. We have never posted an optimized blog that short.

Profiles for both IBOtoolbox and salesspider

With sales spider and IBO you will have a profile. For IBOtoolbox when we first joined we used hubpages as our business. This was allowed with no repercussions. For sales spider we used our corporate name without every trying hub pages so have no idea how that would go over.

Our Question

Now there is a question we would like answered. What happens when high quality writers show up someplace there are lower quality writers? Do the untrained writers drag the better writers down or do the better writers have a tendency to up the bar for those who are not as good?

Our hub pages experience says those who are great writers share knowledge to help those who are not as experienced. We have even offered to ghost write for those who don’t understand SEO and keywords. With sales spider there is not much that can be done to help anyone.

Choice of keywords is what gets you ranked

In the end we don’t see that it matters. Everyone is found by keyword searches. The better choice of keywords will get a person ranked faster and higher than those who don’t understand how to use them. Quality SEO will always be ranked high where duplicate content and junk will be passed over, and unoptimized articles will end up on page 50 or lower.

The traffic leaders who are using keywords correctly are getting in the neighborhood of 8,000 views a day. This is based on memory because the statistics restart at midnight EST each day. At this moment four hours after the statistics changed the leader has 784 views.

Visitors and people who use these marketing platforms are worldwide. We have never been on either platform alone at any time and we have been there at every hour of the day and night. It is morning somewhere in the world twenty four hours a day.

Average amount of visitors per day and from where

Sales spider gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 55,000 visitors a day. Anyone visiting from a search engine as far as we know are not counted as a visitor. IBO averages 100,000 visitors a day. Ninety six percent come from search engines and sharing on the wall. The other four percent are the members. This has remained constant as both the readers and new users join. We were on IBOtoolbox on the best day for visitors there were 138,000 that day.

© Mar, 26, 2012 Dennis Thorgesen for Lisech eMarketing, All rights reserved.


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