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How to be an Effective Writer

Updated on August 1, 2017

Writing allows us to express all the thoughts and stuffs that stimulates in our mind. By expressing the notions inside our mind, we are able to share ideas, opinions, knowledge, and even fictitious stories that can entertain readers. It also manifests our intellectual capacity and creativity. However, writing will only be effective if our ideas are constant; but how can we maintain such ideas that enables us to write proficiently? What are the techniques to get those ideas? The answers to those questions are simple: we must learn how to observe, research, and of course, read! These are the Holy Trinity on enhancing your writing skills. But how these things work? Here are the reasons:


A writer needs readers as much as reader needs writer. There is a correlation between the two. Writing won’t exist without reading. It is the writer’s obligation to get ideas from reading in order to utilize a proficient writing skill. Reading develops our intellectual capabilities. Performing this enables a person to acquire ideas from other writers. Scrutinizing any reading materials conceptualize the subject of our writing endeavors. This also permits our mind to obtain some significant facts or ideas that we can extend to others. It is absolutely productive for our learning necessities. However, reading isn’t effective without comprehending the ideas or opinions of the writer. Hence, comprehension is also a tool for writing. Browsing books, articles, or any reading materials may also help a person on developing his creativity. With this creativity, writers are able to generate entertaining leisure accounts such as fictitious story, poems, and even poetical songs. Reading is the most practical way to obtain concept for your subject. You can also enjoy it by reading stories or knowing something new to you!
NOTE: Acquiring ideas from writers may result to plagiarism. Hence, you have to be cautious on using the ideas. I suggest a modification of the writer’s ideas to produce some originality on your account.


Getting information through observing the acts of people or any events is essential on writing. It is a first person gathering of information; thus, it able writers to discern or experience the actuality of an event. This experience may result to an accurate details or concept of writer’s account. However, observation usually consumes time. If a writer wants to produce an accurate article, he must have patience on observing the events or acts. Observation may also inspire writers to create stories of their own. A writer can modify the details of an account into fictitious stories. Utilizing actual events into fiction enable readers to grasp the story. Nevertheless, the creativity and originality of the story must still maintain. Producing some ideas for a topic is also a result of observation. Examining all the sides of events evaluates its negativity and positivity. By this evaluation, a writer can share his opinion regarding to the event. He may create conclusions regarding to his analysis.


Researching is a combination of reading and observation. It seeks to recognize the deeper definition of the subject. The writer’s purpose on researching is to acquire accuracy for his account’s details. Moreover, combining the former two will not only result to the accuracy of details; it also explores the point of view of other writers. It concretizes the writer’s account. Researching occasionally requires discussion with people who have knowledge or experience with the subject. Their knowledge and experience contributes to the precision of your article. Therefore, gathering information from them is also advantage on detailing the account.

Writers provide information, ideas, opinions, or occasionally, entertainment to the readers. Hence, it is important for the writer to be prudent on detailing an account. Writers are part of the legion of knowledge. This gives us the responsibility to the readers. It is our task to make sure that every detail is accurate. These details are helpful for the enrichment of reader’s knowledge. We must ensure that our accounts won’t result to vile actions; rather, a writer must encourage readers to perform desirable actions that contributes not only for their personal lives but also for the community


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    • Longmire profile imageAUTHOR


      15 months ago

      Thanks @Larry

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      15 months ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips!


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