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Hub Size: Bigger isn't Always Better

Updated on August 25, 2009

Long Hubs: Are They Reallly Better?

The length of hubs vs. amount of traffic has been debated for a long time. Many people ask: If I right longer hubs, will I get more traffic? The answer can go either way. It really depends on the quality of your hub content. If you can put an interesting picture in a hub and make it thought-provoking in less that 100 words, then you are bound to get a lot traffic. In fact, my most successfull hub to date,, is merely a graph of the amount of Google search results that each president yields. I wrote very little in regards to the graph yet this hub gets the most traffic because it is interesting. However, longer hubs are sometimes necessary. For example, if you are writing a hub about your favorite places to go you shouldn't just list these places. People want to know why these particular places are your favorite so you should put a brief, or long, description with each place.

Short Hubs: My Favorite

Short hubs are preferable in my opinion. However, you have to know how to fit quality content in fewer words. For example, I could write 10 pages on a hub titled "How to Tell if You are Sick." However, most of that information would be useless. People look to get a lot of information wuthout having to read a lot. This saves them time. Plus, if you can make a short hub that is popular, then people will spend less time reading your content and more time clicking the ads on your hub. Therefore, I believe that short hubs are better. That is only my opinion, though. i know many people disagree. To play it safe, I would suggest you write some short hubs and some long hubs.


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