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HubPages: How To Get More Traffic Using Social Media Sites Like Twitter & Google+

Updated on May 9, 2015

Social Media And SEO

Social media networks are social communications between online platforms were people stay connected, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & You tube.

Just the simple fact that millions and millions of people flock to these sites daily should make any marketer or blog writer want that attention and traffic. The opportunities for lead generation is enormous. There really is two directions or ways to start writing your content towards when it comes to sales and traffic.

  1. Write your content based around a certain niche and get indexed for key words. (key word targeting)
  2. Find outlets to drive huge amounts of traffic to your websites or blogs. (Social Media Hubs)

Some Seo And Link Tips:

  • Imagine every time a person searched Google or any web search engine and they landed on your website or blog article. Think of the traffic and lead potential that might come with mass amounts of people reading and wanting the info that you supply.
  • I have learned that supplying content that a person so desirably wants helps generate traffic (word of mouth)
  • People start linking to your website - Helping you gain more traffic.
  • Create freebies! Freebies are the best and people LOVE them.
  • Link back to these people :)
  • Share their content as well

Be involved in the "niche" community that you choose to write around. Make internet friends!

Introduction To Online Social Media Sites

Here Are Some Excellent Resource Sites To Share Your Content With To Gain More Visitors To Your Site:

  • Stumble Upon
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Twitter

Why Should I share my content daily?

Sharing your content daily helps build a well rounded Hub, site or blog. Having more visitors and gaining traffic daily helps promote your online affiliate sales leading to more profitable writing. The more you learn and read about traffic and how to drive it, the better your website will be. My favorite place to get traffic from is Twitter. Twitter is a fast paced mini post site that let's you share your world. Sharing links to what you enjoy and like. Why not share your website or Hub links.

Twitter Tools

Twitter is one of the most easiest ways to drive great traffic to your hub or site. Marketing yourself and your site is key. Traffup is one of my favorite 3rd party Twitter sites. Traffup let's you share links and earn coins to purchase more traffic. If you use the service daily you should be able to get way more traffic rolling in within a week. Another great program is using a Twitter auto publish tool. Using a Twitter auto publish tool let's you post tweets while you are away from your pc. This is perfect for when you're gone from your pc for a while or your sleeping :) I usually make a post for my website once a day on Twitter. You don't want to be over promotional. I say something like: Hey I just wrote this tutorial on such and such.....check it out here ----> (LINK)

Pinterest for Image Optimization

Pinterest is one of the world's most used image pin boards! You can upload, tag and share anything you can find. Using Pinterest for your Hub's and websites let's you have more of a visual aspect of what content you have on your site. Remember the saying..... "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well it's true. Use Pinterest for all images on your web pages.

Editing The Links

Make sure you use the pinning feature to it's full potential. When you have an image from your own website or hub you can link your url inside the image to get maximum follow through traffic.

Uploading A pin

You can upload a pin and set the direct image source link inside the box. When someone views your pin then they will automatically know and see where the image is hosted giving them the option to further read your article or post.

Good Old Face Book

Hey maybe that recipe you just posted is something your own family members want to try! Coming from a known trusted source they might be willing to pursue purchasing items through your hubs to bake that special dish or dessert. It's worth the time. Face book is really great for recipes and family orientated events. Focus your writing around some of your close friends or family and hey maybe gain a little commission for your time. Just some food for thought. Just make sure you don't over post your links on Face book. It becomes annoying.

Stumble Upon

One of my favorite sites is Stumble Upon. You can literally click a button and find the greatest content to read or be inspired from. If you sign up for Stumble Upon you can add an interesting page to their search engine. Add your blogs, websites and hubs to maximize traffic potential. Having the world stumble upon your website, blog or hub just might be an exciting thing. Never say you have enough reader's for your content that you spent time creating and writing....

Because you don't. You deserve more traffic and readers :)

Google +

Google plus let's you share snippets and short previews for your pages and blog's. I really like the layout and setup Google plus uses. You need to sign up for a user account and start posting your content! I gain a lot of search traffic straight from GOOGLE just from using Google plus to share my content. I highly recommend using this platform for your content.

Other Social Media Sources

Don't just be limited to using these social media sites. There's plenty more out there! Try online bookmarking sites to gain back links to your writing and pages. Try video sharing sites that refence your material and send traffic that way. Youtube and Vimeo are good sites to share videos on. LinkedIn is another good site geared towards a business aspect. Tumblr and Blogger are great ways to have a second blog about your niche or website to gain more traffic through.

My Favorite Social Media Video On YouTube


Which Is Your Favorite Social Media Site

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