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HubPages Success:Become self-confident

Updated on February 13, 2013

HubPages Community is only an aspect of the internet community .

However it is a promotional and really motivational network to promote ideas and share them with a larger circle of people .

On this long scale of web interaction it is well -known that writing is a means to gain the logging success and a prominent income.

Writing on the other hand is a way to expose inner self and thoughts. This is why intriguing webpages like HubPages,Squidoo,Triond,Yahoo Voices put a lot of interest on the quality content and the emergency of writing more and more.

New to a community?

I've been member to all of the above mentioned webpages.

On Squidoo, I am 47 level lensmaster with 19 trophies and 36 lenses.

This is my 10th Hub on HubPages.Am I a newbie?Who knows?

If I have to count the number of hubs,it's equivalent to a new coming - to a community- member.

If I have to count the level of experience and self-discipline to a target, possibly I hit the top 10 target.

Surely I am disciplined enough, and strongly encouraged not to feel like an "Alien in New York".

Aside to this fact, I am well equiped and willing to share and help fellows hubbers or those who intent to sign up and start writing.

How much intent you put on your writing process?

Intention is a great motivation and generator of new dynamics ,in every field.

However, intent without true interest and belief on your abilities is a nuke.

You intent to write, and you intent to write a quality content hub on HubPages,but is your intent an innermost desire or just a single process for income draining?

Self-confidence vs Entropy

Entropy is force that withdraws us back to our nest and dispenses our activity .

When weare about to move on a new project,levl,direction ,it appears as a magnetic field to stop this leap and restrict every area of development.

Scott Peck on his best seller "The Road the less Travelled" states that the antidote to Entropy is Love.

Love for our self is not a selfish attitude.

By Loving our self,we empower our self.

Seld -Love and Self-Confidence are twin scenarios on our life timeline.

Both strenght us to surpass the mystic energy of Entropy.

Remember that acting from a level of Self-Confidence invites you into world of new possibilities and opportunities.


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