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HubPages and Google Adsense: The Problem With Google Ads and Why You're Not Making Any Money.

Updated on August 4, 2012

Over the past year, the same question has been repeated constantly in my head as to why my Google Adsense earnings have hit an all-time low. What is slightly relieving is that I'm not the only one to have this kind of issue.

There are at least 10-15 questions asked on HubPages every day, regarding improving Google Adsense revenues, and optimising your hubs to make them more search engine friendly. Unfortunately, many Hubbers despair at receiving the same advice over and over again, write high quality Hubs, write SEO Hubs, blah blah blah....

Although this may be sound advice, which will eventually bring good results to your content (whether that's earnings or not), it is always the hard work/dedication that the process takes, which leads so many Hubbers to feel like their work is for a lost cause. Not to mention the amount of whining in the forums when things don't initially work out, after approximately 1-2 days of trying...

Google Adsense logo. All credit for this image belongs to
Google Adsense logo. All credit for this image belongs to | Source

The Problem With Adsense and What We Want.

The main issue with how Google runs AdSense and what we want from AdSense, is that whilst AdSense is completely automated by computers, we are all manual writers writing on varied topics from making money using intricate systems, to effective methods of picking up dog poo.

Now, with AdSense being automated in reading content and picking up on keywords, if we haven't correctly structured our keywords in the way which the Google program finds them, Google will become confused as to which keywords our content is mainly based around... Therefore it'll take a wild guess and hope for the best.

Have you ever written a Hub, felt like you did everything right in terms of keyword placement and optimisation, yet you find Google ads completely irrelevant to your content being hosted? That is one of the many symptoms of Google struggling to correctly identify corresponding Advertisements to what your content is about.

This means that whilst your content may be extremely high quality maybe even the best, if your content isn't written in a way which Google easily identifies the correct keywords; your efforts are going to be almost futile to making you money through Adsense.

Why You Aren't Making Any Money from Adsense.

The easiest way to explain how this affects your AdSense earnings, which is also the reason that you currently aren't succeeding with AdSense, is that if your Google ads aren't relevant to your article content, then visitors who are potential "clickers" will not feel inclined to click the Google Ads displayed on your page. This will make it almost impossible to make any decent income from Google AdSense.

Remember that your main source of revenue from Google AdSense is from visitors to your content clicking on the link which Google displays, and if you are only getting 1-2 clicks a day you cannot expect any kind of monumental income. That is unless you have specifically targeted high paying keywords which pay over $10 per click, then you may eventually see some large sums build up... but over time…

The problem with how our expectations of Google AdSense were formed, was that we were given examples of people who've withdrawn pay checks of over $10,000 from working with AdSense, and we naturally expect to make just the same. Although, we weren't told of how long it took these users to make this money, or what kind of content they were writing/promoting to make this money.

So in theory, making money with Google AdSense is almost like looking through a glass wall, you cannot get to the 'other side' yet you can very well see it. But for those people who are making a significant amount of money with Google AdSense, they most likely found a "Crack" in the glass wall, which they've utilised for their own benefit. (A keyword which both high is traffic and very profitable, yet doesn't have a lot of competition for.)

A Great Resource For Understanding Google AdSense.

How You Can Begin Making Your Own Money With Google Adsense.

Due to the fact that I'm currently not making a ton of money with Google AdSense, I can imagine that you are questioning my authority in providing you with advice. Well... there was in fact a time where I was making a decent amount of money with Google AdSense, and I have managed to receive a pay check from them in the past. But these are merely suggestions as to what you can do to optimise your chances of ranking well for a keyword, and helping Google find your correct keywords.

· Include your chosen keywords every 100 words within your article content.

· Include your keywords as one of the first two tags you place on a Hub.

· Backlink your Hub to other websites which utilise the same keywords as you.

· Only choose keywords which have over $1 CPC (cost per click.)

· Write content every day and make sure it's proof read before posting.

· Publish your content and then adjust as needed, if Google happens to make a mistake regarding relevant ads.

A Great Video Giving some Further Advice On Making Money With AdSense.

Thanks to lisa3876 for this amazing video! All credit for this video belongs rightfully to her via.

How Much Money are You Making With AdSense Monthly?

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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 4 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      I agree, but the sad truth, is that many people read these over and over again for some "new" insight, but all the answers are staring right at them! The way to make money with AdSense, is to have content relating to the adverts (based on luck typically), or to write so much content that eventually you will manage to make a small bit of profit.

    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 4 years ago from United States Of America

      There are lots of these hubs about making money or not making money from Google Adsense. Sadly few of them have any real glass breaking insight.

    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Yes viewers are important, as they are the source of your clicks, but of course it depends on the type of viewers. You don't want to attract other writers too much, as they usually block out the ads around the Hubs. But of course, write what you know and learn what you don't.

    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Ahh yes I should have included information about Ad Review Centre in my Hub! Thank you for reminding me! :) Great to see that you are already making quite a good sum of money from Adsense, it's a lot more than I can show for at the moment. Thanks for commenting :)

    • robes profile image

      robes 5 years ago

      Thanks for the tips! I've noticed I can get some decent clicks rolling when I have the viewers. I'm more stuck on how to keep the viewers! I'll be following for more info!

    • shin_rocka04 profile image

      shin_rocka04 5 years ago from Maryland

      Really good hub. I've been on Adsense less than a year but I received a check in July after finally meeting the payment threshold in June. I was able to get nearly 43 bucks last month (the most I've made so far in a month's time). I think a few keys with Adsense is having the right content, making sure your title, your keywords, and the niche of your blog all coincide.

      Another good tip is using the Ad Review Center. It's a really great tool to find out what kinds of ads are performing or underperforming. You can block certain ads from showing, so more ads that do get clicks show up. It helps to increase some kind of clickthrough rate.

      One more thing to add is placement. For certain sites, Adsense just doesn't perform all that well, and other sites it does for some reason. I think it all comes down to experimentation and finding what works best.