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HubPages – from one beginner to another…

Updated on May 18, 2010

New to this Hub Pages game

I’ve only been producing Hub Pages for a couple of weeks, so I’m by no means an expert. However, I thought I’d jot down some of the things I’ve learned since the start. This maybe useful to any others who are thinking of giving Hub Pages a go.

I’m assuming you’ve got SEO and keyword knowledge, but are new to Hub Pages; so here goes….

HubPages - Increase traffic and revenue?

Will Hub Pages make your traffic and revenue go through the roof.
Will Hub Pages make your traffic and revenue go through the roof.

Will I get rich quick

I think we all probably know the answer to this. No – this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. At the time of writing I’ve got about 15 pages live, which generates a few page views, but no income yet, which leads me onto…

How does the Google AdSense work

When you’ve entered your AdSense code to your Hub Pages account, you’ll start receiving 60% of the revenue generated. This doesn’t mean there is a revenue share from your AdSense account; how this works is by showing your ads 60% of the time, and the HubPages AdSense ads the remaining 40% of the time.

Are Hub Pages good for SEO

Well, we all know that getting a non spammy link from an established website is a good thing; so yes, Hub Pages must be good for SEO. However, you’ll find that links are “nofollow” at the start, until your profile gets above a score of 75. Reaching this score isn’t difficult – just don’t spam. It’s the same old story, write unique content which is useful to people. That is the story behind most successful pages – unique and useful content.  This page is definitely unique – I should know, I’m now writing it now! But is it useful? Hopefully some of you may find a nugget or two of information which helps you out.

Does Hub Pages work in the UK

That’s the question all us UK based writers want to know. As yet I don’t know the answer. I’ve had a look round other UK based writers, and am hearing stories of a few hundred pounds a month income. So hopefully I’ll be generating some income soon. Who knows. Hopefully I’ll post another page in a couple of months with my latest findings. And even more hopefully will have generated some income.

Just remember: if you don’t write any hub pages you’re definitely not going to earn anything. If you do write some, you might. What have you got to lose.

Anything to add?

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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub detail thanks