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A Hubber's Monologue Overheard: A Day in the Life of a Hubpages Writer

Updated on October 29, 2011

A prologue to Key Success Factors for Personal Growth.

I'm dedicating this monologue piece to all the newbies around who may need some inspiration or two. The experts are most welcome to drop by of course. This is written in a verbal stream of consciousness format. And thanks to my pomeranian buddy for allowing me to take some candid shots.

Hmmm stretch and yaaaawn aaand stretch mmmmhhh ..oh, that feels greeeaat. Good morning world! I wonder if I gained more fans overnight. Gosh how do they do that…get all those fans and make all those hubs. Don’t these guys ever sleep?! Okay shake that thought away and start moving. Get up, get up, get up!

Coffee, yes, coffee…gotta get me one quick! Yawn…. I bet they’re at it again…outwitting each other at the forum….or having a ball with a newbie and I bet someone’s celebrating their perfect hubscore or birthday or their 1000th fan or whatever. What a lot. They’re a pretty cool bunch….experts on various fields. Oh boy, now what the heck is my expertise? ...Hmmmmm that is what I call gooood coffee....

Aw! Not again!? Victoria, you left your ball in the middle of the room again! Come here. Sit. Good dog. Don’t give me those eyes. You know I’m mad. How am I suppose to write a hub about you when all you do is make my life….okay, okay stop that…stop the licking…I get it…you’re sorry… oh gosh.’re doing it again. Training me to be the buddy you want me to be. Hmm yes why not. I guess there is something there. Okay, come on. Let’s go see if someone’s written anything about dogs training owners. That could be a jump off point.

Good morning CP… work well for me today okay? No crashing, no hanging and no slowing down. We have got to get in the game now. If they can do it, we can too. That’s good. Now show me the works.

Hey look at that… I’ve moved up to 95 and hey three more fans and two comments. Seems like a good start for us today, huh? Now onto increase those numbers. It’s still the numbers game. Wherever you go, it’s still the numbers that count. Okay…become a fan, join the fan club, leave a note, and check the comments.

Aw that’s sweet. I can’t believe these people actually take time to read and appreciate the things we do here. You can’t help but be touched. Right, Victoria? Good dog. I guess that’s one of the things that keep me coming back here. There they are….. all these people from everywhere, chancing upon your hub and leave you a comment that assure you someone out there ---- does care.

That reminds me…I wonder if that person took my advice in the forum. Well, I guess he hasn’t returned yet. I hope everything’s fine with him. He seems to need an outlet for all the anger in him and hubbing maybe just the answer to that….hhmmm hubtivity. I wonder who’s out there now. Wow! She published 3 more hubs?! I don’t believe it! And they all seem to be hot ones too. Okay stop right there. I guess that’s my problem. I always compare myself to them. When will I ever get out of this competitive state!

Breath….. relax…. let go…. all is well. You’re focusing too much on others when all you’ve got to do is focus on the self. What are you feeling now? Frustrated, I guess. Frustrated about what? …about not knowing what to write, obviously!...and about still being competitive. And what do you want to do about that? Yeah, yeah… stop competing and start creating! Good! Now create!

Creating something out of nothing is the essence of a truly artistic person. It begins in the nothingness within and expressed in everything that is about.

It is felt in the words vibrating from the mind to the screen laid out in a hub. It is seen in the glow of one’s face upon reading comments that touch the soul. It is heard in the oohs, the aahs, the sighs, the giggle, as one responds to hubbing techniques revealed

You can taste it in the lip smacking, mouth watering, tasty and sumptuous descriptions of exotic dishes shared. You can smell it in the images of hubs showing dew drop adorned foliage or meadows bursting with a thousand blossoms.

You sense its dynamism in the ever flowing, ever changing, ever increasing state of development. You experience its intensity in its ecstatic state of finally finding...... freedom.

Creativity. Creation. Expression. Deliverance.

…and so it goes.

Well. Victoria I guess I know why I keep coming back. It’s not about the competition… it’s all about the creation --- the freedom to create. It’s all about creating an impact on each other’s lives. It’s all about creating a better self --- jumping from one hub to another, gathering valuable information. It’s all about creating good relations with people across this universe—inspiring and supporting them while being enlightened and encouraged yourself. It’s all about creating a more loving world ---- using the net this time.

In the end…It’s not the numbers that count. It’s the love that’s shared.

Okay Victoria you win. Let’s get us some lunch.


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