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Hubnuggets, hubnuggeteers...and the rest of the lingo defined!

Updated on March 7, 2017

A Dictionary of our own!

After thoroughly researching some of our common words used continually here in Hubland I am totally appalled at the many spelling mistakes and misappropriate definitions the everyday run of the mill dictionaries and encyclopedias have. Seriously the Oxford, Britannica, Roget's, Webster and even our beloved Wikipedia do not give us, the Hubbers, a clue to the proper uses of the words that are exclusive to Hubpages.

Noticing this, I took it upon myself to correct this terrible neglect. Therefore I'm pleased to announce the dictionary all of our own, called Hub-ctionary pronounced ==> hub-K-shhonaree with a strong emphasis on the 'K'. It will go into print sooner or later. Naturally it will get revised every year or so. It will be available in large print only one word and definition per page. An easy book to read and memorize. Here are some tasters of the more common hubland words and definitions used by hubbers day-to-day which can be found in the Hub-ctionary:

Let's start at the beginning!

  • Hub-institute: The name the big kahunas were debating of calling Hubpages. It got nixed for fear of only hub-nuts joining.
  • Hubber: A person writing a hub.
  • Hubbit: Another name for the person that writes hubs (but these ones are short usually not taller then 3' 4.5"). Kind-a-cute, some famous ones can be seen in the movie 'Lord of the rings'.
  • Hub-licist: A fancy name again for a hubber who has some published hubs.

  • Hub: To every-one's surprise not the center of the wheel but

an article written by a hubber, hubbit or hub-licist on an interesting topic filled with original content. Written from the hubbers experience or point of view. About 750-1000 words or so is a good length. Best with an attention grabbing title. Spelling and grammar checked. For best results the content should be emphasize with some photos and/or a relevant video. Naturally giving photo/video source acknowledgements. Should also have links and RSS feeds.

  • Hubrides: A group of 500 or so islands of the coast of Scotland. The dictionaries spells it Hebrides (who ever heard of something so silly). Plans are being hashed out at the moment for Hubbers to congregate there for the 10th- Hub-versary. If I'm not mistaken the official title of our own writers 'Woodstock' will be called Hub-appaloosa. (It's still a secret so shhh you didn't hear that from me)
  • Hubernate: Hubbers getting ready to spend the winter in a dormant hub writing state.
  • Hubitable: A place object or deed that can be turned into a Hub-tastic hub.
  • Hubitate for humanity: Extending help to our fellowman/woman worldwide by offering advice, help etc. in our written hubs.
  • Hubitis: a condition that takes over the body and soul and can only be relieved by writing hubs.
  • Hub-llness: A new disease coming from too much hubbing.
  • Hub-mprove: The cure for hub-llness...simple to do...just spend more time hubbing.
  • Hubble: To walk away lamely from the computer after many hours of hubbing.
  • Hubmania: A bunch of Hubpages fans getting together, possibly in the Hubrides.
  • Hub-nob: again the spelling is off in the dictionaries for this one (hobnob) simply means to rub elbows with all the other elite hubbers in the Hubpages forums.
  • Hub-dentical: A stolen plagiarized hub that was re-published by a hub-thief under his/her name.
  • Hub-dentify: Proof the plagiarized hub is yours and that it has been hub-napped.
  • Hub-law: Hubpages terms of use including forums etiquette.
  • Hub-idle: A totally inactive abandoned hub.
  • Hub-licity: Public exposure for hubs using RSS feeds, twitter, facebook etc.

  • Hub-cap: Again nothing to do with the wheel cover of car tires. No, it's a cap worn when hubbing, often referred to as a thinking cap. (soon coming to a market near you)

See each of the team members modeling this seasons new arrivals.

Oh so pretty in Pink Maddie!
Oh so pretty in Pink Maddie!
Handsome in his "camou-hubcap' Jason!
Handsome in his "camou-hubcap' Jason!
  • Hub-loyees: A name for the hubpages staff.

The two Hub-loyees of our hubnugget team are Maddie Rudd, who is the Hub Pages Moderator and Communicator of Awesome Fairness and Jason Menayan, who is head Guru of Marketing. Both along with their regular duties take care of the technical mumbo jumbo stuff that has to be done to have a smooth running 'hubnugget wannabe department'.

  • Hub-nugget-picker-Team: (nugget-pickers for short) All the members of the team (I'm proud to be a part of) wade through thousands of hubs on a weekly basis to find some promising hub-nugget wannabes. The team consist of our team leader Shirley Anderson, Patty Inglish, B.T. Evilpants, RedElf, Ripplemaker, and myself Zsuzsy Bee.

Team leader Shirley lovely, neat and trim in her new for this season wine-red Hub-cap.
Team leader Shirley lovely, neat and trim in her new for this season wine-red Hub-cap.

Let me introduce our fearless team leader here in hub-nugget-picker-land Shirley Anderson. She's a busy, busy great career freelance writer filled with pep and energy. But then you know what they say '...if you need a job done pronto give it to a busy person'. Hence the new addition to her career. Modeling for the Hub-cap-building-company. Here seen in the new and improved basic proto type cap.

Patty in her sassy maroon Thinking-cap.
Patty in her sassy maroon Thinking-cap.

Patty Inglish, MS is a Freelance writer and a master of Hub-ology. On most days she dishes out two fantastic hubs. She also finds hubnugget wannabes by the dozen every week. Patty is seen in the picture to the right wearing her thinking cap in a sassy maroon shade with built in blinking ideas light-bulb. But the ideas flit in so fast that the light-bulb doesn't have time to shut off. Which makes the blinking light-bulb not blink.

B.T. is showing off his Hub-cap. The order number for He-Man yellow is #007
B.T. is showing off his Hub-cap. The order number for He-Man yellow is #007

B.T. EvilPants, who is a Freelance writer, Jackalope-of-all-trades, connoisseur of butter tarts and gravy has the extra strength and ability to sniff out new hubnuggeteers and the best of their best hubs to add to the list of hubnugget wannabes especially when he's sporting his He-man yellow Hub-cap.

Modeled with great finesse in the picture to the right.

RedElf dashing in her red ideas-hub-cap.
RedElf dashing in her red ideas-hub-cap.

RedElf is an accomplished artist, singer/songwriter, author, a poet and a photographer. She is one of those happily creative people who just loves to try out new challenges all the time. Hence her new stint into modeling. What other color would a RedElf be wearing than dashing red. Her Hub-cap is filled with ideas all the time too as can be seen in the picture to the right.

She utilizes her whisker twitches well as they notify her whenever there is a purrrfect hubnugget within reach. 

Ripplemaker showing off her Olympic-blue flying-hub-cap!
Ripplemaker showing off her Olympic-blue flying-hub-cap!

Ripplemaker who is a hubber extraordinaire. To make it easier for her to flit from hub to hub and spreads joy, good will and encouragement to new hubnuggeteers the Hub-cap-building-company has designed a flyer-cap just for her. The flyer-cap which is in its final test runs will be on the market soon and available in all colors.

Here is to many happy flying hours Ripplemaker, glad you're not afraid of great heights.

Hey who turned off the lights?
Hey who turned off the lights?

Zsuzsy Bee is a freelance/ghost writer, tailor, cloth artist, gardener, now also chicken and duck herder and Mom. As you can see in the picture to the right the Hub-caps come in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles. She is sporting this seasons new color and stylish Pom-Pom. She will have to learn how to read so she can order the right size next time.

All hub-caps are available with or without personalized rayon embroidered names, logos etc.

  • Hub-nugget-wannabe: is a great hub written within the past seven days by a new, less then two months old hubber. It is then chosen by the team and added onto the list of the current week's HubNuggets ready for the contest. Although this list of new hubber hubs is vast (thousands and thousands of hubs), the team narrows the number of choices down to just ten. Those ten finalists are then showcased in the weekly HubNuggets hub, whereupon open voting begins via a poll capsule.
  • Hub-nuggeteer: A new hubber, hubbit or hub-licist, with other words a writer who is less then six weeks old who wrote a hub-tastic hub-nugget-wannabe.
  • Hub-tastic: A well written hub by a hubber or hubbit or hub-licist.

The how's, the who's , the why's, the what's to be eligible. (including your hat size)

To be eligible for HubNugget consideration, you must have joined hubpages within the last 60 days, and have an author score of 75 or above. Your hub must have been published within the last 7 days, and have a hub score of 55 or above. That's it!

Now you may be asking how you can achieve all of that when you're still just a Hub-nuggeteer learning your way around here.

This is how: Build a hub with well written, original content. Next, add a few relevant photosvideo. Add a news feed if you like. Move your capsules around to create an attractive layout, and preview your handy work. Check for spelling and grammar booboos. Now all that's left to do is hit that "publish" button, and watch your score rise. Your friends at Hub-Central will do the rest! and/or a

If you want more detailed information, Shirley Anderson (our Team leader extraordinaire) has written a hub on the whole process. You can find it here. or here

Read-em and taste-em while they're hot...then don't forget to vote them
Read-em and taste-em while they're hot...then don't forget to vote them

So read and vote... the new hubnuggeteers and hubnugget wannabes are counting on you...

Without any further ado here are this weeks  hubnugget wannabes as always just great:

Choices, choices, choices....

How will you vote this week?

See results

The Winners are DRUMROLL Please ...

Hub words about other exiting going-ons here on Hubpages!

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Hub-Challengers: Find out what the 30 in 30 means here==> or contact Darkside or here for more answers.

Hub-Greeters: All the details about Hubpages Welcome Wagon are here ==>


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