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Hubpages Hubbers Poll: Honest Answers Only

Updated on May 16, 2010

I have always been curious as to how my fellow hubbers view this writing opportunity we take part in everyday. I put together a few questions so that I can get an inside view as to how we really all feel about the success we have found with Hubpages. Take a little time to answer the questions below. It will be fun to see what others truly feel about this website that we all cannot resist. Answer honestly please. I really appreciate your participation and I hope you enjoy this poll.

Making Money With Hubpages

Which makes you more money:

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Hubpages Hubscores

Do you think that your Hubscore is always accurate?

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Personal Income Potential With Hubpages

Is Hubbing Turning Out To Be A Good Second Income for You?

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Hubpages Forums

Do you find some Hubbers comments offensive in the Forums?

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Hubbing Knowledge

What do you think is the best way to write an interesting and info-filled Hub?

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Sexy Pictures On Hubpages

Do you think that it is offensive when Authors post sexy pictures of females on their Hubs?

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What If Hubpages Had A Pay Rate

If Hubpages paid a pay rate, what do you think would be an appropriate hourly rate?

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What If Hubpages Paid Per Article

If Hubpages paid per article written , how much do you think would be an appropriate rate?

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Hubpages And Content

Do you think that Hubs with less content perform poorly?

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Hubpages Traffic

Which gets you more traffic:

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Reading Other Hubs

Do you always take the time out to read other Hubbers Hubs?

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Comments And Hubs

Is it offensive to you when people do not leave comments on your Hubs?

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Hubpages Followers

Do you always follow the Authors who follow you?

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