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Hubpages: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Updated on February 4, 2010

 Hubpages. Like spaghetti, it has become a real tangled mess of oddities that provides truth and misleading truth and lies because every writer does have an agenda. Whether it is to make $$ somehow, be discovered by some literary agent looking for the next Tom Clancy, or to promote one's own agenda via lies, half-truths or something written with no research. Some just like to see their talent online, being seen by someone in India or Nome, Alaska. Some make their effort to be popular via writing a series of really trite, meaningless topics with a photo of a Hot dude or woman. Still, others, create small masterpieces that truly are interesting to read. One can tell the writer simply likes to write, honing their craft like a razor on a topic that is dear to them. Others steer the reader to some sort of link or biz that the writer makes money from.

Is this why the creator of Hubpages launched it? What exactly was the original concept and target? Just to flood the Internet with a hodgepodge of material with smart keywords so the search engines will pick the thread up? How much has the creator made from this and from all of us who are writing? What is the most anyone really has made from Hubpages?, how often? Does having a rating of 100 mean you are a good writer or just someone who attracts with offbeat topics and a lot of luck? Does it mean you are making serious dinero? or, is it just an ego thing? Lots of questions that never seem to get straight answers. Hmmm............

You can tell those who are simply writing for a high rating as they create like 10 hubs a day on some of the most lame things, i.e., How to plant a plant, How to string a guitar, Hot babes from India and so on. Some just repeat what others have said somewhere in print or on the web, like, the Worst Cars Ever Made. How many of these does Hubpages have? The choices presented, if one does even a scintilla of research, will soon see the information is simply wrong and misleading. Everyone has an opinion about this, but, at least exclude cars that when they were released, were Car of the Year!

Then you always have a ton of movie reviewers, each with their own take. What cracks me up is when there is a review of a movie before it was released or just on the day of release. Some obviously do a cut and paste job from other websites verbatim.

Hubpages does have its competitors that are more careful who is selected to contribute. One is, one can make money but first you have to write and then be approved by its staff. The same is true for, there, you can only write about areas you are experienced in. There are many others also using the same filtering mechanisms. Are they better?

Only thing better is the content. There is less trite topics and more valuable information to some degree. The degree that they are better is marginal but it is there. As for me, I just do it because I like it. If I make some money fine, but so far, not a dime. One never knows who might be reading. If you write, try to have something worthwhile to say, that is how to get readers to follow!


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 8 years ago

      LOL, OMG that was good. Sorry, did not see those gems!

    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 8 years ago from California

      I completely agree with almost everything you said. The worst cars ever may seem bad, but have you seen the ones that are like how to buy a yellow scarf on ebay, how to buy a bright yellow scarf on ebay, how to buy a dark yellow scarf on ebay, yellow scarves on ebay, why you should buy yellow scarves from ebay etc etc etc and then 20 more except in pink! Jeezzz where is the regulation?