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Hubpages Traffic Secret: The Seven Great Secret Tips to Achieve Super High Traffic

Updated on July 12, 2011

Getting huge traffic is the dream of every hubber. In this hub, I only mentioned only the tips of getting super traffic. When you read these tips, you may feel that these tips are not so important or other things. But I only request you to follow these tips just for one week and see the differences. This page contains the information of getting super traffic of your hubpages.

Seven great secret tips for getting super high traffic:

The seven great secret tips for getting super high traffic are:

Tip 1: Publish more hubpages in a steady way

Try to write and publish more hubpages. But don't try to jump at a time. Try to publish at least three hubpages in a week. If you try to publish many hubpages in a day, then the quality of your hubpages may degrade. So, it's best to publish in a way that always keep the right quality of your hubpages with the published no of hubpages. I personally prefer two days for a hubpage. There are many hubbers who say that they publish many hubpages on a single day. They may do. But my personal opinion is that if you are not an experienced hubber then try to published limited no of hubs with great quality.

Tip 2: Choose the right descriptive meaningful title

Choose the right title for your hubpages. Spend some extra minutes to make a nice descriptive meaningful title of your hubpages. Remember, titles drive people and search engine to your pages. Check the magazines or newspaper (both online and offline) to learn how titles are use to drive human mind or search engine.

Tip 3: Socialize your hubpages marketing

Just write and publish your hubpages. That's not all. You have to socialize your pages. You may use Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon etc. to socialize your hubpages. I personally prefer only Twitter because it takes the minimum time to socialize your hubpages. If you like to join with me on Twitter, click here [].

Tip 4: Linking to your hubpages to drive traffic and SEO

Try to establish linking among several types of hubpages or keywords. All the hubpages are yours. So, why not you link your old hubpags to your newly published hubpages? Linking among your hubpages is totally legal and it drives an extra traffic to your pages. Moreover, the great benefit is that by linking among the hubpages, you are also doing search engine optimization (SEO).

TIp 5: Checking your contents spelling

Don't just write and publish hubpages. Please try a double spell checking before publishing any hubpage. If the spelling is not correct, people feel disturb to read your pages. Moreover, many people may avoid your pages as he or she finds that your pages have so many incorrect words. So, correct all the spelling, check links and markup all keywords with bold and italic types before pressing the Publish button.

Tip 6: Write short hubpages but not too short

Try to write hubpages with short content. It's not wise to write an essay or write only a short paragraph. Obviously, if you write many things of any topic, divide it into several hubpages. Remember, people like a quick read. So, to satisfy readers keep your hubpags pretty short and well structured into several paragraphs.

Tip 7: Find new, interesting and useful subjects to write and publish in hubpages

It's not easy to find new, interesting and useful topics to write hubpages and to publish them. So, it's good to use a notepad to scribble down your topics and ideas. You may use a notebook also to write down your ideas. This definitely helps you to publish good quality hubpages.

All these tips are really very helpful and effective to drive huge traffic of your content. By following these techniques, I drive huge traffic. Starting from the few days ago, I reached over 1000 page views in every day. Many people requested me that how do I get this huge traffic. Many hubbers also mailed me to know the tips to drive this amount of traffic. So, I publish this hubpage.

I am sure by following these tips, your hubpages must drive super traffic including search engine optimization (SEO). You may apply these tips just for few days to test the truth of these tips. I am sure, you must say that these tips are really helpful.

That's all. I want to stop right now. Wish you apply these tips for your hubpages and will success to get or achiever super huge traffic.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • ShaamCA profile image


      6 years ago from India

      By commening,following on other hubers can help you to get authority on and also need to share some quality information which most of the users surf for informations

    • Justjed profile image


      6 years ago

      many thanks. Will sure put that to practice

    • Nelma profile image


      7 years ago from Brazil

      very good information.

      voted up

    • Steph Harris profile image

      Steph Harris 

      7 years ago from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

      Very good information, especially about not publishing to many hubs at one time, and proofreading for spelling and grammar mistakes. Thank you

    • faith03 profile image


      7 years ago

      Useful information and will try it out. I am new to Hub pages and am trying to get all the info I need to start producing some second income coming in. Thanks

    • djrana0 profile image


      9 years ago from Dhaka,Mirpur-10,Bangladesh

      Rancid i read this hub.Now i try it to increase my traffic. Thanks for help us.

    • WeddingConsultant profile image


      9 years ago from DC Metro Area

      I'd like to disagree on one point- Stumbleupon. In their TOS they specifically tell you not to promote your own stuff. I'd suggest you don't submit your hubs to stumbleupon.

      Apart from that, good groundwork info here.

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 

      9 years ago from Global Citizen

      Great and useful info. Will have to try it some time, thanks.

    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      \Brenda Scully  thanks for your comment. Hope, you apply these techniques and success.

      ocbill, to me.... length doesn't matter. Actually all people don't like long hubs. For example, I only mention 7 secret tips and you read at least all the seven titles. But now think... if I mentioned 50 or 100 secret tips... do you read all the tips? Obviously not. Moreover, you may re-write the 7 tips into 100 tips. For example, instead of writing tip no 1, I may sub-divide that tip into the following tips:

      1. Try to publish more hubpages.

      2. Always publish at least 3 hubpages in every week.

      3. Don't try to publish many many hubs in a single day.

      4. Always care about hubpages quality when you publish more hubpages in a single day.

      5. It's bad practice to publish many hubpages in a single day.

      6. Always try to publish good quality hubpages.

      7. To keep quality of your hubpages, spend at least two days to make a hubpages.

      8. If you are a novice user, try to publish limited no of hubpages at first...................and so on.

      If I write in this fashion, you never can remember and apply these tips. But as I mention only 7 tips, it's easier to remember and apply. So, long length doesn't necessary to increase hub value. It's the quality to increase hub value.

      Moreover, after publishing the hub value is increased. I think if you keep the quality excellent, then you don't need to think anyting. You must get rewards.

    • ocbill profile image


      9 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      interesting, I heard that the length of the hub and time to compete 1 hub increases its value along with other methods you use. begin writing a hub but do not complete for a few days it means you are indraft mode and still gathering good information and not just writing anything to make it wordy or personal gossip that is becoming rampant .

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      I am listening to all the advice and hope to put it all into practice one day... thanks for the hub

    • rancidTaste profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. I only discuss about my own way. Actually it varies to publish the total no of hubs per day. For me, I give most of my attention to write as a good quality. I always take time to write any hub. Generally, I take at least 2 days to write and publish any hubpages. And it really works great for me. And the traffic which I mentioned based on Google, Yahoo and others. And I see there is a great difference between hubpage traffic source and other traffic sources(for my case). I only count the other source traffic. Moreover, I only use twitter to socialize. So, it really helps me to go in this way.

    • Temperance M profile image

      Temperance M 

      9 years ago from Oregon

      Interesting tips. I'm curious as to how you decided to publish only a hub every few days? It seems to me (and I could be wrong) that hubs are the perfect size to write up a few quality hubs in one day and I seem to get decent traffic that way. I'm not disagreeing, just haven't tried it your way and so was wondering how you came to that conclusion. Thanks!


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