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Hubpages and Immortality

Updated on October 25, 2016

The oldest company in the world that is still operating was first created 1309 years ago in Japan, in the year 705. Just think about this for a moment. The creator of that company is still remembered by his descendants and surely that is the closest to immortality that any normal human being can hope to aspire. Jack the Ripper and Alexander the Great had their own ways and means of acquiring immortality but they don't count anyway.

Hubpages appears to be a successful enterprise and there is no reason to suppose that it shall not last for a thousand years, provided of course that we do not destroy our beautiful planet through our greed and our insanity. In consequence, all of us who write here on Hubpages for one reason or another actually have a shot at immortality. Every time we write something we reveal a piece of ourselves and we leave it here for all to see, especially for our offspring.

Can you imagine your great, great, great, great, grandchildren at infinitum reading the thoughts and cares you have expressed here generations before they were born? I find this possibility to be captivating.

Yet there are small-minded people who have actually spent time and effort putting up sites to project the opinion that Hubpages is a scam because it did not meet their expectations of making them wealthy through their literary talents. But that is a negative thought that I shall get away from forthwith.

Besides the potential of immortality, a more immediate benefit for me is the amazingly talented and/or truly kind, humane and generous people I have come to meet here. For example, because there is no justice in the world, Nellieanna Hay’s remarkable poetry will probably not be published in my lifetime, so I have already printed out her brilliant poems and told my wife that I want to be buried with them. The reason is that they are proof that even though we may be an accident of nature, we are something more than simply feeding and breeding animals. How is so much talent as Nellieanna's be possible in one human being?

Then there is the exceptional literary talent of Shadesbreath, which also reflects the man’s humanity, which gives one hope that all is not really lost. His descendants will have no doubt of their forefather’s literary talent when they read any of his stories and they will be certain of his humanity when they read his story ‘Sodomites, Vaginamites and Cockites’

In addition, my sweet friend Feline Prophet is proof that the great Gandhi came from solid stock and that he was no accident. As to kindness personified, who could be a better example than my friend Lee B? And how could I not mention sweet friends like Green Lotus, the intelligent drbj,my Internet spouse the amazingly talented Pam Roberson, my generous and gifted friend JamaGenee, the extraordinary Cris A,kindness personified VioletSun, my guilty thought Lisa Preston , my proof reader Gypsy Willow - and there is not enough room to mention so many others.

On top of everything else, they let me tweak the nose of The HubPages Chairman himself, whereby I more or less called the poor man a dubious character and a lot worse, but they still let me publish the Hub as I had written it:

"We followed the example of his secretary and we all approached him on all fours, touching our foreheads to the rug every five paces, as is the custom here. I wanted to do the civil thing and try to relax the tension by opening the conversation with some casual remark on the state of the crops this year and how pork bellies went up again, but I met his forbidding eye which had a similar expression I had seen once on a half boiled fish and I reconsidered the rash act. This man and his vast volatile brain were reading a newspaper and forty five minutes later he put it down and flicked his cigar ash on us in acknowledgement."

So how could I, or anyone else, possibly find anything to complain about Hubpages, a business which has given us a shot at immortality? Do they make money out of our little contributions? I certainly hope so!

Dimitris Mita

De Greek


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