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Hubpages - so easy a caveman can do it

Updated on February 5, 2015
Caveman web surfer
Caveman web surfer

Getting started with Hubpages

Getting started with hubpages is so darn easy, why even a caveman could do it. Sorry for the blatantly obvious pop culture reference, but it truly is a fact. Hubpages is incredibly user friendly in nature, and literally comes out of the gate fully optimized for the world wide web. So, let's talk about...

hubpages - Web design made easy

Once you've made it through the sign-up process for Hubpages, you're now ready to set up your first hub. This is an exciting time, because this is basically a web design for dummies scenario. One really doesn't need much knowledge in the web design arena to make this a reality.

Setting up your Hubpage truly is template clicking at its finest, and the best part... Once you've done it a couple times, the process becomes almost second nature. You'll discover which template setup is the best for your needs; you'll discover the wonderful world of Google Adsense, which will help you to make a legitimate income from your Hubpage efforts.

So, with this experience under your belt, you'll be able to post a Hubpage whenever the mood strikes you. The mood literally struck me to write a post about promoting a page on Hubpages, and here it is. I love to write, so this post literally took me less than 20 minutes from conception to inception, or from soup to nuts, whichever you prefer.

Once you've published your first Hubpage, it's time to move on to promotion of said page, and for that we'll wanna talk about...


Backlinking to your hubpages

Once you've successfully set up your hubpage and published it for all the world to see and marvel at with much wonderment and rejoicing, it's now time to promote your page. Promoting your page is where things can get a bit sticky, but with a little finesse and imagination it can be a relatively painless process. The key is to automate the process as much as humanly possible. The mantra for this step is 'work smarter, not harder.'

There are many ways that you can go about promoting your site; well, there's the talk-show circuit for one, but let's focus on reality-based solutions. Online press releases are a viable option. A Google search or Youtube search would yield much in this avenue of approach; I've never done it, so I wouldn't be any good at telling you how to do it, and I don't feel like playing pretend this evening.

You could write articles and submit them to authority article sites like and, but writing individual articles is time consuming and tedious to the point of exhaustion. Now, I do know how to do this, but the topic bores me to death, so...

I really want to focus on backlinks; Backlinks from quality, high PR sites, that are permanent and strong indicators to the search engines that your site is worthy of a top ranking. Who am I kidding? We're really just trying to impress Google, but that elephant in the room is a topic for another day.

There are many ways to automate the backlinking process, but some of them cost a little bit of money. I've managed to whittle my own backlinking process down to a few user-friendly methods for generating varied, high-quality links back to my hubpages, and also to the various websites I've designed.

  1. Neurolinker - This site will actually provide a linking service helpful for website or blog owners. It won't work with Hubpages, but it's still a great way to get hundreds of permanent links back to your websites and blogs
  2. UAW - [Unique Article Wizard] An article submission service that sets your article writing efforts on steroids, submitting your articles to hundreds of article sites, and the content is original each and every time. Anybody who knows anything about content will tell you that original content is absolutely crucial to your efforts as an IM'er or site owner
  3. Angela's packets - 30 high quality, high PR backlinking sites for you to visit and create links back to your pages. PR 6 and above. New sites to link to every month for only $5
  4. Paul's packets - Similar to Angela's packets; you get more links(50), but the PR tends to be a little lower. Still, the PR of the sites never dips below 4, so you still get quality backlinks. 50 linkable websites every month for $8. Larger packets available for scaled up pricing.
  5. Court's marketing school - everybody needs a mentor, and my mentor for all things internet marketing related goes through this one entity. I've spent my share of time and $$$ chasing the knowledge that is provided on this site. Students learn about internet marketing from the initial step of choosing the right keywords to setting up a blog, website or Hubpage. An amazing and invaluable tool

These are the 4 ways I use in my backlinking process, and the fifth option is where I learn to put it all together into my final product. For those not in the know 'backlinking' just means getting a link from another website or web-page to point back to your site or Hubpage. Sorry, sometimes I just get to writing and forget that some stuff needs to be broken down in layman's terms

If you get enough backlinks pointing to your pages, then you'll start to receive internet visitors, or traffic, from search engines. Traffic is the key to enjoying your Hubpages experience and also the key to making some 'mad money' from your efforts. The saying 'build it and they will come' doesn't apply to internet entities; It should read, 'build it, then promote it so they can find it... THEN they will come.

Check out the backlinking links, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what they are able to provide.

The backlinking solutions listed above will eventually lead somewhere, I'm still learning Hubpages rules of engagements for affiliate links, so...


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