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I Finally Removed Babylon Search From My PC! WooHoo!

Updated on October 19, 2011

So here I was one day so busy working online when suddenly I noticed that my homepage was not what it was supposed to be. I'm using Mozilla FireFox browser as I like it. So anyway, this 'Babylon search' was popping out of nowhere! I don't recall installing it or downloading it at all! So I went 'WTF?!' I checked the settings on my toolbar. (Tools>Options>General tab) It shows my homepage was set for Google. But this 'Babylon search' still kept popping up.

I went to research on removal of 'babylon' and found a number of forums with suggestions. I tried following them all. BUT TO NO AVAIL! I was indeed getting frustrated. Anyway, I came across this site that offers FREE download of 'Babylon Removal Toolbar' so I went ahead and downloaded, installed, and ran the program! I must say it took awhile. Since it was getting too late for me, I had to sleep on it while the program continued on. So when I finally got up, it was all done! Yep! It seems this 'Babylon' thingy was all over the place! However, upon clicking on next, I discovered that you actually need TO PAY for the software and it is after all NOT FREE! AARRGGHH! WTH?! But I kept my calm and just looked for the files where the 'Babylon' thingy is supposed to be found. One was a folder under 'Program Files' called 'MyWebSearch'. Another one was under 'FunWebProducts'. I naturally removed both folders as they are of no use to me. I have also previously removed 'Babylon Search' from my 'Control Panel' settings using 'Add/Remove Programs'.

Well, I thought that was done, but when I restarted my pc and clicked on my Mozilla FireFox, it did open up my Google Homepage. However, when I opened up a new tab, the 'Babylon Search' still pops out! AARRGGHH.. I did another search and this time found 'Removing Babylon from Mozilla FireFox'. I had to go to Tools>Add-ons>Extensions tab and from there UNINSTALL 'Babylon Toolbar'. Then restart the browser. AND THAT DID IT!!! WooHoo!!! I finally got rid of the pesky 'Babylon Search' from my pc!

If you're having the same issue or problem, I hope this hub of mine will help you. I just thought it was worth sharing as none of the other fixes I've read about helped me. ^_^

Good luck! Let's hope I won't encounter another malware!


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    • profile image

      kyle 4 years ago

      im using google chrome how to fix babylon in chrome?? same problem all babylon is deleted but babylon is always in my search engine?? help me pls guys thanks

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      This has been very helpful. I actually didn't know it was considered malware. I do know that it keeps popping up (and I never installed it, at least not intentionally), and I like to use Google, not Babylon. Anyway, I deleted it, and it seems to have worked. Thank you for this useful information!

      ~ Kathryn

    • profile image

      swamii 5 years ago

      The Babylon trojan is not that easy to beat. Most people who have it cannot delete it through conventional means. I tried SuperAntispyware, Avast, and Malwarebytes. None of them worked. I also tried all the registry solutions suggested on the internet. It wouls always come back. The only thing that could find all those trash files was Spybot. I ran it several times and once on boot, and I think it finally got rid of it, along with some pup malware. Babylon should be sued for destroying many computers. This is an evil company.

    • Tinsky profile image

      Tina Dubinsky 5 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

      I had the same issue with a different "search engine" ending in .nu that used the same principles as what you have described with Babylon. I had to go through a similar uninstall process with Google and I also use IE and Firefox on occasion and also found that when I went to use these, they were also infected and had to repeat the processes for each Internet program.

    • profile image

      Rita 5 years ago

      - In the URL bar type "about:config"

      - Search for 'babylon'

      - Right-click and reset every result.

      You're free of babylon.

    • profile image

      Joseth 5 years ago

      Right click on the babylon stuff and click Reset :)

    • Rosyel Sawali profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I deleted via the control panel>add/remove programs.I even had to delete some custom cursor that I downloaded. Hope that helps... ^_^

    • profile image

      thefreemans07 5 years ago

      Ok I did the about:config thing and see a lot of babylon stuff but what do i do from there? There isnt a delete button

    • profile image

      Melanie 5 years ago

      OMG i actually love you i could nearly cry! I went through exactly all the same procedures (to no avail) before i came across your answer. Thankyou SO much!

    • profile image

      Neptilo 5 years ago

      Type "about:config" in the URL bar and search for "babylon".

      I bet you'll discover that you actually were not done with it yet.

      Here is the only link that really helped me:

    • profile image

      Jacques 6 years ago

      You have no idea how helpfull this was. Thank you very much.

    • profile image

      Lance Chambers 6 years ago

      The files you mention in the Program folder aren't there and I removed Babylon from Firefox extensions a while ago - but it's still there.