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I got Adsense!

Updated on March 15, 2015

Finally! I promised myself that I would write about the journey it took me to get AdSense. Even though It’s been over a month now since I was approved, I’m happy that I can final get to do this; both for myself and for those who've had similar problems with achieving this landmark. If you’re a new beginner for wanting to earn online, in most cases you’re going to want to have AdSense. That is if you’re methods entails broadcasting content on a site. Now, for hubbers this milestone obviously is profoundly crucial. It is after all a basic requirement for earning in every way on the site. So, getting past this hurdle has to feel good for anyone. Now if you’re not a part of the lucky bunch who’ve already had AdSense before coming to Hubpages then this hub is definitely for you.



Now my first intention after waltzing onto Hubpages was not to earn anything, but to simply write passionately about whatever prickled me. But on the whole, I thought why not earn whilst I’m enjoying myself; right? After all it is one of the luxuries that Hubpages offers with their earning programs; Adsense, Ebay and amazon; the main pioneers. I mean, imagine writing about a pair of shoes that you love; just out of pure fun. And the next thing you know hubages acts as a mediator to get Ebay or amazon to use your content as an advertising base. Inadvertently you find yourself the recipient of an accumulating sum of pocket change. To me that just sounded awesome. However the process of basic initiation wasn’t as easy as I had thought.

Some are lucky to have had Adsense before coming here.

Did you have Adsense before hubpages?

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Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

Difficulty getting there:

  • It’s really important that we read the information sites that hubpages provides for us before we jump into the adsense frenzy; that was one of my first mistakes. I thought that I would’ve been accepted immediately as I wrote my first hub. Imagine how wrong I was. In fact hubpages recommends that we write somewhere around 20-25 hubs before trying out for Adsense. I couldn’t wait that long! However I’m glad to say that it only took me seven hubs before I was accepted. The More I tried getting Adsense, the more I learned how much more I needed to do. It was frustrating.

  • I learnt that everything I wrote had to be unique or authentic. From pictures to videos to anything that is owned by someone else on the internet; it had to be yours and yours only. But gladly, I found later that you could still borrow someone else’s work (e.g. Pictures). You just had to make it heavily referenced back to the creator; for example in the picture below. However, by the time I had found out this, I had already written five hubs with no authentication and so had to go back and fix all of that. Stinks huh?

  • Also I had to ensure that all I had written was sound, quite useful, of good quality and most importantly, it should be getting traffic. I mean why would Google want to use your stuff if no one is coming to your sites to view or click on their ads, right?

  • Also I was almost in danger of simply agitating Google. I remembered trying out for AdSense three times in four days AND FAILED! The responses kept coming back faster and faster. It was there I learned that it wasn't necessarily a good idea to be applying so frequently in short burst of times. They might just ban you! So I stopped, reviewed everything over again, took a breather for about a week and then tried out and was accepted in approx.… two and a half hours. I nearly keeled over onto the floor.

We could all use a little help....


What helped me:

  • From trying to get my hubs authentic to trying to get a perfect hubscore (not that I ever got one), I guess all these efforts worked in my favor. What I found about most Hubbers is that they simply love what they do. And it was because of this same love to write and to be at least someone on this prolific site, why I was empowered to do my researches, each time I got up off the floor to dust myself off. Also I must thank the well rounded informative community of writers that hubpages has. Any answers I want can be obtained by simply asking or browsing the site.
  • Also I’m going to share a little secret with anyone who wants to hear. I probably would not have been accepted into the Adsense program if I hadn’t done this. If you can recollect, you may have noticed that we need a Gmail account in order to obtain Adsense. So what I did, because my account had let me down so many times. I decided to set up an entirely new one. Now, it didn't just stop there.The next thing I did was the icing on the cake. I learned that people generally got accepted for Adsense in more than one ways as opposed to writing content online. One of these ways was uploading videos (Youtube). I heard that it was a lot easier for them that it is for us who choose to write. So I tried it out. I set up a Youtube account with the new Gmail and applied for both youtube monetization and Adsense. And what do you know, everything worked out in just a couple of hours!

Maybe someone could verify for me, but sometimes I wonder if I would have been accepted from the beginning if I had tried this approach the very first time I applied for Adsense?

Benefits after: Earning for your content of course. Within just a day I saw the figure 0.02$ cents popping up on my earnings page. Now I don’t know about some of you but this was the first time I had ever earned anything online. It felt good! Especially since I’m Jamaican where this would represent 0.02*114; A total of 2.28 dollars. Now, yeah I now that I could only probably buy a gum from that, but it still didn’t stop me from jumping up and down. Now however, I’ve learnt and am still learning that it just doesn’t stop here but there is a lot of hard work to be done after this; chief among them getting enough traffic to your hubs so that you can actually earn anything.

Let me know what you think..

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    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Sure thing, and thanks for your comment.

    • Hannah David Cini profile image

      Hannah David Cini 3 years ago from Nottingham

      A useful hub. I have been waiting to apply for AdSense till I have a few more hubs. I do need to go back and accredit some of my pictures though because I haven't with all of them.

      Thanks for writing this and sharing your experience and some tips to getting accepted.