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Hubpages: One stop hub for socializing and creating

Updated on July 8, 2013

The profound influence of Hubpages

We, the stakeholders of Hubpages community have the right to know what Hubpages is doing to our most important resource - our brain. So I thought through the points and after doing some research and critical thinking, I came up to the conclusion that being a member of the Hubpages community can have a long-term, deep and positive impact on our mind, which we often don't realise.

In this hub I would like to summarize these points and substantiate with examples and evidences wherever necessary.

1. Anything free of cost does wonders to our psyche

After joining Hubpages, you have access to an unlimited space in the cyber world, free of cost to write your favourite things, to get your work published and even in some of the hubbers' cases, to earn money. Anything which comes free gives us a psychological boost and that makes most of us Hubpages addict in no time. We feel an inner urge to come back again and again to login, surf through our own virtual world - write hubs, read others' hubs, write comments, ask and answer questions, discuss in the forums and so on - there's no one to stop us or set constraints and we can let our hair down to do what we feel we can do the best. This feeling, a deep sense of belonging enhances our serotonin levels (the substance in the brain which keeps depression away and keeps us cheerful) and keeps the brain cells active.

High quality social interaction at Hubpages
High quality social interaction at Hubpages

2. Quality of social interaction

In this era of social networking, most of us prefer to socialise virtually apart from meeting people in reality. Facebook, Twitter etc. gives a lot of opportunities for old friends to meet, wish each other and catch up on other things. Research studies say that social networking has a far-reaching effect on keeping our brain cells activated as we're constantly in touch with someone and refrain from being lonely. More than quantity, quality of social interaction matters!

In this context, Hubpages provides an unique platform where high quality social interaction is taking place all over the world in every minute. It is not only the place to say a hi or a hello, it gives you even more - seasoned, professional writers show their prowess by publishing their quality work, freelance writers get an user-friendly space to cultivate their writing skills and create their portfolio and people like me just love sharing experiences and writing whenever they feel like and have time.

Hubpages itself has innumerable forums based on varied topics, hence you can go and propagate discussion in any forum where your interest takes you. When you ask a question and see that some answers are waiting for you, how do you feel? When you comment on a hub and get acknowledgement, how do you feel? All these 'feel good' moments are frequently experienced at Hubpages, which is why it helps to keep our mind in an elevated state.

Appreciate as often as you can!
Appreciate as often as you can!

3. A hub of genuine appreciation

As human beings, we're always craving for being appreciated for our work or our qualities but in today's 'real', busy and competitive world, it's not easy to get to hear a kind word very often. Come to Hubpages, here people are friendly and always demonstrate generosity by leaving their honest feedback, mostly appreciating on your hubs. How do you feel when you write your first hub and get a kind remark from a fellow hubber? Then isn't it terrific when someone sends you a fanmail or expresses interest in following your hubs? You are made to feel so important, you are motivated to come back again to write your next hub, you are inspired to continue to improve yourself everytime. And this effect is not only limited to Hubactivities, it boosts your self-confidence and impacts your performance at your workplace and relationships as well.

And then as a newbie hubber, one fine day you log onto Hubpages to find that your profile page is adorned with cute little accolades, great motivators for the entire day. From writing your first hub to becoming an expert hubber, you'll never get bored as new comments will keep bouncing into your old hubs, fresh accolades will keep you abreast of your latest achievements and your hubscores and authorscores will keep oscillating. In a nutshell, you get all the elements of being motivated, encouraged and feel thoroughly appreciated at Hubpages, which will help you to a great extent to maintain positive thinking and be appreciative of others .

4. Conference where teachers and learners meet

Being at Hubpages is like being in a conference where teachers (the senior and experienced hubbers) and the learners (hubbers who are constantly seeking help and guidance) meet and exchange quality tips. It gives us a platform to improve our own writing skills, learn and be aware of the latest information and gives us opportunity to go and ask for help in Hubmakeover forums so that we do not make any mistakes unknowingly.

Dedicated and responsible hubbers strive to update us with the best information in a presentable format. Someone expert in gardening writes a hub on how to grow vegetables at your backyard, someone good at cooking gives you the secrets of a delicious recipe and someone might inform you with the best health tips. Can you imagine at hubpages webinar how many different topics are being exchanged at a time, to cater to all our interests and arouse new interests in us?

It has been proven that when our mind can stretch itself to learn something new, worn out brain cells are replenished with new ones. This dynamism of teaching and learning at hubpages keeps your brain agile and enthusiastic, full of fresh ideas and craving to learn more and more.

Stay connected!
Stay connected!

5. A virtual family

The most depressing thing that can devastate anybody is loneliness. The feeling of being neglected, uncared for and disconnected from others can lead to mental stress. Hubpages offers the warmth of a virtual family - it brings one home to meeting older, familiar members (hubbers who write and comment frequently) and constantly bumping onto new members. As an elderly member you can welcome and hold hands of the newbies and as freshers, you can seek advice in your quest for survival in the Hub community.

When you go through phases of frustration, you can post questions regarding how to deal with the situations and compassionate passers-by take out their time to give you good advice and empathise with you. Though virtual, receiving advice and able to share experiences make you feel that you’re not alone, there are many people around you who go through ups and downs of life. This helps enhance your self-esteem and you feel motivated to move on with life positively.

In summary

And all these points are besides the money earned on hubpages.......Those who earn money by writing on Hubpages are definitely experiencing an empowered brain to work with more rigour to continue to be paid for their hard work.

To conclude, thanks to Hubpages, hubbers get wonderful opportunities to rejuvenate their neurons and keep their brain cells enlivened. We need to be grateful to the novel thought behind launching Hubpages and its unique mind-engaging features, which scientifically proves to be having a deep, positive impact on our brain.

Wondering what is Hubpages? join the pavilion NOW: @


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    • Ebey Soman profile image

      Ebey Soman 6 years ago from USA

      haha Love the virtual family part. I agree, human connection is very important to individual development. I would suggest a more personal and human interaction - not necessarily a virtual interaction.

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      sriparna thanks for a well written hub! If you don't mind I'd like to add a little something that also goes along with hubpages, and my hubs and comments prove the research if you get time.

      While yes, it can bring you into a world of people that you surely related to and have fun with, you find that sometimes, after you get to know the person more, your friendships become closer, some people out there use tactics like "how smart you are, how fun you are, how imaginative you are" only to turn on you later, then lie about it, when you say one thing they don't agree with!

      Next thing you know, they're forming a little clique like they are still in high school! You learn that they've used and abused your friendship when you've been nothing but open and honest, when in reality they've been judgmental and harsh!

      It's happened to me, now I find myself afraid of getting close to people who claim to research things (not you, of course we just met, and I might say something you disagree with, I hope you're the "agree to disagree" person as I am, we don't always think a like!:), but then because you don't agree with their every word, they do things to cause you more discomfort and distress. It's made me go back to just realizing that if people are going to do that, and do sneaky things like use two id's, then swear they didn't say what they said on their other one! Well, lucky I guess I'm a saver, and do get screen snaps of things! (at least I know I wasn't losing my mind LOL because the date cannot be changed on an original screen snap)

      Thanks for making this hub, I hope when I get mine finished on how people from the other side really are, you'll come by and see the video I made about how those types of people creep into your life, pick your skeletons, then make fun of you later! (It's in the bucket list, be patient :) LoL! thanks for a great hub! v-up!

    • sriparna profile image

      Sriparna 6 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks, ameliejan for stopping by and leaving your comments. I have learnt so much after joining hubpages, that I couldn't help but write this hub.

    • ameliejan profile image

      ameliejan 6 years ago from Alicante, Spain

      I loved reading this. You're right, it is like a virtual family here - one with many positives.