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Welcoming You Into My Life!

Updated on May 28, 2021


Greetings to those of you who are just viewing this to learn more about me or have been looking for me and care to read things I write about. My life is pretty much an open book that I am willing to share with almost anyone and I hope you feel free to ask questions if there's something I don't cover.

I tend to make friends easily. Those that are good friends, I honor them by not betraying a confidence and by being the best friend I can possibly be. As with anyone, we are all human and we make mistakes in our lives. The saying does go, "nobody is perfect," so regardless if you like me or not, you have made mistakes as have I.

It is up to us to either keep living a life that is not healthy for one's mind or do things to improve ourselves, which is what I try to do. With that being said, let us skip on to other parts about me.

Smile! | Source

I have a vast array of likes in music, movies and other aspects of life. I truly wish I could travel more, but my main priority is my home. You can view a bit of it in one of my other hubs about living in the country.

For years I wanted away from the cold winters in Michigan. That is where I was born. I moved to the South near Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, and while I love it here, there is still a good bit of the country I have yet to visit and decide if I would like to live there.

I value my family and good friends highly and tend to have a jovial personality. I can be silly and have fun but also enjoy a good intellectual conversation. I have learned the hard way to watch what I say because of words being misconstrued. That is never fair to anyone and I like to keep it fair. For instance, I am intrigued by politics, but sadly it can quickly turn into an argument.

From the great words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" To me that says we need to agree to disagree. These do make for the best of friends in life. Then there are not obstacles in the way at any given point. Those are my best of friends, and "best friend" are not words I take lightly nor do I like to choose one over the other. So if you ask who my best friend is, it would be the person that I do not have those obstacles with.

Gamer called Queenie, but being a Greenie! Never being a meanie!
Gamer called Queenie, but being a Greenie! Never being a meanie! | Source

I went to Oakland Community College in Michigan for CIS (Computer Information Systems) and took night courses at Milford Adult Education for Journalism. My spelling and grammar might differ from perfection of AP-style writing, but I will not change. I think they should change actually! I find that funny because I've found some horribly funny typos they let out.

In high school, adult education and college I took photography classes. My dad had built me my own darkroom which I found to be great fun. When I started out I really loved experimenting. I liked taking old negatives and blowing them up to make some good 8x10 photos my dad had taken with an old down view camera.

When I learned photoshop in college I had such great fun with that program. It's so versatile. I encourage anyone to use it or try the free one called GIMP. It looks complicated but if you are patient you can have some fun like I did making my game photo green, as you see in the photo. So much fun with lighting and effects.

I can easily be labeled as a girl who won't grow up. Yes I enjoy playing hair styles. Maybe I get that from my mother because she was a hair stylist by trade. She always did my hair and after I lost her in 2002 I gave up and after a few years my hair had grown quite long so maybe I just wanted to feel closer to her by playing around with my hair styling.

Not to be confused by the fact I could never hold a candle to hear when it came to doing hair. Obviously huh! OK, now that we have that laugh on me, and wearing my cammie shirt as well as makeup to go out I probably just stayed home! It's all part of playing!

Yes I love some of my childhood movies as well!

I literally fall in love with some movies, not only is it for entertainment I love to see the good guy win or the best couple fall in love or the scariest movies that keep some awake all night. They're probably not good for me, but they're fun. I've been made fun of for liking Vampire movies but I don't care. I love them from the great Bela Lugosi to the late 1960s Barnabas Collins to the new age sparkling Cullen clan.

When I was little my dad would sit up and watch movies with me, and I'd have horrible nightmares until mom and dad came to wake me to let me know it was just a dream. I still love them, and my parents for not cutting me out of the things I loved.

Although they did stop me from things I loved, I love them just the same as always. I love my parents dearly and helped them when they grew too old. They took care of me, I took the best care of them I possibly could.

I've been called a spoiled brat because I was the youngest in my family and as we know, by then if you're an oops baby, your parents just have more time, money and although they're tired, they can do more things with the child left at home. But that person did not know me well, so does that opinion count? I think not.

I spent a lot of my childhood alone, and they knew that so I think they tried hard to make up for that. I really miss them.

Grown up and still loving my concerts!
Grown up and still loving my concerts! | Source

That's me on the right with the long hair and black shirt.

It's really fun when you know the band, you get a few perks, like front row seats. Just so happen when my small town band Tin Foil Fuse (great name huh?) played the seating was back where the photo was taken from. Hey when I go to a show I want to see what's going on with the band. I do love watching a great guitarist and drummer play live! There's nothing like it.

People say they love music, but going to see them? I don't think so! Once they hit 30, they're not going to be seen going to a concert! Not me I'm going, and going to enjoy every second of it!

I did have a few injuries when I bought my house that prevented me from going to any since this one. I've fallen down the stairs and hurt my spine, and I've had to have shoulder surgery and double cataract surgery! Plus some others but blah, let's not go there! I like to focus on the highlights of my life not the negative.

I do love a good movie as I mentioned above. I've can't list them all but I don't have just one genre of movies I can call my absolute favorite.

I can go A to Z and pick something! Almost every time. I just viewed these in the past couple of weeks. I'm amazed to see the cute little girl Summer, from The School of Rock all grown up. When I seen the movie the first time I decided to watch the "making of" in the special features. It had the kids talking about the movie and they were just so cute! But after watching it I said to my friend "I bet we'll be seeing that little girl Summer in other movies and watch her grow up right before our eyes!

Sure enough, there she was as iCarly on her own show, and I just seen her in The Intruders. If you thought she was just so darling, then check it out. Amanda Cosgrove is her real name. I am going to toot my own horn and say I can usually pick out who is going to go far and who won't. I've been right on many occasions. But in any event here are three really great family friendly movies.

Steve Martin has been great since I was a youngin! Can't go wrong there.

Until later...

I could go on and on about the things in life I love, but this is a wrap up for now. If you know me and would like to comment please feel free to ask me questions, comment or just tell the world what you want! Comments will be moderated due to spam content. Sorry, I just don't watch football which was my last spam haha!

Questions, questions oh my!

Anything else you want to know or have questions for me?

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