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Long term or Short term writing?

Updated on August 15, 2009

Long Term writing compared to Short Term

When writing a blog or hub there are many things you need to consider. One should be will my topic be long term or short term? It's a great question and both can be very profitable to you and your readers. Many people will suggest go 50/50 with topics and some say go 100% towards one or another. My short answer to this question is that 80% of your writing should be long term and 20% be short term. Here is why:

Long Term

A long term topic can take off slowly and provide little profit for you at first. The main benefit is it will last! Years down the road you will still be receiving a steady amount of hits and more recognition for the article. As your reputation as a writer grows you won't have to promote yourself and your blogs. People will become readers and pass your article on to others and posting on other sites. These will create fruitful backlinks to your site and improve your search engine rankings in many cases.

Let's take a look at some long term topics;

1) History topics such as "A tour of Italy", "The history of America", "The writings of Charles Dickens".

2)How to topics such as "How to milk a snake", "Blogging for Dummies", "How to replace a starter on a 1995 Mercury Villager" (Sorry had to throw that one in there because I had to replace mine today and I'm car illiterate and couldn't find any help on the internet.)

I'm sure you can think of many more long term topics but this is just a short list of idea's. Sometimes you will come across a topic that seems long term but is what I would like to call a hit or miss topic which I will explain more in the short term section.

Let me say I consider a long term topic should last 5+ years and as you will notice in the topics above all those topics have been relevant for the past 5 years or more and potentially many more to come. Maybe with the exception of my van in that list, but truth is a vehicle if treated well can last. Thus a 5+ year topic maybe not 5 more years at this point. The reason I don't believe you should make all of your topics long term is because once it is written chances are you probably won't update it. Someone reads one article then leaves and you are forgotten. These are usually rather general topics provoking no intrest in your other topics. That is unless all you write about is a specific topic that in some way relates to one another. (i.e. "The history of France", "Artwork in the Lourve", "The French Economy", "Napolean", etc...) Now lets cover some short term writing and why you should include some in your works.

Short Term

A short term topic can be an excellent way to build long term readership and is a very important introduction to what you have to say. In many cases these topics can provide a sudden boost in readership, and income potential. This is what you need to make it count:

1) Make sure your topic is well researched and put together before you post. You may only get one shot to prove your writing ability. As a reader I want to know that YOU know what your talking about, include facts, links and pictures. Seeing this will help me know that you are reputable and probably end up in my favorites list to return.

2) Make the sale if you have access to advertise on the site in which you write do so. If I were talking about the fad of baggy pants, which many of us hate nowdays, I want to have a link to Ebay with listings of Baggy Pants. I might want to include keywords for Adsense or Kontera to pick up on. Chances are people who come to your web page have a great intrest in what your writing about. Help them to take advantage of buying there own pair of baggy pants, while you get paid for referring them to buy it. Also never forget to include in your writing WHY they should get their own pair, or whatever your topic is on.

3) Close the deal on continued readership. At the end of your article include a link to another article that relates to the topic you just wrote on. Or put a general link on some other suggested reading that you have wrote. Such as "For more of my work you can go here: www. yourworkhere .com ". If a reader enjoy's your article chances are they will view more which means a better reputation. Also chances are you might have written something similar that the reader didn't think of at the time, maybe it was on the tip of there tounge so to say. For instance the reader read what you wrote about baggy jeans and you have written other articles including tight jeans, those jeans with the holes in them, etc... Maybe they were looking for a different variety and you helped them find what they were interested in. This goes back to that making the sale you helped them chances are they will help you.

These are some great tips which you can apply to either long term or short term to increase your success and income. At this point you are probably thinking, "Hey short term sounds great all the possibilities!" I will agree it has much potential but you will be writing for the rest of your life. A short term topic I would say has the potential of anywhere from a day to 2-3 years. As the fad or topic fades no one will remember it. There was an exception to this rule which I mentioned before and I will now cover it with the short term topics. Let's take a look at some examples of short term topics:

1) A fad or trend such as POGS (the little Milk cap pieces that you slammed down), Pokemon, Beanie Babies

2) News, can be anything that takes place local, national or worldwide.

3) Celebrities or people and politics such as "What Brangelina did today", "The death of Les Paul", or "What passed in Congress".

Now here is where the exception comes into play some of these topics, however not all, can have what I like to call a hit or miss factor. A fad such as the Beanie Babies which took place originally in the early 90's has slowly been creeping back with a new collection set released by McDonalds. If you wrote an article about the Beanie Babies in say 2006 no one would have looked for it. Look here to get an idea As you can see the search for Beanie Babies at that point was in a decline but if you wrote about it say 10 years earlier you might have hit it. Then you would have the miss period of low traffic. Then all of a sudden on July 19th 2009 you would be right on top of that hit period. This is a good reason to never delete your work be proud of it. Another prime example of this is the election of the USA's first African American President. If you were to write and write about Barack Obama, years down the road all of your hardwork will pay off however you will go through the miss period first in this case. However it will provide a big short term boost if you can wait that long. Then back to a hit or miss period.


Now maybe you can understand why a 80% long term and 20% short term topic ratio is a better route. Use the short to gain readers and use your long to retain them. Also for those of you who write for and possibly other sites you will know that releasing hubs/blogs that are short term can actually hurt your overall score after time. Hence why if 80% are longer term topics with higher ratings then 20% won't bring you down much. I hope you find this all helpful in your hubs and blogs. Happy Hubbing/Blogging.

-Thomas M.

Ps. Here's your baggy jeans


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    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

      You have some good advice here. It makes a lot of sense, very logical.