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Clicks - How to Get Some... Love in Your On-line Bank?

Updated on February 12, 2014


Clicks Indicate a Healthy On-Line Social Life... and A Lot of Love!

Cliques, or getting lots of CLICKS, indicate a very healthy social life on the Internet. Everyone knows, that who you know - has everything to do with personal financial success on-line, right? Come on... lets be honest here.

I'm not saying that we are only "using" our on-line friends for our own selfish purposes. No way! Because that is not how social bookmarking works, is it? Social Bookmarking - has become a very cool way to meet other people on-line very similar to yourself. Together - you work as little teams to help your friends market their product more effectively. We do this, by using every marketing tool on-line that is a part of a social life on the Internet.

Social Bookmarking and making new friends on-line is not only smart Internet business, but it is also - what brings a lot of enjoyment into what we all do in particular - here on - and you might want to join all of us!

Way back in the 70s as a young idealistic girl.. there was this comic strip, that I would search for in the newspaper each week. You all must remember this one,


Wow! How many of us have bought into that line? What message does that send? Does it mean - WHATEVER you do to me, it doesn’t matter - because I will love you until the death?

Whoa! Wait just a minute there Buck-O! That is a little scary if you want my opinion... and - apparently YOU do. LOL Too many have loved - to death... their own. (but we today, are here to laugh..)

So, is this benign little comic strip supporting total selfishness?

Really though, today - love on-line has everything to do with basically living the "golden rule" with our new found on-line friendships and bookmarking them so we can keep track of our very busy social life on the Internet! Keeping in touch with your friendly "contacts" on-line is what social bookmarking is all about. Social - to infer being polite.

If we don't keep in touch with our friends of any circle in life - how do they know and we ourselves, when and how to help a friend in need?

Love is... many "new" things on-line when it comes to marketing and bulding a thriving business on the Internet. Courtesy is a KEY factor here.

On the "Love is".... Give me a break. That was back in the 70’s and we were all into major love ins... Today, the Internet Social Life is a big Love In.

Oh my gosh! What was that show? Love-in?


Are you an on-line flirt as you go around clicking everyone?

Love In - and Laugh-IN

Ruth Buzzie, Don Rickles, Goldie Hawn, etc...

Laugh-In, Love-In - all the same really.

Rember Flip Wilson?

“The Devil Made Me DO IT” Remember how ‘big’ his eyes would get when he would roll that line every week?

Man, how ‘I’ loved to use that line, with my own Mama! It was great. We all was gettin away with ‘MURDER’.... In the name of LOVE.

Hey, LOOK, - we get to "laugh-in" our selves SO silly - with all this LOVE - until we just ‘ROLL’ ourselves... SILLY unto DEATH!


I really could use a few “Smilies” right now...

“SMILIES” These are HOT HOT HOT everywhere you go. Some folks know how to use these just about anywhere they want. You just need to know the clicks to find smilies and then know how to use them.

Smilies help us to communicate our true feelings to others on-line...

Clicking the love is really fun... Have you felt it?

Me, if those cute little smilies are not right under my nose - where I can just ‘click’ one on, then I don’t use them.

I sure wish I could have ‘smilies’ on every HUB-PAGE, because I just LOVE ‘smilies’! Hey HP, how about adding them right next to our comment boxes?

‘CLICK’ - I love to click around online... I get around too!

Except, that it is really easy to get "lost in space" -- cyberspace! (see, i could really use one of those ‘smilies’ where the eyes ROLL around! He-He-He!

Point IS:

Love is... a Click! (not a battlefield) Our lives are so much better with a CLICK.

People cliques on the Internet, be they -- “Cliques” or "Clicks"!

In a nan0 second... a person can be thousands of "smiles" away, through "Internet Beam" capability. Way cool. The Internets puts the world at our fingertips - literally!

I personally have friends all over the world now, because of this new capability called Social Bookmarking. With the use of these little smiley's, we can enhance our ability to make ourselves more personable to others on-line.

Use smilies to communicate more effectively with others online. The written word in on-line communication can actually be a bit of a stumbling block if we are not careful with our use of them... Smilies help to bridge the gap:-)

Somewhere ---- over the rainbow.... la - la - la!

The heavens are in our favor when it comes to friends and clicks!

We should be thanking our lucky stars, for Bookmarks - Tabs - History Drop-down menus, Blog-lines, Google, etc! Because, seriously, I would be lost in ‘cyberspace’ indefinitely and could never - ever find my way HOME... or return to my last party!

Returning to a previous on-line destination, is more than just knowing how to drive straight! LOL

Having a recorded on-line map, such as we have now - is imperative in determining your route to success!

To get a CLICK can be very very good... Especially if it is to - Google, Amazon and or Hub-Pages!

EVERYONE online knows all about affiliate marketing, or they better learn about it. CLICK-BANK is a major revenue source... IF you understand the Power of many CLICKS! There are many more...

It really IS a LOVE thang!

But, you must join many cliques, to generate lots of CLICKS!

Social Bookmarking will put you into cliques, where you can develop some truly loving ‘relationships’ -- If you are looking for LOVE!

Cuz, haven’t we all learned in loving, that you just can’t find it - in all the wrong places.



LOVE IS... Clicks, Friends, Humor, Hubpages, Communicating - and You My FRIEND - Can Put That in the BANK!

Determining our "love life" online?

Well, from where I write, right now...

Love is... found online through CLiques and CLICKS. You can BANK on that -- and hopefully take it to the BANK -- Adsense that is!

Now, when we think about “LOVE” and what LOVE really is, why -


So join us!


Write On! Request and Acknowledgments...

If you have enjoyed this hub and found it to be helpful - please do give it a Thumbs-Up!

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I thank the Hubpage authors, whom I have linked to from this hub - for the great content that they provide, so that we can better learn what we are seeking to know.

Really, you should join our "Click" of friends - here on

Write On!

How is your on-line Social life? Tell us about the love you are getting out there...

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    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 10 years ago from Southern California

      Join a clique here... it is the popular thing to do these days:-)

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 10 years ago from California


      I hope I can be in your "Clique"...Great HUB love.