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Make $100 Dollars Per Day Online

Updated on May 23, 2015

I came across a poorly written article online (not on HubPages) about how to make $100 a day on HubPages. And I decided to move it to it's rightful home, rewriting it and expanding on it. I believe the original author isn't a user of HubPages but simply likens his results based on some very vague understands.

I'm British too, but you'll notice a lot of hubs refer dollars because the earning programs aren't displayed in GBP, even for British users.

First thing's first, you can't predict your daily earnings based on clicks, views or buys... Everything has it's own monetary value to prevent affiliates from exploiting the systems unfairly. So, unlike the original author, I'm not even going to try. However; I hope that this will help us all to get close to that $100 a day target.

What is a Conversion?

Google defines a conversion as:

The average number of conversions per ad click, shown as a percentage.

  • Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

Meaning, person clicks the add and follows through with an action. Monitoring conversion rates also allow promoters to monitor trends.

You will need...

To earn even a cent on HubPages, you have to be eligible for eBay and Amazon affiliate schemes and Google Adsense.

The second thing you will need is a bit of determination and passion for writing. You don't need to be a natural at creating good content, you will learn over time. From sign up to monetisation, it took me six months - so let's put a hole in that 9-month myth.

The third thing is you do not need a lot of comments or 'endorsements' (such as the funny, useful and interesting buttons).

The one thing that counts is views which convert.

So, how do we get conversion?

You need the views, views are the single most important thing to generate income because only if someone looks at your ads will they be worth anything, obviously.

And HubPages alone may not be the best place to get them, especially if you're not naturally great at writing content yet!

This, for me, is where being experienced in the Multi-Level Marketing industry comes into play because in that industry, I really learnt to utilise most social media platforms and a range of software, I'm not going to go into the software I used though as this costs money and I don't want you guys spending a penny unless you feel you need to.

So, I learnt that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are my best friend along with Ello! Which is an upcoming social networking site which boasts no adverts for life, I am assuming they will probably charge for their services, currently (to my knowledge) it is open to invitation only - Ooh, I'm exclusive! I learnt social media is your best friend! Especially if you're shy and don't want people to know you're writing professionally for fear of ridicule; this is me. You will meet many trolls, even when you're the best writer but get over it. They don't know you and you don't know them.

But these platforms are beautiful and here's why;

  • Facebook - For the groups. You can literally flood Facebook (without spamming) by posting just one link with a short summary of your article every hour in say thirty groups; You'll find, as well, you'll find niche groups for your articles or if, like me, you cover a very broad range of subjects, you'll be continuously joining groups relating to your subjects. That's 30 adverts every hour; however, I wouldn't recommend sharing the same article over and over again in the same day in the same groups because this is boring. What I do is keep a simple notepad with links to every group and I just follow them with one article, then the next hour I'll do another article with another bunch of groups as many members in one group will be in another group you're in related to the same subject; for example, weight loss. Alongside this, you could even make your own like page. Groups I would join typically are those with over 1000 members because then you are safe in the knowledge that you won't be flooding any groups with your adverts, there's a fine line between floods and spam, if you cross that line you'll get kicked from the group.
  • Twitter - Twitter has the ability for someone to gain a thousand followers overnight if you're an A-List celebrity but even for the average Joe with one tweet a day can see three hundred followers in a week; this is self-explanatory but the micro-blogging platform is restrictive in the sense where you're limited to a sentence-summary of the article + Link in about 160 characters which, given most of my Facebook statuses would fit an A4 page, I find quite difficult.
  • Youtube - and other video platforms, including BBC iPlayer (or other On Demand Catchup TV) and live news websites are a perfect inspiration source, many of my blogs were inspired by Youtube, including the one about my Gardening Business Pit Falls after watching Keith Kalfas, a landscaper; when I launch my business, probably at the end of July now, unfortunately, I will write more hubs on my daily activities and also have a video blog which I will link back to. You can also leave comments and make friends via Google+, you can leave comments with a link to your hub like "Hey, if you liked this then may I recommend: Link". You can also utilise Google+ like Facebook.

IF you're smart, you can monitor the HubPages trends, including editor's picks because after all, the editor will be a person, I'm lying. There's no system to even predict a human's behaviour, well not that I have access to any way.

But you can monitor the trends on HubPages nonetheless and upload your articles bang on point when you believe the time is right. There's probably thousands of hubs uploaded each hour so it is unlikely you'll always get featured on the front page but you'd may as well aim for it! These hub authors tend to have hundreds of followers; I've not seen how many followers a HubPages author had before being featured to say whether or not they had a lot to begin with.

Don't get me wrong...

This isn't a get rich quick article but my calculated assumptions are as follows:

For every 300 followers you have on Twitter, at least one person will click on your link.

For every group you join with over 1000 members, you will gain 1 to 5 views although with groups with more than 10000 members; we can assume a lot of them are inactive members and we can't get a definitive calculation on average Facebook group member to Hub view ratio.

For every 10 five minute videos you watch on one subject means you have the fundamental basics to write a hub which scratches the surface of a specific subject.

Search Engine Optimisation (Groan)

Another way to drive traffic is through Search Engine Optimization, this is exceptionally important if we look at this hub you are reading in particular, it's very much directed towards HubPages but what I write about is cross-referable to other platforms like WordPress and Blogger too, one way to drive traffic is to include a broad target audience; I could have improved traffic flow by making the name of the title "How To Make $100 Per Day Online" rather than "Make One-Hundred Dollars Per Day On HubPages", in fact; how silly of me it would be to not act on this piece of information. So, you won't have realised but until this very moment, the original title stated HubPages but now. well. the now-broader audience is curious.

Search engine optimization is where you use commonly searched words tactfully in your titles, for example, if you searched for "News" you would be given a billiontrillion articles, whereas if you searched for "News New York 17/05/2015", you'll be given far fewer results.

One way to optimise your SEO is by Google Suggestions; this is an allusive app. You don't download it. Go to Google, go right on ahead and type in "How", notice all those suggestions which have dropped down? They're phrases which are commonly searched.

The use of regularly used, relevant keywords placed throughout your article will pull you up to the top of the search results which is where you want to be to get seen by those who you can't reach via social networking.


You need to write often, research often and market your hubs often if you want to succeed.

For every hub which is featured, you want it to be posted on social media one thousand times a week!

When you're not sharing, you want t be researching. Researching new topics, read a book at the library, watch some videos, check the news or visit an art gallery. If you Google "What's On In [your city]" you'll find some interesting events; so, don on the journalist's hate and take a notepad and pen and see what it's all about! Visit a garden centre, look at some plants, find one which takes your fancy and write about how it looks and smells and take a few of these relevant notes and compile them into a fantastic hub!


HubPages readers can spot a phony, we know when you're not passionate, interested or knowledgeable on a subject. I, myself, write from personal experiences and I write hubs about what I understand on various subjects, I'm not an expert on HubPages earnings but this is what I have learnt so far.

These are just guidelines and there are thousands of methods to increase your revenue from HubPages.

Other Ideas...

We can also utilise our eBay and Amazon ads to write reviews comparing products and books and placing targeted, specific ads. These will fair better than those with more random adverts.

One of my friend writes a series of hubs he know wouldn't get featured on HubPages and writes them on Blogger and Wordpress, he then redirects his readers to "Follow-Up" articles, as he calls them.

And finally, I will touch upon sources outside of HubPages. Because everybody knows that, although yes, HubPages is lucrative, we often find ourselves doing multiple things online to make money. You'll have probably heard these elsewhere but:

  • Online Competitions - I have written a hub about professional competition entrants who will devote their days to entering competitions full time instead of working, usually they are on benefits and barely make enough to survive let alone afford the luxuries in life; but that's just my opinion.
  • Matched Betting - This is a very strange source of income which claims no risk profits. I beg to differ because it is still gambling, nonetheless - it is as illegal as card counting in the UK (not illegal at all) and I'm not going to talk too much about this as I'm yet to try it, rest assured, I'm looking forward to writing a Hub about it. (That's another way to sustain readers, you'll be more inclined to follow me now so you can learn about Matched Betting, that will be in about a month's time or two).
  • Paid Surveys - They take a while to pay out but if you fit the right criteria, you can get hundreds of surveys a day to answer making you ... a few quid a day really. Not enough to live on alone but I have seen a couple of £120 paid surveys...
  • Paid Forum Posting - Unlike HubPages, paid forums pay their contributors from the outset, GiffGaff (a UK mobile netowork) pays it's forum contributors "Pay-Back" via PayPal every three months; before I got banned from the network for using "too much data" on an unlimited data goody-bag (bundle), I earned £224 from Pay-Back from spending just a couple of hours a day on the forums, creating and answering posts other people had created. This is also a GREAT source of finding a NICHE subject to talk about, if you follow forums then you can literally turn threads into hubs. I don't do this anymore though because I really enjoyed using GiffGaff forums and since I was banned, it knocked my confidence in Forums.

That just about sums it up.

I hope you enjoyed this hub, I really hope to read your comments and other suggestions.

I plan to expand on this hub over the next few months as my understanding grows.

Overall, however, HubPages is lucrative and can be very profitable if you know how. Just keep writing and you'll get there.

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting advice, my aim at the moment is making $100 per year on Hub Pages. Thanks or sharing though.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Interesting. I think it's going to take a very long time before I get anything from HP, let alone $100 a day! :-(

    • AndrewHil93 profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Hill 

      3 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

      The way I get my views is by using Hootsuite, it costs (unless you use the free version) a monthly fee. It depends on your country (I'm British, you know so the currency is in GBP).

      But, if you don't want to give an external application your social networking passwords, then the best way is to post your links on groups on Facebook, on your pages and on your wall. Twitter is also good. :)

      Thanks for the votes!

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 

      3 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      A $100 a day on HubPages!! Boy, that would be a miracle for me. Even though I enjoy HubPages, I started out in the beginning because it was the only way I knew of making extra money from home. I'm been on for about 7 months and still have only made $3 and change. lol I read from your hub that it takes a lot of views. My question would be, how do you get a lot of views. I try to make my hubs as interesting as I could but a person has to want to view it first. I don't get a lot of views. Thanks for the other information, I didn't know what conversions meant till you explained it. Voted up.

      Blessings to you.

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      3 years ago from Chicago

      Pretty interesting! Thanks for Sharing!


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