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Making Money Online: Join in on HubMobs and other Hubpage Community challenges

Updated on September 15, 2013

Online Advice

The Internet is littered with advice on making money online. Similarly here on hub pages some writers devote their entire being and career on creating hubs which make claims that they have the formulae down pat as to making money online. Buyers beware. A lot of the so called experts content is little more than common sense. Even the same experts will tell you that. So beware of shelling out any money in the hope of making more money You can bet your bottom dollar that it will be wasted.

Write Often

For the most part I have learn one thing here on hub-pages. If you are going to spend time typing away you want to be writing about subjects that you enjoy writing about or are interested in learning more about.

As as I am concerned I do much better when I have to find out something new. This is what inspires me the research the tracking down of new information,new ideas new way for doing things.

Take for instance the recent weekly hub-mobs for three years now I have barely given them a second glance thinking they are a secular groupie idea where certain cliques ruminate together. Anyway to my surprise the topics of St George & all things English managed to generate a lot of ideas for hub for me. Without a pointer I would still be procrastinating over completing one hub. As it happened I managed to write several. I think when you get into to his state of mind let's call it the zone you should write as many hubs as possible. As their will be plenty of other times when ideas are as scarce as hens teeth

Join Communities such as HubMobs

My first Community challenge on Hub pagescame in the middle of last year where I was learned a lot from former hub pages staff member Ryan Hupter. I engaged and completed the thirty day hub-challenge of producing thirty hubs in thirty days. I did it even though quite a few times before and during the event I did not think i would have the stamina to come up with a fresh hub each day as well as attend to my other full time academic studies which required extensive reading and writing.

The result was that after 30 days of writing my traffic doubled pretty much from the commencement of the challenge up until recently when I again felt the urge to join Hub-Mobs.My traffic no kidding doubled from around 125 visits a week to over two hundred.That is in just one weeks four or five hubs.

After The 30 days

After The 30 days I stopped writing for a while but still enjoyed the increased traffic to my hub that the involvement in the 30 day challenge created. As well i started using the Google Search word hub tool for the first time as well as the 'Wonder wheel'. You can see how to do these searches yourself by visiting the Hub pages website where Ryan Huptner posting the around last July /August. 2009.

Traffic Increased

In the last few weeks I have joined three challenges.

Firstly the weekly Hub Mobs series in which a general topic such as topic is picked and you as Hub-mob topic relating to the Patron Saint of Scotland St Andrew and all things Scottish. There is a wide variety of interesting subjects written about here


By participating in group activities it almost goes without saying . If you do the right thing and obeys all the rules that are necessarily you will see an organic progressive increase in your traffic. Which providing you maintain your site should earn you a passive source of income over the longer term.


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    • Cuselax profile image


      8 years ago

      caught a typo as as just a repeated word really. otherwise great hub!

    • Leptirela profile image


      8 years ago from I don't know half the time

      sounds great :))

      thanks for the tips =)

    • profile image

      andi brown 

      8 years ago

      wow!! i will look into it a bit more closely...

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      8 years ago from France

      Hi, I am happy to hear that the HubMob has been helpful to you. It makes it all worth it :)


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