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Making Money With Google Adsense and Hubpages

Updated on September 2, 2009

Getting Started With Hubpages & Google Adsense

    If you are not writing for fun then chances are you are writing to earn a second income online with Google AdSense. That's okay if that's what works for you, but you have to know exactly how to earn with AdSense, all the necessary steps. Writing on hub pages is the easiest hub website I have encountered, I write for fun which is why my hubs are in almost every category. I write about Business,Entertainment,Parenting and more, its whatever topic is hot regardless of targeting a specific subject just to earn. My AdSense profits have been great so far even without targeting a specific subject but I am always looking to help others. I have corresponded with people of whom it has taken seven months or longer to reach the minimum google AdSense payout threshold and that's simply because if they are only writing to turn a profit they are doing everything wrong.

You must find your niche, if you are not good at writing about a certain topic just putting anything in your hub can damage you. Write on subjects you know about personally or your opinions on a product that you've used,maybe even the morning news but never write a hub that places you in a position to tell your readers that you know everything about what you've written when the truth is you know absolutely nothing. Suppose a readers has a question for you, how would you reply on a topic you claim to know so much about?

Never copy any one's writing and work it around to make it yours, believe me when I say this I would know my own writing if I saw it on another hub no matter how many new words or scrambles you've done to it, other people would know their own writing as well, you could get kicked off hub pages completely.

I have noticed that the hubs with interesting photos to go along with the hot topics are getting the most attention. Try to include at least one photo in all your hubs that would illustrate your topic. If its a hub about bankers include a photo of cash, a hub about babies include a photo of a bottle,or baby and so on.

It is okay to target specific keywords that pertain to your topic in order to drive traffic to your hubs but please remember to keep it to a minimum. Google can pick up on Keyword spamming and you might be banned for life from the google AdSense program simply because you have more keywords than subject.

Writing longer hubs is a great idea if you choose to use many keywords, you can also include links to other web pages if referencing content that you read somewhere else or products.

You will not earn lots of money from the google AdSense program right away as many hub writers or bloggers have claimed to do, mine started out so slow and I wasnt even looking to earn profits. It may in fact take you several months to even earn ten bucks from google AdSense depending on your subjects. Its a fact that the higher ranking keywords attract ads with the higher pay per click status,still their are no guarantees that anyone will click on any of the ads showing on your hubs.

If you are looking to hub just to earn money you might want to look into becoming an affiliate,using affiliate programs you can earn money quickly if you have the correct selling techniques knowing something of the products you are selling. It would definitely help if you actually used the product yourself, people want to read hubs from truthful individuals, do not try to sell them something that you wouldn't purchase.




Being Unique Counts

     Writing hubs are really like short chapters of a book, you can be versatile and write on may subject as I have stated. This is what your readers want from you, they want to see that you are a real person, with a personality,not all about the money. The more interesting your writing is, the better your earning potential. There are many hubbers who have certain writing style and that's what sets them apart from other hubbers who write on the same topic as they do. Who's hubs do you think would have the most visits?

     Never give up stick with what you're doing, one day your hubs traffic may be slow, the next day your traffic may seem to have rapidly grown overnight, it happens to all of us.

      Submit your hubs to the search engines immediately after published but only submit each one once. It would usually take 30 to 45 days for your listings to appear in search engines like google or yahoo, some hubs appear much faster which again depends on the content.

      Don't rush a hub by being in a hurry to publish and start the next one, readers don't want to read half done hubs. Take your time, do the research,run the spellcheck. Relax and enjoy hubbing, it should not be seen as a job, it should be seen as a hobby you don't have any deadlines to meet, don't beat yourself over the head about writers block, if you don't have the subject for the day write an informative hub on writers block and how you over came it because if you're writing that writers block hub, you have overcome it.


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    • mengusprime profile image


      7 years ago from State College, PA


      I actually just started my hubpage a few hours ago and had a question for you. When you said to submit your hubs to search engines is there a specific way to do that? Also, I wrote a few hubs so far and was wondering if I am overtagging.



    • profile image

      Ms. Unique 55 

      7 years ago

      Hi. I have only been Hubbing for a few weeks now, and I have to admit, I find the Hub Pages the most entertaining that I have found on the internet. I feel comfortable writing here, and enjoy reading other Hubs with very interesting content. Your article about making money writing on the internet, very very good advice, Thank You for spelling it out.

    • Tracy711 profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello i'm new to this and not sure i'm doing it right yet..but i really appreciate your answered so many questions that i had and i want to thank you for being so honest and helpful..i'm sure i will read more of your hubs because you are informative and easy to understand. thank you


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