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Monetising Hubs: Part 2 of the Definitive Guide to Making Money on Hubpages

Updated on October 6, 2010

Welcome to part two of my series: In the first part of the definitive guide to making money from Hubpages. In the first part I spoke about keyword research and using keywords to write strong hubs. In this part I'm going to tell you the tricks and secrets of making money out of your hubs once you've written them.

To recap briefly there are two main ways of making money from HubPages. The first is Adsense. The second is selling products through There are other ways of monetising your Hubs as well. You could also use eBay or Kontera. But most people have had better success using Amazon and Adsense adverts.

First decide how you want to make money

Now the most important thing to know about monetising your Hubs using Google's Adsense program or selling products through is that you have to decide which is going to be your primary source of income. Sure you can make a bit of money using both at the same time, but you need to optimise your Hubs in such a way that one of the methods gets prime placement. If your Hub is mainly informational or talking about services, then you probably want to have your Adsense ads is in the most prominent position. If, for instance, you are writing an informational Hub about a travel destination, then Google Adsense program will probably place adverts in the ad blocks relating to the destination. It's not likely that you will have a product to sell when it comes to a Hub that is mainly providing information.

If on the other hand, you're writing about a product such as stainless steel frying pans, then it makes a lot of sense to place an Amazon module high up on the page so that one of the first things people see is the link to go on and buy the frying pan that you're talking about. Once again I'm not saying that you can't have both on the same hub and even a hub that is optimised that for Amazon, can still pick up a few Adsense clicks. But you do want to decide which sort of module to give the greatest prominence to.

I'm not going to talk about how to sign up with or how to sign up for Adsense or even how to put your affiliate trackers into your account here. There are plenty of hubs are ready to talk about that.

Ad placement on Hubpages

I'm assuming now that you have your Adsense and Amazon affiliate trackers all set up. Once you've done that the most important thing you have to think about now is placement. There are some general rule is that you need to apply to both your Adsense and you ad blocks. In both cases you want your readers to see an advert placed prominently high up at the top of your page to the right-hand side of the first paragraph of text.

I'll talk you through how you do this with Amazon first, and then I'll tell you where you can learn more about doing it with Adsense, which is a little more complicated. In the case of Amazon modules, you simply create a module, set it so that it is half-width and moved it right up to the top of your site so that it sits flush alongside your first paragraph of text. That way you have your headline a few introductory words about the product that you are reviewing, and immediately to the right is an ad blocker or a module with some of the products available on sale through Amazon. It is important that people see that this is an Amazon module showing the product. The reason I like to use Amazon up high is because it helps me to gain trust. Most people are familiar with the brand and are familiar with buying through it. Some of that trust will stick to your Hub because if people decide to buy through you they know they are clicking through to a trusted and respected provider with a great record of service delivery.

See how the Amazon module is right up at the top of the page.
See how the Amazon module is right up at the top of the page.

Optmising Hubs for Amazon

I always like to add some pictures into my Hubs. It makes them more appealing to the reader. It helps break up the big blocks of text a bit, and I would rather have people see an image relating to the subject of my hub than my profile picture. When I place pictures in my hands I like to place them a little bit lower down on the page below the Amazon blocks or the Adsense blocks.

You can see an example of this in the picture to the right or on my Hub on choosing a camping stove. Note the advertising module is high up above the picture.

The easiest way to do this is to simply break up your text using a couple of different text boxes. If you set things up in such a way that you have a second text box with your second or third paragraph in it you can place a picture of half size right next to that. The picture won't distract readers from seeing the Amazon module at the top, but the picture provides a visually pleasing break in the text as well as an enticing picture to help advertise your Hub to new readers.

Since we're still talking about optimising a hub for Amazon, I should not just remind you that if you have an Adsense affiliated tracker (or even if you don't) Hubpages will support automatically insert a few Adsense modules into your Hub for you. That's okay; you may still pick up a few clicks through them. But to make sure that the attention of your readers is focused mainly on the product that you trying to sell through Amazon, you want to have a couple more modules throughout the text. In my experience, readers respond really well to reviews in which there is a brief write-up of the positives and negatives of the product were the module linking right through to Amazon on directly next to that paragraph. The easiest way to achieve this is to setup a text block and write about three products all in a row each in their own paragraph. I then like to place an Amazon module immediately to the right of that with the same three products it.

I generally prefer to talk about very specific products if I can. I like to have the name of the product in the text as well as in the caption on the Amazon module. That way the search engines know that I'm talking about this particular product. I also feel more comfortable when talking about specific products that know about rather than just talking generically about products and letting Amazon select a bunch of them for me. So when I set up my modules I make sure to choose the individual products rather than just use keywords throwing a whole bunch of products out.

But at the end of the Hub I also like to have one more Amazon module showing perhaps four or five products that are selected by keywords. I'll usually headline act with a generic title that says something like "Amazon has a wide range of other products as well" so that it gives a wider choice of products and also gives people who have read to the bottom one last chance to click through to Amazon if they wish to.

Optimising Hubs for Adsense

Setting up your hubs to show Adsense ads is a bit more complicated. The reason for this do is that Hubpages takes control over the Adsense layout for you. I'm going to cheat her a bit because one of the Hubbers here, Lissie, has written great set of Hubs about how to get Adsense aligned just right. So instead of me repeating her great work I'd like to just send you over to read her Hub on the subject and you can do that by clicking here. We've done that I'd like you to come back here because there are a few more tips I'd like to give about making money on Hubpages.

What is your main source of money on Hubpages

Do you make most of your money on Hubpages from:

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Advanced monetisation techniques for Hubpages

In the previous paragraphs I spoke about quite simple methods of setting up your Amazon modules so that they are up high up the page in such a way that the reader's is naturally drawn straight to them. But there is also one other and advanced method I know some people have had success with. I'll confess that it's not my favourite method. But there are people who are making a lot of money using it. This method involves placing a picture at the top right hand side of your first paragraph.
The picture should relate to the product that you trying to sell. It should be visually appealing and immediately below it should be a link box with a link through to the Amazon page in which the products in which the product is sold. The reason that some people do that is because they feel they get a better click through rate and by having an appealing picture and big bold link immediately below it rather than just having the Amazon modules.
The second reason that many people like to use it, and I'll confess is one of the reasons I don't like to use it much, is that if people click on your link under the picture you get 100% of the credit for all of those clicks. When using a Hubpages Amazon module you'll only get 60% of clicks. The other 40% go through to Hubpages. Now some people out there might say that Hubpages is stealing your clicks or stealing your impressions. That's nonsense. Hubpages provides a great platform and great service and they have to makes some money too. I think of the clicks they get from me as hosting fees or rent. If I do well so should they. And if I'm not making money, at least it is costing me nothing. So I'm quite happy to let them have some of my impressions because I'm getting all the advantages of free hosting and a great platform with great authority. Either way I leave it up to you to decide which method you prefer.

In the next instalment of the definitive guide to making money from Hubpages I'll talk about promoting your Hubs in such a way as to give them authority and to help them get readers.

Understanding the Adsense Auction


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    • StarCreate profile image


      7 years ago from Spain

      Superb article thank you! I am learning such a lot here...

    • kencun profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent article. I know people who swear by putting their AdSense at the top left since we read left-to-right, but I prefer to do as you say, put the AdSense top right.


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