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Benefits of Writing for HubPages

Updated on September 24, 2015


The main advantage of writing for hub pages is that the work remains yours. Many other sites pay you to write but they buy all rights to that material when they pay you. Not only that but most (not all) paid writing sites give you very specific instructions. This can be good for those who need to be given a subject or else they have no idea what to say. However, in my opinion the freedom to pick your topics and explore what you are interested in is far more valuable. That way you can decide what you want to know more about for the sake of learning and publishing the information on hub pages is a bonus.

Personally I use hub pages to lay out my understanding of a topic, in hopes that others will benefit from the information. However, also to cement what I know. As my knowledge of the subject evolves, as does my hub pages on that subject.


Three Highlights

Three main things highlight my positive experiences with hub pages. Some you may not have realised are positive. Others you will naturally agree with.

  • The first is the hub score;
  • The second the community; and
  • The third would be the diversity.

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In the Begining

When I just started out with hub pages, it all seem very overwhelming but I found it quickly became natural. The more I write, the more ideas I have to write about. I still manage to give appropriate attention to my other life responsibilities. However, hub pages do provide an excellent opportunity for informative and valuable for procrastination. I do not get very many comments on my hubs but I am completely ok with that. Can you guess why? Because each of my hubs receives a hub score.


Highlight 1: Hub Score

The exact formula for this score is not known and kept under strict security. The formula, however, doesn’t so much matter as much as the score. The fact that each hub is rated for quality means that I have practical feedback as I develop and I have something to work toward. Improving the score of course.


Highlight 2: Community Support

The second highlight has been the community. Very little negative comments are thrown around and the questions and answers systems have created an obviously extremely supportive area. The forums for writers specifically is not the only area this supportive environment has evolved. Hub pages provide a caring community feeling even with no real interaction between members, beyond fleeting moment comments. This is the optimal environment to write. Somewhere you are unlikely to receive excessive criticism. Are likely to receive constructive criticism. Moreover, feel like your contributions are valued (yes! I am talking about the hub score again).


Highlight 3: Diversity of Choice

Last but not least, the third definite highlight I have found when it comes to writing for hub pages is the variety of choice. You can almost write about absolutely anything as long as you intend to make a positive contribution to the community.

In this way, people are always contributing original content, incorporating their experiences and unique style into informative content that is practical to use and enjoyable to read by the community. A pleasant cycle.

Explaining with Ice-Cream


Why Ice-Cream

Ice-Cream is the perfect way to express variety. And the variety in the articles that can be written, published, and featured on HubPages is akin to the variety of Ice-Cream. The fact that you could write a serious of articles reviewing your personal experiences with different Ice-Cream really highlights this point. As long as your ideas and similarly your articles are original, informative, and interesting to a few, you are contributing to the community and simultaneously exploring and also developing your own understanding of things you consider to be of interest.


This article has shown just how exciting a hub score can be. How supportive the community is. Moreover, how you can almost write about absolutely anything. Only three of my top favourite reasons I love to write for hub pages but more than enough reason to give it a go yourself. Nothing is more rewarding than logging in to find another one of your articles have been accepted and all it took from you was documenting your natural experiences. Sheer bliss.

If you need any more convincing that hub pages are fantastic, try reading some of other people’s articles. The uniqueness of reading articles with information that is both interesting, contains new and interesting things, and has a personal touch is precious. Is truly an experience not to be missed!


Closing Comments

These three things make writing for hub pages one of the most enjoyable uses of spare time. Alternatively, time spent procrastinating in my case. I would strongly recommend others give it a try. If you are stuck for ideas, then try reviewing some of your favourite household products. Alternatively, detailing why your variation of home cooked spaghetti is better than any other recipe in creation. Seriously, throw your enthusiasm into it and enjoy yourself while you are doing it. Embrace you!

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