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My Favorite Hubbers and Their Writing Styles

Updated on October 26, 2018
chateaudumer profile image

These are eleven of my favorite hubbers. Do you have a list of your favorite hubbers? I will appreciate if you share it in this site.

My Favorite Hubbers and their Writing Styles

Its almost 10 weeks since my 23 lenses had been converted to evergreen hubs. Besides my former lenses I have written 10 new hubs with scores ranging from 70 to 80. During this time period I have followed more than 300 hubbers and have attained 35 followers. I have attained three accolades and have around 1800 page views. However my Adsense earnings is barely enough to buy me two cups of Starbuck coffee. I am not complaining, since my goal in writing for Hubpages is not to make money. Any comments I received about my hubs from other hubbers are really appreciated and keeps me motivated to maintain my account for HP.

In 2011 when I was writing for ViewsHound(VH), a writing site based in UK which is no longer in business today, I wrote an article on my top ten favorite VH writers. It was a hit and I received more than 25 comments. So I thought, if I write a similar article, I may received comments. This hub will be similar to my Pinoy Pride list discussed in my hub Caste System in the Philippines.(

This list is in no particular order of excellence. This 11 hubber's writing style, I really enjoy. . I will cite a paragraph or two from one of their hubs that to me is an example of a hub that is engaging and worthy of my time.

My congratulations to my top 11 Hubbers.


1. Bill Holland

The first in this list is billybuc, whose real name is Bill Holland He joined HP 2 years ago and resides in Olympia, WA. He has written 860 hubs and has 2,168 followers. His Hubber score is 95 as of this writing date. Here's an excerpt from his HP profile

Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, has lived in Washington, Oregon, Vermont and Alaska. He graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Marketing and Economics and from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Education. Eighteen years as a classroom teacher and held twenty-five other jobs over the years. Also owned and operated three businesses.

The article I enjoy reading and can identify with is titled “For All the Misfits in the World.” Here's an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

“You’ve all seen them at school. In the socially-stunted microcosm of higher learning, they are the ones walking the crowded halls alone, as though a force-field separates them from the In Crowd. They eat lunch alone, go to games alone, join no clubs, and while others worry about makeup and designer clothes, they are tattooing their asses and piercing their extremities. They are the rejects, the dejects, the fringers and the just plain weirdoes.

School bell rings and it’s lunch alone. School bell rings and it’s ride in silence on the school bus. Off to their rooms they go, strap on their headphones, and listen to alternative whatever while the majority grooves to the Top Ten. They write poetry and pour their hearts out to the universal muse, or they strum a guitar in hopes that someone, somewhere, will hear the notes they hear, and when they go to sleep at night, their minds are inundated with thoughts of substance, heaviness, struggle, and yes, self-doubt.

Long live the misfits!”

2. vkwok

He joined HP about 2 years ago and is from Hawaii. He has written 84 hubs and has 7 accolades. Here's what in his profile.

Born and raised in the island of Oahu, I'm a major in sociology. I spend free time writing stories and doing nerd stuff, while also doing my best to stay green, save water, recycle, and stop wasting electricity when I don't need it. My current dream: to become a writer of young reader's fiction. An excerpt from his hub The Paranormal Debunker (#11) The Case of Voices of the House is as follows:

"It's well into fall already, and although I'm still under eighteen, and my sister just barely old enough to start middle school, we're right now hanging out at our dad's office. Lucky for the two of us, we inherited our brain power from our dad's side of the family, which is filled with geniuses. Our aunt in Japan was actually a professor at the Smithsonian when she was barely older than us, but you know how she got her heart broken and recklessly moved to that island nation, and married a temple priest.

The two of us were getting ready for the local ghost tours. While it's true our office is supposed to be hunting ghosts and looking into paranormal-like stuff happening to our clients, we also earn our profits from working with the tourist industry and help out in the tours of places famous for being haunted. Now, it wasn't that we were hurting for cash, believe it or not. Dad knows his way around finance and investments, and he sometimes works with the police as a consultant even though he quit the force, so even though we don't get a lot of requests to look into haunted places, we're pretty much safe for now. It's mainly so there was something to do. Like I said, not a lot of people come to our office. Sometimes, there' will be weeks without a client".

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3. Mary McShane

She joined HP 11 months ago and is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has 44 hubs and received. 6 accolades She is a retired nurse practitioner, living with my guy, Rob, since 1984 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I write primarily health articles, but also short stories, light poetry, and flash fiction. Here's an excerpt from her Hub-I have Parkinson;s DiseaseThis is my story.

"For over 30 years, my life revolved around public speaking, working professionally as a nurse practitioner, my writing, and singing in the church choir several times per week. My "other" free time was spent with Rob, my lifemate, with my family and friends, or working out at the gym. A busy life, to be sure.

Looking back to December 2011, an early symptom was a tremor in my right hand that seemed to get worse when I was sitting still, watching TV or talking on the telephone. As long as I was moving around, I rarely noticed a tremor. Soon after, my memory started to escape me ... things I did and places I frequented the week before suddenly seemed hard to put my finger on. Some days my balance was off, other days I was fine but my getting up from sitting down was affected. I'd have to catch myself when standing up to make sure I was ok in the standing position before setting off to walk.

From the textbooks and websites I consulted, some of my symptoms pointed toward Multiple Sclerosis and some pointed to Alzheimer's Disease. But being stubborn, I thought it was all in my head, that nothing was physically wrong with me except fatigue and overwork. I blew it off and muddled through, knowing my retirement date was coming in June 2012. I told myself that when life settled down, things would be back to normal ".

4. Lynn 77

She Joined HP only 4 weeks ago and is from Texas. She has written only 2 Hubs: : Here's what in her profile: Hello reader! My name is Laquita. I stumbled across hubpages while researching on the internet. The hub I read was quite helpful. After that, I decided to start my own hubpage, hoping that someone else can be enlightened as I was when I was having a tough time.

Here's an excerpt from her hub, Am I living?

"There was a time when I worked seven days a week trying to catch up on bills and provide for myself. I must admit I was tired! I was wearing myself out without even realizing it! All in the name of the almighty dollar. I thought I was getting ahead...but all I really was doing was falling behind on LIFE! I wasn't spending time with God, or my family. I wasn't feeding my spirit. I was going through the motions. I wasn't sleeping well. I was a mess to tell you the truth. I actually became ill and it was during that time God began to show me that I was just existing. I basically was the walking dead! God began to bring back to my memory when I used to study the Bible, pray, worship Him. I wasn't doing any of that. During my illness I let one job go and I began to do some soul searching. I thought...Who am I? What is God's purpose for my life? Who or what am I giving my time to? I began to pray and seek God for answers, and the more time I put into getting those answers, the more revelation I received from God".

5. ologsinquito

She joined HP 2 years ago and is from the from USA. She has written 183 hubs with 242 followers.

Here's her profile: My children are growing up and becoming more independent, so I'm writing articles about religion, alternative health, organic food and saving money when you buy organic food. I also write on similar topics for Infobarrel, Wizzley and Bubblews.

Excerpts from: Advice for New on-Line Writers

"Don't be afraid to lean on more established writers, since everyone has to start somewhere, and there was a time when they were brand new as well. For instance, not too long ago, I didn't even know how to access a picture from a site filled with copyright free images. Someone needed to repeatedly walk me through those steps. (Make sure all the pictures you choose are in the public domain, and can be adapted for commercial use.)

It also took me forever to figure out how to make a hyperlink, using the online editors found in various writing platforms. If you don't know, you simply highlight the text in your draft that you want to advertise the hyperlink. Once you do this, you'll see a link image appear on the bar above your copy. Then, you follow the instructions to paste the link you have previously copied."

6. Catherine Giordano

She joined HP about 4 months ago and is from Orlando, Florida. She has written 45 hubs and has 123 followers. Her profile reads:

I am a writer, author, blogger, poet, and public speaker. In addition to my books and blogs, I have been published in periodicals and anthologies. My blogs are "Premium Cable Reviews," "Newsprint Poetry 2012" (found poetry), and my newest blog, "The Dragon Place."

Here's an excerpt from her hub "What is The Tao of Balanced Energy”? that I enjoyed reading:

Tao is a concept from Chinese philosophy. It means ”the way' or “the path.” It can also mean” the doctrine” or “the principle.” Taoism is a spiritual practice which emphasizes balance and living in harmony with nature.

Life requires two types of energy or “chi”—the physical and the emotional.

  • Physical energy requires a balance between intake and outgo, or in other words, nutrition and exercise.

  • Emotional energy requires a balance between self- directed energy, like spirituality and meditation, and other-directed energy, like relationship to family and community.

The Tao of Balanced Energy is the way to an overall healthy lifestyle."

7. CrisSp

She joined HP about 2 years ago and is from Sky Is The Limit Adventure. She has written 90 hubs and has 513 followers

Her Profile Reads: Former editor of a now defunct monthly magazine, “GTA This Month”. I now enjoy my time in the sky as a Flight Attendant and a freelance writer when on the ground.

Adventurous and playful. I am stubborn, sometimes quixotic and spunky in nature. I call it determination. Politics is fine but I prefer music. Love to live the good life. Ever ready to learn and to try out new things. Serious about life but appreciates a good laugh, aims to grow with love, friendship and connection. That's me! Wait, I also love the scents of grapefruit and bergamot. All these define my writings - a smörgåsbord of playful words. I am a wanderer above the Sea of Fog and Misty Sky. A writer without a niche because, it is indeed sky is the limit.

A poetic fool, my soul clearly sees when I write,

And readers can openly imagine.

I am a writer, a funny writer.

I wrote the wackiest dog hub,

To make you laugh, I joke and play with words,

Readers love the hilarity of what I write.

8. Barbara Kay

She Joined HP about 4 years ago and is from Michigan. She has written 177 hubs and has 1,145 followers. Her Profile reads::

I enjoy writing about the things I like. My hobbies include gardening, crochet, Bible reading, home remedies and learning how to make things myself.

I am a published crochet designer. I enjoy designing patterns and you'll find many crochet articles here. Besides Hubpages, I have several websites. These include Barbs Free Crochet Patterns, Homesteading in a Subdivision around Doll Patterns on the Web.

Here's an excerpt from her hub that i found interesting and informative- 17 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

"Get some new profitable business ideas for working at home. These home based business opportunities are ideas that anyone can do. Many people would like to find a job that offers the freedom of deciding when and where they will work. Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss though. You need self-motivation and discipline to stick to the job at hand. If you think you have these qualities, here is a list of legit work at home business111 opportunities.

A word of warning, always be aware that there are scammers on the internet. Never fall for get rich quick schemes. If something sounds too good to be true, it is. Don't quit your full-time job until you are sure you can make enough money. Many of these jobs take hours of work before you ever realize a profit, but everyone of them will put some extra cash in your pocket if you work at them ".

9. Linda BookLady (Linda Jo Martin)

She joined HP about 2 months ago and is from Post Falls, Idaho, USA. She has written 166 hubs and has 191 followers.

Her Profile reads: Hi there, I'm the Book Lady on YouTube! My YouTube channel is called "Books, Health, and Happiness: Adventures of a Senior Citizen." . I'm a heavy reader and love to write book reviews of all types of books. Right now my favorite genres are Christian literature and memoirs.

Here's an excerpt from her hub, Why I become a Christian etc...

"We settled in a small town 20 miles south of the Oregon border, and at about the same time, I dropped out of my religion. I was just burnt out on it because it didn't provide enough love and support. Some very traumatic things had happened to me concerning some of the other members, and I found many members to be very judgmental. Furthermore, the laws were voluminous (literally) and way too strict for me. I was distressed and feeling guilty and hopeless because I was trying to obey those laws but always failing. So... I quit.

10. Homeplace Series(William Leverne Smith)

He ioined HP about 12 months ago and is from Hollister, MO. He has written 49 hubs and has 120 followers.His Profile reads:

:Freelance Writers write at home, their “Homeplace,” so this is the first of a series of tips from someone who had been there and done that. I published 85 print magazine articles in a five-year span, while also going to graduate school (doctoral) and graduating. I was writing part-time, needless to say… and you can do it too! (Did I mention that I was also 50-55 years old, at the time?) This is aimed at beginners, primarily, but others may find a gem or two that works for them. Here's an excerpt from his hub

What is your niche? What do you know enough about that you can create good content with only a little supplemental research? You should always do supplemental research, but it should not be excessively time consuming. You don't have the time. But, you also cannot be successful by writing shoddy content that no one wants to read.

I arrived at my niche partly by experience. I had tried to run several small businesses and, to some degree, failed at each one. I also exceeded, in some degree, in each one. But, I learned what I didn't know, didn't do right, and started sharing some of that knowledge. So, your niche may come from what you know well, or, it may come from what you realize you didn't know.

11. Millionaire Tips(Shasta Matova)

She joined HP about 3 years ago and is from the USA. She has written.197 hubs and has 868 followers. Her profile reads:

Having worked at a bank in investment management for many years, my financial goals let me buy a house, get an MBA, and travel around the world, I did all of this as a single mother.

I am able to live frugally on my meager earnings and my savings, and still enjoy my hobbies of quilting and genealogy. My hope is to pass on tips and advice that helped me with my financial goals. Here's an excerpt from her hub about family history and genealogy

"Many people are interested in finding out about their family history, but do not have the time or know how to go about it. They are busy and it seems way too complicated to pick up genealogy research to add to their schedules. It really isn't as difficult as you may think, and there are some very easy ways you can start now on your trek to finding out about your ancestors and other family members.

Genealogy is a never ending quest to find out information about your family. Even if you spend a lifetime, you will never know everything there is to know about your ancestors and relatives. My most important tip is to start now. Just call yourself a genealogist and be one."


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