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My Most Successful Hubs

Updated on November 4, 2016


Having been on Squidoo for 7 years and now Hubpages for a while, I have created about 70 featured hubs. It is time to sit back and assess what are my most successful hubs so far. What is the definition of success? Is it number of hits or page views, number of comments, number of votes,or revenue raised? or hub scores? or google search rank or just most satisfying? I will share my opinion.

-July 2015

Updated: Nov. 2016

Definition of Success

In my way of thinking, the definition of success is the "impact" any given article has on the targeted audiences. The Hubpages dashboard provides some statistics on every hub. However, these attributes do not capture the essence of a hub and the impact it may or may not have on readers.

  • hub score - This is some arbitrary number that Hubpages generates and it changes from day to day based on some secret algorithm combining the size of hub and page views and comments and revenues generated. This is not very helpful to me and I tend to ignore it.
  • comments - This is an indicator of how many people who are interested in a particular subject. However, having a high number doesn't always mean good. Some comments are just back and forth arguments and can add up the number of views and comments count but does not contribute to anything else.
  • page views - this obviously is the one everyone hopes will be as high as possible. However, the number can be deceptive. It can be distorted by comments and it also does not say how long people view the page.
  • google page rank - This is something of a mystery. It does show how well a title is chosen. A topic that can easily be found by google search engine is obviously attractive. However, the method of how this occurs is the mystery. I wrote a hub on this topic. I am pleasantly surprised how well some of my hubs rank.
  • Feedback - This is more specific than comments. It is information that a reader choose to share. This is the most satisfying when someone, a total stranger, decides to make a positive or negative comment based on your thoughts on a particular topic.

My Top Five Hubs So Far...

The following is my top 5 hubs so far in 2015 and their current page rank as of 7/1/2015.

  1. Conservative Principles Defined - #16
  2. American Civics 101 - #10
  3. Atheist's Quandary - #3
  4. Jonathan Hyman - #13
  5. What If AGW is Wrong? - #1

Let me explain why I chose these. Conservative Principles Defined is one where I define my world view and believes. I have received numerous comments and I value those comments even though we disagree. I also learn from other intelligent people who have a very different point of view. The fact that our country is also divided seems to validate our differences. It is good to discuss rather than attack.

American Civics 101 is one that I wanted to write for quite a while. I wrote this to education some people that I have come across and didn't seem to know the basics of our government and yet they vote. I also wanted to educated some young people who may not have learn this at their school.

Atheist's Quandary is my attempt to understand the Atheist's thinking on faith. I realize some people do not believe in a higher power and rely their existence on science alone. However, the real world that we live in includes both science and nature and the supernatural. How do atheist's square that fact?

Jonathan Hyman is a friend of my and a great photographer. We first met when I was volunteering at the 9/11 make shift exhibit a few years ago before the completion of the 9/11 memorial museum. He had taken upon himself to travel around the nation and photograph the various displays and tributes that common people expressed right after the 9/11 terrorist act. He has since published books and lectured on the topic and taught at a university. I am proud to help promote his works in a small way.

What If AGW is Wrong? is a hub trying to question the conventional wisdom of man-made global warming theory. As an engineer by training, the arguments and evidence presented by some of the climate scientists just does not make sense to me. I am just raising the question.

A Detour -

I am always fascinated by how people reach their "world views." Is it genetic or their upbringing or their education or their life experiences? or a combination of all of those?

A bit of personal history. I have a friend of over 30 years. We are both Asian and he was born here in the USA and I immigrated when I was about 10 years old. We met at CCNY on the freshmen Fencing Team. We both pursued a career in Engineering and Architecture. He worked for Government and I worked for a large Corp. We share many interests. However, he was an activist progressive and I a conservative when it comes to our political leanings. How did that happen? I don't have a clue. I could understand it better if we had different backgrounds but yet we didn't. We had many debates on politics and economics and policies. We could not sway one another. We have contentious discussions but always with respect. We agree to disagree.

CCNY Sheppard's Hall - My Alma Mater

Updated Nov. 2016 - 2 Year Mark on HubPages

After two full years on HubPages, my updated top three hubs are the following.

1. Climate Change Predictions - How Accurate are they? (over 1200 views)

2. My Life Story (my autobiography hubbook with over 1000 views)

3. My Trip to China in 2016 (over 800 views)


This hub is to explain what I consider a success of some hubs that I wrote so far. Sharing my knowledge is top on the list. It is my opinion and I welcome comments and discussion. I'm curious about what other hubbers consider to be success of their creations. Peace.


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      3 years ago from Yorktown NY

      somethgblue - thanks for commenting. I don't publish on hubpages for the payout. K used to be on Squidoo and I was able to donate my earnings to some charity of my choice. Since hubpages don't have that feature, I'm happy just to publish for fun and for sharing my experiences. I look forward to read your hubs.

    • somethgblue profile image


      3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Here are some things to consider, acquiring a page view requires that a reader stay on your page for 3 minutes and 40 seconds. If I were speed reading and not considering any of your ideas, I could probably finish this article in less than that amount of time.

      A page view is really how you get paid from Hub Pages but it is not how Hub Pages gets paid. This is a big distinction, considering that 3 to 4 times as many people will click on your page and leave in under 3 minutes and forty seconds.

      Hub Pages only credits your stats with that criteria in mind but other websites that follow traffic will often have your numbers much higher.

      Since Google pretty much has a monopoly on searches and they recently changed their rules to only rank articles based on what their ideas of the truth are, speculative articles no longer get ranked.

      Google already handcuffed Hub Pages a couple of years ago, I used to get a thousand readers a day, now I'm lucky to get a hundred a day.

      Seems we have some similar ideas abut stuff . . . man-made GW and CC (climate change) is a complete fraud but conditioned education prevents most folks from understanding this.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      3 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Integrater - sorry I was not clear. Some of my hubs were converted from squidoo lens. I did not create all 70 hubs from scratch. The #16 is the google page rank of the hub. If you do a seach using the title of the hub, it will appear on the second page (16). The page rank does bounce around from day to day. The number I quoted are from 7/1/2015. Pretty impressive. Thanks for checking my hub.

    • integrater profile image

      Certified Noob 

      3 years ago

      Interesting hub . 70 featured hubs in 9 months is pretty good . Heading over to your Pagerank hub . BTW what does #16 indicate ?

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      3 years ago from Yorktown NY

      frankcofrah - keep it up. You will get there. Thanks.

    • frankcofrah profile image

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      Great work , .A new here at hubpages , i hope some day i will have such testimony worthy and encouraging to share.

      This so encouraging and still challenging .

      Thank you for sharing .


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