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Hubpages Ace Hubbers My Rhyming Tribute

Updated on January 29, 2013

HP Rocks!

make friends and make money on hubpages.
make friends and make money on hubpages. | Source

When it was suggested I try writing online

I thought would anyone, read words of mine?

Would I have content worthy to scribe

Where to start, to create the right vibe?

The seed was sown sometime before

I’d bared my soul right to the core,

By writing an article to help inspire,

Those with Epilepsy, was my desire.

This I did and will never forget,

Sharing on Facebook I broke a sweat!

The comments received came hard and fast,

Was it a sign, here at last?

Hubpages offers at home income

put a smile on your face with HP.
put a smile on your face with HP. | Source

A friend who had seen it suggested HP

Give it a go and you will see

With quality writing you’re sure to be read

Share your passions and interests but keep the head!

So off I set three months ago

The learning centre I needed to know

The topics were vast and filled me with fear

Good god will I ever, get a handle here?

Embedded links, SEO’s and Hub Tools

Another new language with its own set of rules

So bit by bit I read all the stuff

Set up my account but was it enough?

Generate Money by Publishing

write about what you have a passion for as it will show in your writing. Occasions like weddings often spark ideas for hubs.
write about what you have a passion for as it will show in your writing. Occasions like weddings often spark ideas for hubs. | Source

Opening a word doc I compiled a list

Of topics and subjects I could not resist

As I read other hubs I was blown away

By such talented writers with great things to say

The community here reaches far and wide

Where East meets West side by side

With a common goal for quality work

To receive a comment, is a much loved perk

Overwhelmed at first I cannot deny

This newbie decided everything to try

By following, commenting and answering Q’s

With reading and writing, I felt part of the crew

A Community of Writers Across The World

travel is a great topic to write about that is always popular.
travel is a great topic to write about that is always popular. | Source

Money has trickled I have to say

But from those I’ve read that’s the way

You need to be patient and persevere

Don’t expect big bucks, in the first year

I set myself goals for each week I was here

Which gave me discipline with which to adhere

Slowly but surely some targets were hit

With accolades won it felt great I admit

Sometimes I find my head in a spin

What to write or where to begin

Fellow hubbers give mega tips

So thank you all for curing my blips!

I Don't Just Write Hubs. I Also Take Them For A Spin.!!!

find a niche topic you can be the go to guru in.
find a niche topic you can be the go to guru in. | Source

On the subject of followers, I appreciate you all

Your comments and support leave me ten feet tall

I salute you, I thank you, straight from the heart

With enthusiasm to write, you have all played a part

Those that I follow, I try hard to read

Learning from your hubs is what I need

I have learnt so much from you all so far

Forging new friendships is in my radar

There are some of you out there, that it would be remiss

Should I not acknowledge or blow a wee kiss

You are all very special to this Irish lass

Excuse my language but you all “kick ass”!

Welcome To My "Kick Ass" Hubbers!



Petrol Head, Biker, Mechanic and fan

Much humour and wit, from this wee Irish man

A guru for all your motoring needs

His hubs are excellent quality reads



A lover of Italy, I’ve know from the start

You’re a gentleman hubber, thanks from the heart

You’re Italian hubs strike a cord within

Grazie Mille my friend, ciao said with a grin!



A great writer who hails from the land of Peru

A sincere note of thanks I wish to send you

I love your recipes both savoury and sweet

Award winning hubs with Vespa you’ll meet!



Humourous and talented, how awesome are you

Creative genius through and through!

From spiders to cowboys you’ve made me so laugh

Never a dull life for your other half!



A writing machine and my newest friend

Respect and gratitude this tribute I send

You’ve stirred emotions through your talent for prose

So honest and genuine as everyone knows


Greensleeves Hubs

Greater attention to detail won’t be found

Fabulous hubs for all abound

Your work is amazing all written with style

Your comments I’m reading all make me smile



Does what he says as his name suggests

Teaches on Koh Samui, for him it’s the best

I always look forward to what you will write

The comments you leave me always burn bright



You’re a great hubber very special to me

Your interesting hubs are for all to see

Your support is fantastic I value so much

You’re a gifted lady with the midas touch


Kenneth Avery

Another whom I must commend

Your talent for writing knows no end

Your great southern charm, your humour and wit

I love your sassy topics, I have to admit


Rajan Jolley

India’s own and many gifts to share

Great attention to detail you include with care

Your home remedy hubs I do love best

Unmissable reads along with the rest



An author who writes with incredible ease

Your words flow free a real summer breeze

From cockney slang to poems on trees

An eclectic repertoire, mucho more please!



An inspiration and from my neighbouring Isle

A great all round hubber, you bring passion and style

Informative useful, rich with content

A cheery soul I am happy to frequent

Thank You HubPages.

Hi HP. I'm Ready For My Interview!!!!!


Hub Pages is wonderful, a bubblelicious place

All the staff and community I wish to embrace

For your tireless work, I say you all rock

On the door of HP, daily I knock

For the next three months I wish to expand

With quality writing, oh that would be grand

To stay true to myself and be a team player

So onwards to unveiling the next Suzie Layer!

Read more about this author Suzie HQ or see her full list of articles.


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