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My Six Month Anniversary on HubPages

Updated on October 8, 2018

My Six Month Anniversary on HubPages

Today marks my six month anniversary from the first hub I published back on May 20, 2011. I have over 400 hubs now. I have made a lot of good friends which a person can never have to many of those. I have written on countless subjects and learned so much. Perhaps the most important thing I have learned is how generous the hubpages is. No matter how many times you have to ask a question ad trust me I ask a lot of questions people in the forums still answer you and try to help you.

I have been offered constructive criticism more than once. I will never forget the guy who emailed me my hub article back with all the proper edits. I fixed everything and published it again. Now, what was his name? I also learned my skin wasn’t as thick as I thought. But given I recently lost several people close to me I am a bit sensitive. But for the most part I found this community to be of positive creative caring sensitive people. Actually I remember the guy’s name I just don’t want to put any pressure on him to edit everyone else’s work as well. He was generous enough to help me out.

There have been some people who I am now friends with that have helped me out with research. I can think of my buddy who just has moved from Thailand to Alaska that everyone should read.

There are also people who inspire me with their writings. After all what is a writer but a zealous reader?

Then there are the people who are just generous enough to get up everyday and read my work. On average I have published approximately 3 hubs a day everyday for the last six months. That is a lot of work. And it is a lot of reading for my audience. And still those who do and follow I am so grateful for. A writer is nothing without the reader. And the diversity of readers I have. I have people from the UAE to Pakistan to India and Europe. I think I am in almost 80% of the modern world now. I have readers from Indo-China, Malaysia and even Africa. I am probably closes with the western European countries, Canada, the USA, UK and the Aussie's. I also love New Zealand. in particular. But I hope that is changing so we can all be close. The diversity of the readers and writers on Hubpages gives me great hope for the future of world relations.

For my readers I try to write very broadly. As my readers are from all over they have varying interests so I try to write on a variety of topics. This can be confusing and makes it more difficult to for me to find followers as I am not just one specific demographic. And it would have been much simpler to stick to one subject or even just five and then build a following but in my need to please everyone who reads I am very well diversified on topics.

But I am constantly surprising my readers and coming up with new genres to entice their interests. So in the end I think it will be a good strategy.

What I Have Learned

Even after 400 hubs and the a world of wonderful people out there, there is always one person who thinks he/she is a professional writer that can tell me off on my own hub. I usually let them. After all when criticism is not constructive I have every right to moderate. I also moderate against hate speech. Actually I try to moderate against hatred period. Although a quip here and there properly placed and eloquently delivered I let pass because of flawless execution.

All readers with the exception of the aforementioned are good readers no matter where they are from. I have found goodness in all of my commenters. So goodness is universal and abundant on the Hubpages.

I have learned I can write in genre’s I never knew I could. For instance I am learning poetry this month and while I am only a beginner so of it isn’t too bad. I also have a great sense for poet political satire which has lead to some rather colorful hubs to say the least.

My readers really respond to my political hubs. Especially ones in which I am pretty good at predicting the presidential race. But this is not limited to USA politics I often can nail European politics as well.

I have also learned to live by the motto “Contribute”. Which means I get up every single day and write or read. And if I am not publishing then I am reading others work. But I am by no means alone in doing this. Some writers who started later then me have been doing the exact same thing and publishing in abundance.

Things I Would Have Liked to have Received By Now.

· Plus one on al my hubs a few times to get a higher rating with google. I have been asking for it which some hub writers do but I would have appreciated it. But I guess good things come to those who wait. So I am still waiting.

· A Hubnugget. I didn’t earn one. I guess in 400 hundred articles I haven’t written anything worth of a hubnugget. And now that I am 400 articles in I am too far along to receive one. I guess no one wants to encourage me any further.

· An Amazon sale. I have been trying so hard to sell things on Amazon but I have been unsuccessful. I really wanted to enjoy that revenue source. But I would attribute my lack of sales to a bad economy.

· Ratings. As it stands now I only have about 75 more ratings then I do hubs. I think this is a direct reflection of writing in so many genre’s as it is harder to establish a core following. My diversification will provide a broader appeal in the end but it also makes me incredibly difficult to gauge as a writer. It is difficult to establish a fan base.

· Higher Google Adsense revenue or revenue in general. My Adsense is not very high. Over time this will probably change as well but I had hoped to be making money by my sixth month of writing. And I guess I am making money but just haven’t seen my first pay check yet. Odd because I have ads all over my hubs and I am just not earning from the ads placed on my hubs. The political ads should be paying well.

· I would have also liked to get Google analytics to work. Hasn’t happened for me. I have all but given up hope for Google analytics.

Good Things to Come

All of the aforementioned are probably on their way to me as I write this hub and I just need to wait for them to come to me. I have only been at this for six months which on a writer’s calendar is but a few moments. And I have evolved my domain name to be so many things that the diversification has kept me from being a brand. Although diversification is probably the brand of my domain name. And most importantly I have learned a lot and made a lot of new friends to which I am entirely grateful.

For The Record

I have really enjoyed my time on Hubpages and I appreciate all of the good will I have received even when it has come in the form of constructive criticism. But it is time for me to take a bit of a break. I will complete a few more poems to enter into the last days of the contest but then I am going to spend my time reading and enjoying all of my friends work out there and hopefully I will be able to find a few new hubbers and enjoy their work as well.

In the world of hubbing it is all about your contributions and being so generous that all of it returns to you. My time is coming I just have to be patient enough to see it. So happy six month anniversary to all of us!!


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