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My experience with the Hubpages AD program

Updated on May 19, 2011

My real experience with the Hubpages AD program

I have been part of the Hubpages AD program for maybe two weeks now, well give or take two weeks. I joined the AD program not really knowing what to expect. Honestly I wasn't even going to join the Hubpages AD program but I read nothing but good things about it, and I thought about joining for about a week, and I was very close to not joining. Anyways, I eventually made the decision to join the AD program that Hubpages was offering. By now, you probably want to know how much money I am making, and what my opinions are about the program. Well, read below and I will let you know my honest opinion about the program.

Hubpages AD program: Any good or not so good

Like I said above, I have been part of the Hubpages AD program for around two weeks, and honestly I absolutely love the program. I am not going to say how much money I am making as of now, but I will say this; I think in about two or three months I will be making the monthly payout every single month. So this may not seem like a lot of money but the potential to make a lot more money is defitnely there. I can honestly say that there is great potential with the Hubpages AD program.

Another thing I want to mention is that I have been earning money every single day with the Hubpages AD program. I am making more money on a daily basis with Hubpages program than I am with Google Adsense!

The bottom line is that the new AD program that Hubpages offer is great. If you have not joined the program yet, or you have been thinking about joining, it is time to stop thinking and just do it. There is some major earning potential with the Hubpages program, and it would be a shame if you did not pursue something that could be very beneficial for you.

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