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My goals, Improve my online writing and promotional skills - My 60dc log

Updated on February 6, 2012

What does 60dc mean to me?

I intend to use this challenge as motivation to jump start my online writing and promotional skills by grouping myself with innovative and talented individuals who will, when grouped together in the spirit of harmony, form a mastermind. This Mastermind united with a common goal, will achieve greatness that could not otherwise be achieved by mere individuals.

My Goals

First and foremost I hope to improve my online writing skills. Not only am I referring to my actual writing ability, but also knowing what topics to write about, keyword research, writing for the web crawlers, keyword density and many other aspects of online writing. Second I hope to improve my understanding of web page promotion including off-site seo, rss feeds, blogs, pings, track backs, aggregates and other ways to generate massive amounts of traffic.

By achieving the above two goals I hope to reach google payout each and every month following the challenge. While this amount may not seem like a lot to most, I will view it a proof that it is possible to supplement my income while researching topics that lends itself to my professional career in the material handling industry.

I also hope to increase my page views to 10,000 a month. The life blood of any online business is traffic. Not just any traffic but targeted traffic. Traffic that will be receptive to that which I am selling

So the short version, My goals are to increase traffic and money online by deleloping my online writing and promotional skills.

The Plan

To write at least 30 hubs in 30 days and then promote them using techniques developed for the use with this challenge. To network and learn the necessary skills, needed to be successful in the business of writing for money online, by some of the brightest and most successful writers in the HubPage community.

Hub topics

I plan on writing my hubs under the very broad topics of Material Handling and the NFL. More specifically the below mentioned topics.

First being "Material Handling Equipment"

AGV's, conveyors, carts, fork trucks, lift tables, hoists, cranes, etc...

Second broad category "Material Handling Safety"

manual material handling safety, material handling regulations, material handling safety equipment, and so on....

Third broad category "NFL Football specifically the Cincinnati Bengals"


Hub traffic as of 08/14/2010

My 60dc diary

08/14/2010 - Created Hub log, Spent time getting to know fellow 60DCers.

08/16/2010 - Outlined specific hub ideas, gathered info

08/18/2010- I have three partial NFL hubs in the mix, and have not yet published my first hub. Have been short on time due to things like soccer practice and the sort. Looking forward to having a real productive weekend though

08/19/2010 - Published the hub Bengals-Man-Cave-Big-screen-tvs-and-sports-furniture was able to anchor link to 2 other 60dc hubs, one on eagles clothes and the other on darts

08/20/2010 - Set up the twitter account using twitterfeed to publish 60 day challenge hubs.

08/21/2010 - Tried to set up Tumblr blog to utilize rss reeds. Had one post work but has not updated since. Work on later. Burned version of 60dc rss feed on feedburner. Added my and 60dc rss feeds to various rss submission site in sunforged easy rss submission hub and mark knowles original hub log that did not require to set up an account. Logged on hubsacademy forum, never participated in a forum before. Kind of overwhelming, was having a hard time trying to follow conversations. Still don't have password for super secret forum, but don't know if i need or not think i have the important info contained there in. Also was able to spend a little time doing some keyword research and setting up hubs. Still have alot of hubs to write, hope that I have all of the preliminary hub stuff done. Created a summary for my first hub, and template for additional hubs, used text module per edwierdo (on forum) and based my template off of edweirdo's original 60 day challenge hub log.

08/22/2010 - Went back to the Tumblr blog that I had set up yesterday. Seems to be working. the blog is located at follow). You may notice some duplicates because I had double up the rss feed when I believed it was not updating. this blog also accepts visitor submissions and links are dofollow. Was looking forward to completing a handfull of hubs this weekend, but so far have spent the majority of my time with rss feeds and the sort.

08/23/2010 - Spent time on twitter ,feedburner, and submission sites trying to get them squared away. Need to get them all taken are of so that I can concentrate on hubs. Got so much to do.

08/24/2010 - Week one has passed and is in the record books. Right now I only have one published hub to show for it. Progress that I have made - burned my feeds, 100+ submissions (only 35 subscribers so far),twitterfeed, twitter with hashtags,feed to tumblr blog(do follow), 4 hubs in progress. plan for the following week - continue to make submissions everyday, get at least 10 hubs in near publish form, waiting until submissions are more complete before publishing.

08/25/2010 - Added to more submission sites(2), created a friend feed for 60 day challenge- links). Also created another site (do follow) submitted to search engines. Worked on three NFL hubs.

08/26/2010 - Created weebly site dedicated to the 60 day challenge - (do follow profile links)(no follow hub links) Completed some more work on two more hubs, currently have 5 hubs more than half done and another 5 in the beginning stages. I have learned some about setting up rss feeds, and have broadened my horizons when it comes to the possibilities of using the feeds.

08/28/2010 - Worked on a few hubs and published 2010 Bengals Schedule - Road to the Superbowl.

08/29/2010 - Published -

08/31/2010 - Published -

09/01/2010 - Published - . My page views got up to 158 page views for a 24 hour period. My previous record was like 122. Have a feeling that alot of those views are fellow hubbers checking out my hubs.

09/04/2010 - finding it hard to come up with time needed to stay on target for the 30 hubs



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