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Choose A Title So Appealing Readers Will Flock As If They're Going To See Pictures of Naked Women or Naked Men.

Updated on October 4, 2011

First Use a Catchy Title To Lure Them In-Then Guilt Them Into Reading Your Other Hubs

When writing a new Hub, I find the first obstacle to overcome is the title. Do I write something catchy that rhymes, should I use a snippet of the article, or should I flat out lie and make up a title that has nothing to do with what I am going to write about. For this Hub, I chose the third option and made up the title to see how many of you would actually come to look at naked bodies. I will be taking a poll later. (Please be honest!)

What I am really writing about is how easy it is to write a Hub but how difficult it is to get people to actually read them. As I'm sure you will see shortly, this Hub is sure to attract a lot of people just by the title. So we can conclude that the subject you are writing about and the title of your Hub are what will either attract to or turn away other Hubbers from your Hub. It could be the most interesting well researched Hub ever written, (like many of the ones I've written) but nobody ever reads them. Why? Well......I don't actually..... know why. That's right, I started writing this Hub because I was pissed off that I can't get any freaking traffic to my freaking Hubs unless I'm writing about the bitch and her brother that live with me! So as I was saying, it doesn't matter what you write about, nobody's ever gonna read your crappy Hub anyway so what's the point? Save yourself the time and watch TV and eat a plate of Christmas cookies and enjoy yourself. Why put yourself out there and try to give people information they don't really want? Oh sure I published a really cool Hub yesterday about this really cool place to learn about Internet marketing, but did I expect anyone to read it? Hell no, why would they? I only have seventeen fans and I'm sure they have better things to do than to read my hubs. They can make much better use of their time by learning how to cure their hangovers or something like that. And I was right to think that way, wasn't I, nobody read it so why should I care? I guess that means that this Hub is kind of pointless too.

I am so sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. I guess I was just a tiny bit upset that nobody wants to read my very interesting, well written, thought of for days before I wrote and then changed them seven times before they were right Hubs. But I'm over it now. I don't really care anymore. I don't want a Christmas miracle. I'll just sit in my house and eat stale Christmas cookies and tell my family my new favorite Christmas story "The Night Before Christmas in Hell" by fellow Hubber B.T. Evilpants.

Do The Right Thing-Be Kind To Fellow Hubbers

If you look at all of my Hubs, you will see a pattern developing. I seem to have this complex that nobody loves me here in Hub Pages. It's not true, I really don't have a complex at all. In fact, I really don't care what you people think of me or my writing. I am really just trying to become part of this amazing community we have here. Okay, I do care, a little about what you think.  So, I try to be a nice guy. I try to read as many Hubs as I can. I try to leave positive comments to everyone. And when I write, I write from my heart and try not to offend anyone. Is it too much to ask for the same in return?

So the next time you sit down at your computer and click on Hub Pages, think of the other people sitting down at their computer waiting to hear back from people like you, the everyday Hubber. Leave a comment, whether you like it or not, just to let them know you were there. You don't even have to say it was good, just say something like "Hi, I just read your Hub. Have a nice day". That way he or she knows you were there and didn't like their Hub but you didn't have to insult them.

And don't forget to rate the Hubs you read. That is really important to the Hub score.

So go now and get reading. I expect all of you to start with my Hubs, of course, and read all of them. Rate them (I know some of them are bad) and don't you dare leave me a bad comment! I know where you Hub! Love to all and Merry Christmas!

Jim B

Free Book For My Friends At Hub Pages

This may seem like a marketing ploy but I assure you, there's no monkey business going on here. What I have for you is a free book called "Easy Articles". It's a short little book that is designed to get you over your fear of writing articles by giving you a straight forward guide of how to assemble, write and publish good articles. I usually sell this for $7.95 but for all of my friends here at Hub Pages it's totally free. Just visit the website below, fill out the form and get your free copy sent right to your inbox. Don't get freaked out when you see you have to leave your email address, it's just so I know where to send it to. I will also use it to send you more info about writing articles in the future but you can always tell me you don't want to hear from me anymore and keep the book as my gift. Here's the link:

Cannot Show Link-Please Message Me If You Are Interested.

Thanks HubPages!

Hub Update May 3, 2010

I wanted to update the many readers of this Hub because it's been so popular.  The problem is that the title has had to be changed and some of the content may not make sense if you didn't read it from the beginning.

The original title "See Pictures of Naked Women and Naked Men Right Here" was allowed for an entire year before it was reviewed by the nice people at Hub Pages and deemed inappropriate and misleading.  It was banned pending a title and tag change to represent more accurately what the article was about.

So in the first year I had an average of 40 views per day, great for a Hub I wrote more for fun than anything.  Since the changes, the average dropped to 3 per day.  Evidence that more people today are looking to see pictures of naked people than how to write good article titles.

So today, May 3rd, 2010, I decided to change the title one more time to see if I can get some of the fire back.  As of my last check today, this Hub has had 22007 views since the first day, by far the most any of my Hubs have and more than all of the others put together.  Thus proving my initial message, You need to choose a great title to get people to read.

Take good care and thanks for reading!


I Told You Once Already-Be Honest!

Did you come to my hub because you wanted to see naked people?

See results

Lies, Lies and More Lies!

Check out my six pack! This was when I was working out all the time.
Check out my six pack! This was when I was working out all the time.
My beautiful wife! I just happened to have one or two pictures of her on my computer.  You know...  :)
My beautiful wife! I just happened to have one or two pictures of her on my computer. You know... :)
Another picture of my wife?? Is that even the same girl? I mean yeah that's my wife.
Another picture of my wife?? Is that even the same girl? I mean yeah that's my wife.
I've kinda been slacking a bit lately so this is what I look like today!
I've kinda been slacking a bit lately so this is what I look like today!

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