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New to Hubpages: What I Learned in 5 Months of My HubPages

Updated on May 2, 2012

New to Hubpages

About 5 months ago I was googling 'potty training' and came across a Hub. My first thought was, what the heck is this and what is a Hub? As I continued to read I was quite impressed. It was full of detail, personal experience and spoke to me as if I was in the same room with her. That's right, not as a Pediatrician giving her professional advice but as a person-another parent!

I wish I could remember whose Hub it was so I could give credit where credit is do, but I cannot recall. But if you know who you are I give a big thank you to you fellow Hubber,because that was the day I became apart of the Hubbers Community.

I signed up to HubPages that day and I am so glad I did. The process was very easy. Submit my email address, create a profile and begin writing! I thought, wow, this is easy enough, I can share my thoughts, express my feelings and no one needs to know it's me.How cool is that?

So my first Hub was about the one thing I am most passionate about, our elderly population. May not seem that exciting to you, but being a Nurse and working in the health-care field for the last 20+ years, this, I felt, was an important subject.

I wrote many articles about living options, abuse and Hospice Care. Soon I noticed that I was receiving visits from other than fellow Hubbers, they were search engine visits! Google, Bing and Yahoo! searchers were reading my Hubs! I was so excited.


Adsense and Amazon

So after posting my success to the forums, I began reading posts from other contributors. AdSense and Amazon earnings were numerous headings in the forums. I began to browse and realized I had option to make money while I wrote and submitted my writings.

HubPages, oddly enough, just became 'better' to me.

First off, I must admit that I am computer illiterate. I'm lucky to even know how to send an email. But I was able to set-up and use AdSense and Amazon to my advantage. I don't know what a back-link is, I'm still confused about SEO's and am definitely still learning the ins and outs of today's technology but getting signed up with these two money making friends was easy!

Similar to signing up to Hubpages, you just submit your email, create a profile and get the code. Once you have the affiliate code, you enter it into the correct affiliate setting and away you go! You are ready to earn!

Okay, like I said, I am a little slow when it comes to computers but with the kind words and guidance from Wrylit and Cagsil (fellow Hubbers) I learned how to activate and begin to earn using AdSense and Amazon.

Earnings on HubPages

So now that I have learned to use Amazon Capsules and AdSense to my advantage, (believe me I have alot more to still learn) - I am actually making money!

I'm not going to lie and say I have made thousands or even hundreds, but reaching payout on AdSense at 5 months is great for me and from what I hear pretty great overall! Being it is the Holiday season I have also hit my payout PLUS this month in Amazon sales.

It amazes me that I can make money be simply writing about things I love to write about. Such a simple concept, I wish I had thought of it.


What the heck is a HubNugget you ask?

That's exactly what I was asking myself when I was nominated as one early in my writing. A HubNugget is a fairly new writer in the HubPages Community. The HubPages team selects your Hub and nominates it in a HubNuggets voting contest. The HubPages community and readers outside the community can vote on your or someone else's Hub as the best (I believe there are 5 per catagory chosen). My nominated Hub was about talking to your child about sex. Although I did not win, I was honored as being chosen and promoted through the HubNuggets competition.

What Have I Learned

So, what have I learned here at Hubpages?

I have learned that there are wonderful co-Hubbers who are generous in sharing their advice and expertise, even to a "special needs" person as myself.

I have learned that I have the freedom to express myself in whatever way I feel - becuase it's my Hub!

I have learned that HubPages is not only easy to do but you can make a profit from writing about your interests !

There is no gimmick, no scam - just fun! You really cannot lose joining HubPages and I for one will continue to write, continue to praise and will continue to support HubPages!

Thank you fellow Hubbers and the HubPages Team for guiding me, welcoming me and encouraging me to succeed- you are truly awesome!

Interested in Singing up?

If your interested in writing for HubPages as I was, then Sign Up Here. You won't regret it!


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