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One Whole Year Writing Hubs

Updated on November 13, 2015
Several people talking at once
Several people talking at once

A little over a year ago, I had never heard of a hub, other than how it is described in the dictionary -

  • the center of a wheel
  • center of interest
  • or a hubbub, which means a number of voices speaking at once

While looking for extra income to supplement my day job (as I watched our investments plummet), I stumbled on to Hubpages and began to learn many new related terms. I never intended to stay on this long, but I guess I have a high learning curve, so it took me longer to grasp. Actually, I am still learning how to market my articles, about SEO, and a myriad of other things.

Reminds me of some of the forums
Reminds me of some of the forums

Other hubbers welcomed me into the community and made me feel welcome. They coached me, enlightened me and inspired me. In fact, because of the kindness of other hubbers, I was exposed to other great sites where I have been able to earn over a thousand dollars in the past year (other than Hubpages).

I would have never believed that I could actually get paid for a few hundred words, especially since I am an artist - I mean, like I draw, paint, take photos, and then use Adobe Photoshop to make matted art prints to sell. I have always liked to write, but writing as a profession was an amazing bonus I never expected. It is like painting with words - being a wordsmith, drawing the reader in and wishing and hoping that they are enlightened by the way you express yourself.

Hubpages, together with other user generated content sites, have taught me so much. I like to read articles by writers who have actually written and published books or other printed material. They have even given me all the tools I need to be successful. I feel very humbled to be amongst such literary giants.

Of course, there are a few hubbers that feel that quantity is better than quality. A few hubbers seem to be attached by the hip, or at least their fingers, to their computers. I would love to know when the first million is made off Hubpages.

Even for me it was very addicting at first. I was excited when my score went up and I had a terrible day when my score went down. At least until I realized it is like the waves of the ocean. I do live in Hawaii, so I correlated it with high and low tide.

It has been surprising to see how sex can sell - even on Hubpages. Start a hub or forum post about a sexual related topic, and you almost instantly have an audience, making all kinds of comments, flirting, teasing, etc. It has really been entertaining, at times bordering on lewd. Thank goodness we have a terrific Hub team that scours our hubs and forum posts for the welfare of all concerned.

I also observed how religion hubs or forum posts can bring out the best and worst in people. "Do not tell me what I should or shouldn't believe lady!!" I am trying to tread lightly in that area. My intention is not to convince anyone to join my side - just giving my views - enough said!

I am definitely scattered brained, and still hope to come up with a "niche" (another new idea for me). I love writing about Hawaii, health, beauty, movies, music, and many other topics. Hopefully I will be able to choose one and stick with it. I did start a blog just for my Hawaii posts, and have enjoyed doing that.

It took me ten months to get my first payout - longer than most, I understand, but that was a great day for me. I plan to improve upon my older hubs during the next year.

My most popular hub has been one that I never expected:

Who knew humans are so obsessed with hair, or the lack of it!

My highest scoring hub is:

Many people are concerned about their health.

My hub that had the most comments is:


My very first hub I wrote was written right after my trip to Scotland last summer:

I want to thank all of those great hubbers who have taken the time to help me. I would mention names, but then I might leave someone out - just know I do know who you are, because your names are forever on my hubs and forum posts.


Come and join us - you know you want to! Join here


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