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Outrageous Affiliate Claims

Updated on June 26, 2010

You've heard it all before, affiliate programs and other online marketers claiming you'll make $5000 a day, $50,000 a week, some claim you'll make considerably less but still with the same outlandish underlying claims that eventually you'll be able to quit your day job. For some that is possible but for the majority it isn't. I'm not saying you can't make any money with affiliate programs because when I first started back in the late 90's early 2000's I started my own website and I did make money. Granted it was a porn site and most people look down on that and there are very few places you can market that now so it's better to go with something more mainstream and family oriented. Let's put it this way, something okay for children to read.
The point is I made money. In fact, I started to make earn money every month and I didn't even do anything really so I can imagine what would have happened if I had stayed with it and kept marketing it. The problem was I wanted and needed something more people would be interested in not just perverts. But I just never could get my head wrapped around something else so eventually I forgot about that and went to ebay where I did quite well for awhile until the market became so over saturated with the same thing and every seller selling the items cheaper and cheaper to edge the competition out that it became impossible to sell there. And now with the fledgling economy it's even harder because more and more people are saving every penny and rightfully so. They might need those extra pennies someday.

This isn't saying you can't make any money with affiliate programs or I wouldn't be writing about it but you have to be realistic. That's one thing I really wasn't. When it came down to the bottom line I was like everyone else I was hoping for that pot of gold but you have to forget about that and concentrate on just making a little money, maybe only a few dollars a week. Maybe none at all. You may spend weeks and weeks trying to make money and marketing your item until you make any money. Don't expect much, if anything. Expect that you may waste alot of time before making any money. From what I've read it can take up to a year to start earning anything. If after that you're earning nothing you might want to rethink your strategy and try something different. Be patient above all else.
What I don't recommend is spending alot of money. I know, almost every business model, many affiliate programs and kit out there asks for money to  get started and before you know it you have hundreds of dollars invested in kits, etc. that aren't working for you. That may for some but not for you. The truth is, they don't work for the majority of people. The reason: People are getting sick of these guru's and scheisters asking for their hard earned money and receiving nothing in return. Well, actually they do receive something or it wouldn't be legal but they receive the same old trite kit that hundreds of other people receive with an outline of how to make money if the just follow the steps provided. If they fail it's because they simply weren't patient enough or aggressive enough or lacked the stamina their top sellers have. More Hoodoo I call it for the guru's or inventors of the product to claim to get themselves off the hook for products that don't work and don't sell.
What I do recommend is signing up for programs that don't ask for money, don't pay for a website when you can  get one for free, at least until you see how it works. There are many good blogging sites as well.
Personally, I prefer blogging to a website. I can touch on a variety of topics without having to stay confined one just one and that was one hindrance for me back in the early days before blogging. I wanted to delve into many different subjects only to find out I needed to stay on topic with a website. If someone was interested in shopping they didn't want to read about dog grooming so I tried to create many different websites to cover my varied interests only to find it unworkable and a failure for me.
Blogging gives you much more flexibility and creativity. Of course, it's everyone's own desire. Some may prefer a one subject website and that's great if it suits them and they do it well.
A blog site or a website? It's your own personal choice and decision. You choose what's best for you and do it to the best of your ability. This doesn't mean to the best of other people's ability. Do it well, if you're satisfied with it then that's all that really matters. If you want to maximize earnings yo may have to tweak it to draw a broader audience. Just be as good as you can be.
And remember think free first and when/if you spend on a program be very, very discerning about what you put your money into. And you can still market many free programs too.


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    • bryteyedgemini profile image


      7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great hub, very hekpful, thanks.


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