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PerfectHub Analysis | A new Start

Updated on June 10, 2011

Fresh Start to PerfectHub

Writing a hub requires good content but understanding and making perfect use of the HubPages Hub tool is also very important to get the maximum out from your writing.

The HubPages algorithm is very good and makes you hubs SEO Optimized without even you knowing anything. Your hubs are made search friendly from the start when you start typing your Hub Title and goes deep to the level of categorizing it (bread crumb navigation panel) and adding tags to it.

Now for your content to get the right amount of exposure you really need to make full use of all that HubPages have to offer to you. 

Hence from here we make a new start - I am going to publish a series of post under the PerfectHub banner and I have made a group which shall be available under navigation panel. I am going to make an index page for the PerfectHub so that you can easily browse hubs under the PerfectHub.

More on PerfectHub

PerfectHub Index

PerfectHub will include all the Optimization techniques you can make use of while publishing your hubs that means right from -

1.    Choosing a title and url

2.    Search Engine Optimization

3.    On Page SEO

4.    Linking

5.    Trackers

6.    RSS Feed 

To making perfect use of Capsules and Tags.

All these things are already available to you I will just highlight them and jot down there importance while you are publishing your unique and original hubs.

Enjoy publishing



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Also indicate your responses via tablets  Useful, funny, awesome, beautiful.

Please take some time to put your valuable feedback and comments in the box so that I can bring change in my writing and blogging.




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    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Awesome hub with good information which i enjoyed reading from.

    • PierAllegro profile image

      PierAllegro 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thank you for taking your time and sharing this wonderful knowledge. You may soon start writing 'HubPages for Idiots'


    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Hi kimmi

      Hope you have a great time here on HubPages and yes keep writing and do stick around.

      Hope you liked the information.


    • kimmi32401 profile image

      kimmi32401 6 years ago from Panama City, FL

      I have been writing articles, short stories, and essays for over 15 years, but I am a newby when it comes to hubs and blogging. I appreciate any helpful information I can find and this hub has been tremendously helpful. :o)

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Thanks princess for your feedback. This is only a start as you know blogging is dynamic platform. Blogger should keep himself tuned and updated to the changing needs like the new Google farm algo for content farms.

      Hence the whole strategy and plans changes. This PerfectHub series prepares. Hope you enjoy other post under this series.


    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Great hub with very useful information. I very much look forward to reading more in this series. Take care!