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Pregnancy Symptoms & Relief Hubs

Updated on December 19, 2011

Pregnancy symptoms can be a real hassle, especially when they come in bulk. Every trimester has symptoms unique to it and some symptoms span every trimester. No matter what you'll never only have a single symptom and no one gets away with having no symptoms. A perfect pregnancy is not one that doesn't consist of symptoms. In fact symptoms are often a sign that things are going just right with your pregnancy. I had most symptoms of pregnancy both common and not so common, yet I have a perfectly healthy son to show for it.

Still, whether or not symptoms is a good thing doesn't make them any less of an annoyance. I went through a whole trimester of pregnancy without realizing that there were in fact ways to relieve some of my more horrible symptoms (like morning sickness!). By trimester number two, I began to research and learn that there are actually quite a few simple remedies for almost every symptom of pregnancy. With this new found knowledge I decided to compile a series of hubs which explains pregnancy symptoms and gives some pregnancy symptom relief tips. Each hub in the series covers five symptoms. Each symptom is explained and gives multiple ways to relieve each.

This hub in particular catalogs all my Pregnancy Symptoms & Relief hubs for easier searching. Enjoy the relief!

By Stuart Miles on
By Stuart Miles on | Source

Pregnancy Symptoms & Relief

Part I: This is part one of the Pregnancy Symptoms & Relief series. This hub covers fatigue, morning sickness, breast changes, abdominal aches and pains and bloating.

Part II: This is part two of the series. This hub covers forgetfulness, food cravings & aversions, heightened sense of smell; faintness, light-headedness and dizziness; and vaginal spotting and/or bleeding.

Part III: Coming Soon...

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