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Hubs on Creative Writing & Poetry

Updated on November 28, 2011

Creative Writing is one of my passions. I currently study writing with the Long Ridge Writers Group, which is a phenomenal group. However, I been studying writing since I was a kid. I'm always learning something new whether its about Character Development, plotting or differentiating between genres. I aspire to be published in print one day, hopefully that will be accomplished soon.

Anyway, because of this love I have for writing, my first hub on Hubpages was a creative writing hub about writer's block. Since that hub I published several more hubs on creative writing. As the number grows monthly, I decided to catalog these hubs like I did with other Hub series. So this hub will include links to my hubs on creative writing as well as some short summaries.

By digitalart on
By digitalart on | Source

Breaking Through Writer's Block
This was my first hub ever on Hubpages. I signed up with thought of my writing being published somewhere and read by many, but then I realized I had no idea what to write about. I thought about things I loved to do and interests I have and of course writing popped in my head. Up until Hubpages, I'd been suffering from writer's block. So it seemed appropriate to write about it as a first hub. I included tips and exercises to help others break through writer's block as well.

5 Fun Creative Writing Prompts
I love prompts! They're fun and they really get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes a response to a prompt can even turn into a full story or article. In this hub I included four text prompts and a writing prompt. Hopefully it helps other writers spark their creative fires.

Creating Lifelike Characters: It's All in the Details
I recently got into Character Development after taking a creative writing course in college which focused heavily on that aspect of writing. So I decided to make a general hub about it. This hub briefly talks about all the aspects of what makes a character lifelike and even includes a blank character profile I often use.

Writing a Character Sketch
I was inspired to write this hub after completing my first assignment for the Long Ridge Writer's Group Breaking Into Print course. The first assignment was to write a characters sketch. I learned so much and wanted to share it with other up and coming writers. I'd never heard of a character sketch prior to Long Ridge, so I imagined that I wasn't the only one who hadn't heard of it. Hence this hub was born.

Writing Dialogue: Making it Meaningful
I've always had a problem making my dialogue sound good. I never bothered much to improve it until taking writing courses and studying on my own time. I quickly realized how important this aspect of a story is. So I researched and practiced and researched some more and after a whole lot of learning, I wrote this hub which includes tips and exercises.

Writing Flash Fiction
This is another hub inspired by my course with Long Ridge Writers Group. The first few assignments focus on short short stories. I found it challenging and helpful for writing longer pieces. I did more outside research and decided it'd make a good hub topic. So I wrote this hub which includes tips, exercises and information about this type of fiction.

How to Write a Tritina Poem
I've been writing poetry since I was kid in middle school. It started as your typical angsty teenage poetry, but it grew into something more as I grew. One day I was browsing articles about the different forms of Poetry, hoping to expand my range. I stumbled on Tritina Form which I'd never heard of. So I did further research and decided to write a hub on it. This hub tells you step by step how to write this form of poetry and includes one of my very own poems as an example.

Finding Your Story's Genre
I was inspired to write this hub while filling out my novel information on my NaNoWriMo account. One of the fields is for Story Genre. In truth I wasn't too sure what my genre was as the story contains many different elements. So I did some research and asked around and realized many writers were having trouble categorizing their story. So I decided to write a hub that briefly describes the most popular genres.

Skylar Spring © copyright 2011


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    • Skylar Spring profile imageAUTHOR

      Skylar Spring 

      7 years ago from New York

      @Missolive... Thank you so much. I noticed the similarities as well. And I received your message and have responded to it :) I'm quite honored btw :)

      @Shelia... I'm so glad you found this hub useful. And it's great to hear that my hub catalogs were a good idea, it's reassuring! Happy to have you as a follower :) Thanks for reading and voting! :)

    • SheliaKay profile image


      7 years ago from Marietta, Ohio..... but born and raised in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie

      A very useful Hub. I have been brushing up on my creative writing skills and this was very helpful. I love how you have cataloged your hubs to make them easier to find. Voted up and awesome. You now have a new follower and looking forward in reading more.

    • missolive profile image

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      7 years ago from Texas

      Very nicely done Skylar! I'm glad you did this. I did not realize you had written so many "writing" hubs - I will be sure to bookmark this hub as a reference. I see many similarities in the reflective process in our hubs. It's nice to read the thought process in others and find a kindred spirit. As I continue my own writing tutorials I'd like to include a link to this hub - your hubs are valuable and offer great writing techniques.

      Continued best wishes. (FYI - I have sent you a message through your contact link)

      Voted up! useful, awesome and interesting


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