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Problem With Ads Appearing On Hubpages

Updated on April 20, 2015

Problems with Adsense Ads appearing on hubs

I joined the hubpages four years ago and thanks to this splendid site I am able to get my first check from the google adsense. I was much satisfied with my hub and hoping that my relationship with hubpages would last for a longer period. I was happy that my hubs are receiving good response from the search engines. Certainly, the hubpages being a popular online magazine has its own audience besides search engines. Such response I could not even imagine on the blogger or such like other blogging sites.

Then all of sudden I noticed that there is something wrong with my hubs. The ads appearing on my hubpages contain the material which was totally irrelevant with the contents of my hubs. For the hubs that I have wrote on the topic of Islam contains the ads that propagate Christianity. This is not acceptable for any true Muslim at all that his work is utilized for the preaching of the religion other than Islam. The hubs that I have written with the intention not only to earn some hard cash but also to serve Islam and get closer to Almighty are not serving the purpose. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Budhh, you have the right to consider only your religion as the right one. On this backdrop, I apprehend that my work on hubpages is becoming a source of wrath of the Almighty.

Similarly, I find naked photos in the ads appearing on some of the hubs. It is highly immoral for a Muslim to advance vulgarity. There are ads which instigate the young male and female for friendship which is also considered immoral in Islam.

I tried to find a way out but learnt that there is no option available in the hubpages to moderate/block the unwanted ads except blocking the ads. Blocking the ads means you would not get any benefit from your work, which is also not acceptable.

There is another dimension of the issue. The ads appearing on my hubpages are not relevant to the contents and thus I am justified to assume that though my hubpages are receiving good traffic but the ratio of clicks on my pages would be much less as the ads are not related to the audience that is visiting hubs. For instances, I have written a hub on the issue of what Quran says about adultery which is a major sin in Islam and on the other hand on the same page there are ads which promote such like things. How it could be acceptable for a religious person to tolerate such things.

On the contrary, in case you are engaged in the independent blogging, you have to option to moderate the ads in the adsense. But the problem is; the common writer like me does not has the resources to generate traffic for his blogs as very good blogs remain unnoticed by the search engines for years.

I am afraid that most of the Muslim writers are not joining hubpages for this solitary reason. Though the matter is very important but the solution may not be very difficult. By resolving this issue, there is every probability that more Muslim writers would join hubpages which would result in more revenues for them.

I think, the hubpages should take up the matter seriously with the google adsense team. It is hoped that there would not be needed any rocket science to amicably resolve the issue. There is no much efforts needed to resolve this very important issue faced by especially the Muslim writers.


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