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Publish or Perish - The Hubber Lifestyle

Updated on August 4, 2017

Stay Productive - And Increase Your Average Earnings

Hubber Kephrira inspires us with the following results:

After 4 months of hubbing, Kephrira is averaging about $9.50 per hub per year in AdSense earnings, and currently has 95 hubs. That works out to $902.50 a year.

If Kephrira continues to post hubs at the same frequency, by the end of the first year this productive hubber will have posted 285 hubs. THAT works out to $2,707 a year if the per hub per year average holds.

$2,707 a year works out to about $225.00 a month, or about $7.50 a day. That is enough money to for one or two of those regular bills that we all hate to pay.

Kephrira's current output is about 5 hubs every 4 days, a little more than a hub a day. What if Kephira could manage to triple that output? Maybe by getting up an hour earlier, or staying up just that much later, or watching less TV (really, I don't know if Kephrira watches TV).

At triple the output from this point forward, Kephrira would have 665 hubs at the end of the first year.

665 hubs times $9.50 works out to $6,317 a year, $526 a month, or about $17.31 a day. The amounts include only AdSense, not any additional funds that Kephrira might make using the or eBay plugins on HubPages.

My formula for calculating your own average earnings per hub per year can be found in the following forum topic: HubPages Earnings Averages - Is the $10.00 Per Hub Per Year Rule True?

The forum topic was inspired by a hub of mine: Hubbers Reveal Their HubPages AdSense Earnings

If you are serious about earning money on HubPages, you need to stay productive. Note in the above pages that many hubbers claim that things start out very slow (as they are for me) and then begin to snowball after a certain point.

Kephrira is inspiring, because Kephrira managed to attain a nice, fat average earnings per hub after only 4 months of effort. My impression is that for some of the more established super hubbers that have been around for years, it took longer to reach that point.

Publish or Perish! If you do not commit to the HubPages lifestyle, and stay productive, you will never reach you HubPages potential.

I have two comment sections below. One to share your own story, the other for general comments. Please participate!

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    • Jason Seale profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Seale 

      9 years ago from Stratford, Ontario, Canada

      Hi Relache:

      About: "HubPages shouldn't be a lifestyle" (Assuming that you mean there is no need to push yourself to publish several hubs a day)

      Good point! "Lifestyle" is a relative term, and so is "productivity". Certainly a successful "Hubber Lifestyle" does not necessarily require day to day or even week to week productivity.

      "Publish" and "Perish", in this case, are also relative terms. So much depends on the hubber's goals. Many hubbers just want to write, and don't care one bit about the money, if any, they may earn doing so. They can publish at leisure. Others look forward to a little cash, but are not hurting for it. Again, they need not be very productive to attain their goal. Others, however, need or want the money badly enough to want to accellerate their earnings. I suppose these last are the intended audience for this hub ... they want great results as fast as possible!

      My own experiences online are similar to yours in what I call "persistence"; once things are rolling along, they can continue "as they are" or, as you mention, actually improve, for significant periods of time, without any further actions on your part. I will also add that when I got really busy and distracted for a very long time (years) things did eventually start to fall apart and dwindle down to a fraction of previous levels.

      I am now, happily, "back in the game".

      About: "if you find yourself in a publish or perish situation, you're not making effective, evergreen Hubs"

      I always assume, even if you are publishing several hubs a day, thay you are meeting proper quality standards! There is NO POINT in publishing garbage. A hundred thousand garbage hubs will do nothings, and one really good hub can change your life. I obviously do not emphasize this enough in my writing so far, as the concern has come up in other comments in other places. But I do believe, as we all should, that quality takes precedence, always, over quanity ... what we are after is a significant quantity of quality hubs.

    • relache profile image


      9 years ago from Seattle, WA

      This past year, I've had travel opportunities that have had me away from home for almost two weeks per month. And these are "sans internet access" sorts of travel where I can't check email, let alone do anything to my Hubs. But my earnings continue to go up. IMO, if you find yourself in a publish or perish situation, you're not making effective, evergreen Hubs. HubPages shouldn't be a lifestyle.


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