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Publishing Your Music On Hubpages: Being A Musician And A Writer

Updated on September 5, 2012
Debut Album by Marcos Toumazi - Coming Soon...
Debut Album by Marcos Toumazi - Coming Soon... | Source

I have noticed that many people over the years have asked if they can publish their music here at Hubpages and this is something I have also been wondering about myself. Whilst Hubpages is, essentially, mainly a writing website for authors writing can also be a great way of supplementing your music with supporting digital content. By combining your writing and your music together you will increase the visibility of your music to fans of your writing whilst increasing the visibility of your writing to fans of your music.

Unfortunately Hubpages do not provide a capsule for adding music to hubs although I would personally love for this feature to be added specifically for musicians or the ability to attach files to hubs. However, just because Hubpages don't provide the tools to publish your music, that doesn't mean you can't support your music here.

There are plenty of other websites out there where you can publish your music, therefore it's not something that Hubpages need to concentrate on at all. However, it is possible to include your music in your hubs. The image above is a perfect example of how you can promote an upcoming release whilst providing a link to further details and maybe an audio sample.

Another great idea for using Hubpages as a way of getting your music out there is too keep an online log or diary that people can follow. Take them through the recording process of your album, let them hear clips, keep them interested. We are now in a time where fans like to feel closer to artists and have a direct involvement with them. You could use Hubpages to write about your band's experiences and get a bit of inside info pushed out into the public domain or you can publish interviews. Here's another example of how you can use your music on Hubpages:

2012 The Album by EleMental Tunes
2012 The Album by EleMental Tunes | Source

EleMental Tunes is a collaborative electronic project which I started many years ago under a different name. The project started off as just me having fun although once a few friends found out how much fun I was having and how easy it was to electronically program music, a few of them decided to get involved and it started to evolve into a collaborative effort.

EleMental Tunes have recently completed their album '2012' and all tracks can currently be downloaded for free from the Amazing Tunes website. Don't be expecting to get the next album for free though, we need to eat too!!

Another way of promoting music, of course, is by making a music video - something which all musicians will need to do - and Hubpages very conveniently allows you post videos on your hubs plus there's the bonus fact that you may get extra exposure by having those videos hosted at Youtube where they can also be monetized:


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