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How Writing Has Changed My life, And How Being a Writer Can Change You

Updated on June 16, 2016
One of my favorite quotes.
One of my favorite quotes.
another well loved writing quote
another well loved writing quote

I Did Become a Writer. It Changed My Life

Writing changed my life, and by the simple act of improving my writing, I have improved as a person as well. I was unobservant, and unaware and felt that writing was a cool way to pass time-- in essence the very thing most writers do not want to become, the idea that I should publish a book was insane. I felt that it was easy really, I just had to read and mimic. It wasn't hard... or so I thought. After all these people made money.

I was once a person who wrote for "fun", the hardest part of this was that I couldn't see beyond what might get me a break and not how I should make it better for the reader. I was an amateur at this, writing thing, or better yet writing business, and anything about publishing a book. I wrote and thought that a first draft was great, a big mistake. I was dead wrong. Not only did it cost me: time and money, but it also cost a sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

I wasn't learning anything, and I didn't let myself, or wanted to allow myself to learn and improve. This really meant that I wrote, purely with the goal in mind that I was the next "big one" whomever that person might have been. I could do better. I knew I could.

I made the decision to change that when I received a comment on my blog, while it was to the point, the writer didn't have the courage to tell who they were, but they told me what I did wrong. This was my guiding light. Of course this was one of the hardest ways to do this, but I took it as a challenge. I became a writer. The important idea was I was determined to be a writer.

I took my own advice, and began to write everyday. I would write in my blogs each morning and then at least 30 minutes per day on each of my Work In Progress. I had always said that "i would finish my book." After dedicating myself to this, I completed my non-fiction book, at more than 50,000 words. I did check my ego at the back door, and am in the process of dismantling this work, before it is even published.

To suggest that I'll make a million dollars on this might sound ludicrous, but I still envision that one day, and I won't give up on my dreams of publishing. I know that I need the drive and the willingness to work and to attempt my best work. That takes time, and editing and good marketing skills all of which I am learning.

I love the ability to tell people my job is that of a writer, one that I can say is rewarding and fun. some believe me and others do not, others will smile and say they will think about it. I hope that they all find their true passion and what ever that might be write about it.

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a writing quote to keep your chin up.
a writing quote to keep your chin up.

It does Change You... and Will Improve You

Still even with all that, I can say that as with the quote any writer needs talent, and that talent is developed by hard repetitive work. No, I don't simply type for 30 minutes anymore, and then believe that I am done for the day, or that my writing is perfect there is more to it and more to the process of having my book published, and it is not about getting paid income or increase profits

I do sit down everyday with my routine of blogging in the morning, followed by writing something to do with my work in progress fiction. In the evening I edit my writing and have my editor offer comments. Writing a book has changed my plans for the day but it works for me. This may not work for you but it works for me.

Writing and publishing also made me a more dedicated person, you can not simply sit down in one day and write a novel and edit it and then send it off to the publisher of your choice. You can send it off to a self-publishing company who will gladly take you money and leave you with a lot of poor reviews on many of the online book stores. It is a business where people are here to make money, from you or by you, but it is also a business where you can make money as well as the next if you take the time to understand the process.

It is not an easy process this publishing a book business. There are many challenges along the way. This is a sort of job where it is easy to become frustrated. It is easy to feel that you are getting nowhere. Yet once you publish your writing there is a profound sense of completion, and a willingness to begin the writing and publishing process again.

As writers we must write, and publish our work however well we can and keep our fingers typing away towards a goal. and as it is so aptly put in the quote, write from our soul. Writing changed my life for the better, I enjoy life more and am a more observant person who is more aware.

I doubt this would have come to pass if not for one comment. That is how writing changed my life. i now consider myself to be a better writer one who is more aware. With Awareness brings the fact that my writing can affect others, which means that you need to teach others how to do something with their writing.

If they want to build on their writing, as in earn money to make a living off of it they should be allowed to do this, but again they need to learn, like i did, that writing is a powerful tool, not only for making money for for making your readers think, help themselves, and ultimately help others. Publishing a book is only a first step, and it can be positive in more ways than simply earning more money. You can write online and learn that part of the business by creating blogs that people want to go and read, and also you can learn how to improve your writing in a much easier environment. Writing online also changed me since I was willing to learn what works and what does not all before I published a book.

Writing can change your life as well, and for the better with time and effort, you decide and face any sort of writer's block you might have. It might take a comment or compliment, or adverse reactions, but writing that comes from ones soul will be unleashed. whether it is by blogging or by writing a novel, or by simply writing hubs you can make your own mark as a writer.

There is one prerequisite: A love of Writing and a thick skin.


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